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What to See at Niagara Falls Canada?

Niagara Falls is actually a Canadian city by the side of Niagara River. It is located in the Golden Horseshoes region of Ontario. Niagara Falls New York is on the other side of river. To attract the tourists to the Niagara Falls Ontario, many appealing sites are made on the basis of the natural atmosphere there. There are some other attractions that are not related to natural environment including casinos and other entertainments. Here in this article I am going to describe some of these attractions.

1. Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory

It is actually a butterfly zoo that allows the visitors to see more than 2000 butterflies flying here and there. It is a very good place for families having children with them. This conservatory is located within Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens which provide an abundance of green place to the kids to play and enjoy there. If you plan a visit to this conservatory then keep in mind to wear bright clothes to attract butterflies towards you.

2. Maid of the Mist

Maid of the Mist is actually a ride on a double-decker boat that takes you near the Falls. It is a 20 minutes ride. The boat also stops and hangs on at the foot of Niagara Falls providing you with an immense pleasure of watching the Falls closely.

3. Skylon Tower

It is an observation tower which provides the facility to the visitors to have a look both on American Falls and Horseshoe Falls in Canada. Visiting this tower will not only provide you an opportunity to watch the beautiful Falls but also there are two restaurants where you can enjoy a meal with your family. One of the restaurants is Revolving Dinning Room which revolves after every hour. The other restaurant is Summit Suite Dinning Room where you can enjoy casual dinning experience.

4. IMAX Theatre

You should visit IMAX Theatre because it has astounding features including six stories high screen and a shaking floor that gives you a feeling that you are a part of the action being shown on the screen.

5. Marineland

It is a themed and animal exhibition park providing you to watch those animals closely that you have never seen before. Here the attractions include:

Friendship Cove: It is a whale habitat where you can see killer whales. There is also a Splash Session there in which you can see whales jumping and splashing.

Arctic Cove: Here you can see beluga whales. Visitors are also given an opportunity to feed the whales by paying a small fee. This session continues throughout the day.

The King Waldorf Stadium Show: This section has sea lions, walrus and bottlenose Dolphins. Here you can see the dolphins jumping in the air. Sea lions also amuse the people with their funny actions.

Aquarium Dome: Here you can see different types of sea lions and seals.

Other animals exhibited here include bears, fallow deer, elks and buffaloes.

6. Journey Behind the Falls

It is another popular attraction near Niagara Falls where the visitors are guided through a tunnel to a place behind the Falls. After reaching there, you can enjoy to hear the sound of falling water and beautiful scenery.

These were some of the attractions and places to see near Niagara Falls. I hope that after reading this article you will definitely plan a tour to Niagara Falls.

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Spend Your Holidays in Mexico

Mexico is one of the beautiful countries of the world having rich Mayan culture. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.  Its beaches, Mayan civilization ruins, restaurants and shopping malls attract the people to spend their holidays in this stunning and splendid country. The best time to visit Mexico is from December to mid summer. If you are planning a holiday then visit Mexico this time. Here I am giving description of some of its best vacation spots and attractions.


If you have planned to visit this city then get ready to have the most magnificent experience of your life. It is famous all over the world because of its white sand beaches. Here in Cancun, the water bodies are so clear near the beaches that you can easily watch the sea life. If you want to spend some time on beach, you can have the facility of renting a beach home to enjoy your holidays with your family. The city has a large number of other activities that you can enjoy including sailing, water surfing and paragliding. For young and thrilled visitors, there are night clubs where they can enjoy doing salsa and cumba dance. It is also among one of the most liked honeymoon destinations that fills the hearts of newly married couples with immense pleasure.

Mexico City

Mexico City is capital of the country and provides you chances of enjoyment and fun. It is a complete package for families as it has attractions both for kids and adults. For history lovers, there are museums like National Museum of Anthropology, El Palenque and Teotihuacan having the worth-seeing things including the Pyramid of Moon, Pyramid of the Sun and much more. For kids, there is the largest zoo of Mexico located in Mexico City. Its name is Chapultepec Park and it has many unique species of different animals. There is also a museum for kids in this city named Papalote Museo del Nino.


This site is full of mesmerizing valleys and hills so it is called the ‘City of Mountains’. Some of the attractions in this city include:

  • Museo del Vidrio
  • Ancient Village named Pueblo de Santiago
  • Bioparque Estrella Park
  • Canon de la Huasteca Mountain

Here in this city, you can also enjoy an ultimate shopping experience. Its markets are filled with items of leather, items of arts and crafts that have very reasonable prices. Some inexpensive hotels in this city also offer some exciting packages related to trekking in the mountains.

Puerto Vallarta

This city is blessed with nature beauty and mesmerizing scenes. Here the people are quite friendly and hospitable making your visit memorable and enjoyable. This city also provides you a chance to see the traditional bull fights. Other sources of enjoyment also include live concerts on the sea shore. This place is truly called the soul of Mexico.


This city is featured with cathedrals and religious buildings of 16th and 17th century. That’s why it has an honor of being UNESCO World Heritage Center. The main attractions in this city are:

  • Cathedral of Puebla
  • Cantona Archaeological Ruins
  • Church of Santo Domingo

The houses and buildings of this city are also worth-seeing as they present the combination of American and European style of construction.


Being the 2nd largest city of Mexico, it is a striking place providing you to experience the taste of both past and present. The attractions of this city include cathedrals, amusement parks, zoos and rodeos. The climate of this city is very good and calm which makes the visit even more enjoyable and unforgettable.

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Most Popular Attractions in Venice

Venice is a major city of Italy and is considered as one of the romantic cities in the world. It is well-known and popular among the tourists for its canals, Gothic architecture, religious buildings, bridges, government buildings and other structures. There are also a large number of markets, plazas and other shopping places. In short, it is a perfect place to visit for tourists. Some of its most popular attractions include the following.

Doge’s Palace

It is a major attraction in Venice and one of the oldest government buildings. It is an impressive building displaying a combination of gothic and neo-classical architecture. Here you can see a number of attractions including:

  • Golden Staircase
  • 16th Century Prisons
  • Salons
  • Bridge of Sighs

Bridge of Sighs is a structure nearby this palace connecting Doge’s Palace with old prison that is located on the other side of canal. The Doge’s palace and this bridge are such attractions in Venice which should not be missed at any cost.


Lido is an island in Venice and one of the most popular and well-known tourist’s attractions. The most loved activity of the tourists in Lido is to ride a bike around the island. Here you can also explore sandy shores, hidden bays and a lot of places where you can experience fine dinning and shopping.

Jewish Ghetto of Venice

Most of the tourists don’t give any importance to Jewish Ghetto of Venice but it is a worth-seeing place. Actually it is a district having Jewish shops, bakeries and restaurants. It is an enthralling place where you can walk through twisting streets. If you have a wish to visit this place then don’t go there on Saturdays because many of the shops remain closed because of worship.

Gondola Ride

It is a unique experience to have gondola ride across the most famous and loved canals of Venice. It should be a part of your trip to Venice as it is quite enjoyable. Water buses are available to get a ride of canals. It is recommended to take a ride on the back canals which provide a quiet and peaceful ride. The ride in Grand Canal is cheap but it is always crowded which mars the fun and thrill of this ride. A gondola ride will provide you a new experience and you will enjoy seeing a different view of Venice.

The Rialto Bridge

It is one of the most ancient bridges in Venice. It must be visited because it has been beautifully made with white stones. It has a breath-taking doorway in the center making it a master-piece of craftsmanship. It is a landmark of Venice and to add more charm and beauty to this ancient bridge, there are rows of shops at both entry ramps.

St. Mark’s Basilica

It is a famous church of Venice and an example of beautiful Byzantine architecture. There are ceilings adorned with mosaics, statues made of bronze and columns made of gorgeous marbles. It is a must-see attraction in Venice.

These were some of the most popular attractions in Venice, Italy. I hope that you will definitely plan holidays in Venice after reading this article.

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Top Tourists Attractions in Malaysia

Malaysia is considered as one of the most beautiful and stunning places in South East Asia. This country is rich in culture, traditions and moral values and provides a lot of beautiful places to visit. It is a popular holiday and tourists’ destination providing some magnificent attractions that include:

Cameron Highlands

Being the hub of tea industry of Malaysia, Cameron Highlands consists of a number of hill stations. It is a popular destination both for locals and foreigners. There are a lot of things to see in Cameron Highlands like waterfalls, dazzling valleys, beautiful gardens and hills covered with wild flowers. Tourists can also enjoy beautiful scenes and jungle walks here making their trip more enjoyable and fun-filled.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur offers both historical and modern attractions to visit. It is an international city that attracts thousands of visitors every year. The most worth-seeing place in Kuala Lumpur is the Petronas Towers which is the tallest building in the world. Other attractions in Kuala Lumpur are:

  • Batu Caves
  • Kuala Lumpur Tower
  • Merdeka Square
  • Malaysia Tourism Center
  • Thean Hou Buddhist Temple


This old town is located in the South of Malaysia offering to see an exciting mixture of Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese and British cultures. It offers some of the most beautiful experiences to the tourists when they visit historical ruins or look at the olden junks sailing on water. There are Chinese streets, temples and antique shops to visit. You can also visit Ethnographic Museum that represents the historical and cultural facets. Another must visit attraction is Chinese temple named Cheng Hoon Teng Temple which provides you an opportunity to watch religious architecture.

George Town

It is located in Penang Island. It is one of the Malaysia’s most important resort areas. It is a compact city so tourists freely wander here and there in the streets. The popular tourists’ attractions in George Town are Chinese houses, vegetable markets and temple ceremonies.

Fraser’s Hill

It is another popular tourist attraction as it is famous as bird-watching place having 250 species of birds. There are also some other attractions for the tourists like Clock Tower; being the middle point of Fraser’s Hill. 5 KM away from the Fraser’s Hill are the Jeriau Waterfalls which are 6 meters far above the ground and fall into a puddle where you can take bath. There are rooms and shelters for those who come here for a picnic. You can also enjoy your visit to Fraser’s hill as you can go on trekking, play golf and tennis, do shopping, eat and drink in lavish restaurants and much more.

These were some must see and top tourists attractions in Malaysia. I hope that this article will stimulate you to plan a visit to this beautiful country.

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Factors Affecting Tourism Industry of Pakistan

Pakistan is located in that part of sub-continent which has rich culture and traditions. Pakistan is such a country which is gifted with all blessings of God Almighty like high mountains, lakes, rivers, ocean, forests, ancient monuments, valleys and fertile plains. All these things make Pakistan the best place for tourists. But it tourism industry is not as flourished as it is expected. There are several reasons behind this. Some of these are given below.

Unfavorable Political Conditions

Pakistan has been one of the favorite places for tourists but now the situation has been completely changed. The reason is its unfavorable political conditions. People think it an unsafe place after the assassination of popular political figures like Benazir Bhutto and Salman Taseer (governor of major province Punjab). Moreover the corrupt leaders don’t pay attention to this major industry which can take its economy to the highest peak.

Lack of Proper Infrastructure

Infrastructure in Pakistan is a great cause of the failure of profitable tourism industry. There are not proper roads, railway tracks and other transportation services. So tourists find it difficult to visit different places in Pakistan. Poor infrastructure is a hindrance in the way of developed and flourished tourism industry.

Inability to Cope with Natural Disasters

Pakistan’s government lacks the ability to cope with the natural calamities. Northern areas of Pakistan have been the tourists’ favorite place but after earthquake of 2005, those areas suffered incomparable loss but nothing had been done for their re-construction and redevelopment. Poor disaster management caused a loss to the tourism industry.


Pakistan has become an unsafe place due to ever-increasing terrorist attacks. That is another major factor that is not only damaging the repute of Pakistan in the world but also causing its tourism industry to a decline.

Changing Weather

Global warming and pollution has caused to change the climate and weather conditions of Pakistan. The northern areas and snowy mountains have started loosing their beauty. So tourists are now attracted towards places having good weather and proper tourism facilities.

Rising Inflation

Inflation is considered another major cause of the failure of tourism industry. The hotel owners have to increase the price of food because of ever increasing prices of goods. High priced food has made Pakistan a place that is beyond the reach and affordability of tourists.

Tourism industry in Pakistan needs special steps to be taken for its betterment because it can serve as a source of developed economy. In spite of the above mentioned problems and factors tourism industry is still surviving as Pakistan has been ranked at 39th place for ground transport infrastructure. It shows that a little bit of attention can make it one of the largest industries of Pakistan.

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Best Vacation Spots in India

India can be included in those countries which offer a lot of places to visit and lot of adventure to do. If you have vacations and you have a plan to visit a country then try India. India has ancient as well as modern places to see. It is gifted with hill stations, seaside, snowy valleys and dry deserts. So visiting India could be of great fun.

Here I am describing some places in India which are worth seeing and must be a part of your tour to India.


Your trip to India is incomplete if you have not visited the beach of Goa. Goa provides complete excursion and fun as it has all the facilities which you can expect from a place like this. It is a place providing the opportunities of swimming, shopping and dancing. If you like surfing and swimming, you will find Goa the best place for this purpose.


Agra is known for the famous Taj Mehal which was built centuries ago. It has the honor of being in the list of wonders of world. Taj Mehal gives a very elegant view at the time of sunset. Many visitors come here to see this beautiful landscape. Apart from Taj Mehal, there is another worth seeing place that is Agra Fort located across the river. Agra is a youthful place which has been fascinating hundreds of visitors for a very long time.

Jammu Kashmir

This beautiful valley is a masterpiece of God. It makes the visitors spell bound by its snow capped mountains. The places in Kashmir which you must visit include: Shalimar Garden, Nishat Garden, Dal Lake and Harwan Garden. Here you can also enjoy Kashmiri food and buy stunning Kashmiri Handicrafts. The capital city Sirinagar has pretty gardens, river bridges, lakes and a resort where you can stay and enjoy your trip.


Due to its rich cultural heritage, Kerala is one of the best tourism places in India. There are a lot of attractions in Kerala including ayurvedic treatments on the board of a house boat, staying in tree houses and a lot more to experience.


A visit to Jaipur will give you an ancient and modern feeling at the same time. Here you can see camels waiting for a traffic light. Isn’t it amazing? There is a City Palace having a very well museum. An old fascinating city is nearby and called Jantar Mantar. Actually it is an observatory and also a good place for wandering. Other attractions include:

  • Amer Fort
  • Jaigarh Fort
  • Ram Niwas Garden
  • Hawa Mehal

These were some beautiful vacation spots in India. The list is too long to be described. But the above description would help you to choose your travel destination in India.

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London-An Elegant Place in UK

London is the capital and most important city in UK. It has both ancient and modern places which are enough to make the visitors spell- bound. London has now become an international city that has all the things which a modern and global city requires. All aspects of life are found here in London including education, entertainment, media, healthcare fashion, strong infrastructure and well-established tourism industry. Due to this, London always remains crowded with tourists. There are a lot of places to visit in London both olden and modern. If you have never been to London before, then have a look on this article to know about must see places and attractions in London and then plan a tour to London.

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square, made in 1830, is a popular place that is used for political meetings. The most fascinating thing which makes Trafalgar Square a must see place are countless pigeons found there. If you had a chance to visit London, you must have seen tourists feeding those pigeons. Locals and tourists come here every year on 31st December to rejoice new year night.

London Eye

It is a worth-visiting place and should be a part of your plan while visiting London. This mind blowing attraction is based on the bank of River Thames. It has the honor of being the biggest observation wheel that completes one full circle in half an hour giving you an opportunity to have a magnificent view of London.

Tower Bridge

It has become an identification of London and the most visited place. It is a unique bridge having two draw-bridges. They are raised with electric motors taking only ninety seconds. Standing on this bridge, you can have a beautiful view.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of queen. During Annual Summer Opening, its rooms are opened for tourists and visitors. In case you miss to visit the rooms then there is another appealing thing for you. You can enjoy watching guard changing ceremony which takes place on particular and scheduled days. Make a plan to watch this ceremony after gathering complete information about the schedule of this ceremony.

British Museum

In British Museum, you will find the treasures brought by the soldiers from far-away shores. This museum boasts of to have the earliest known picture of Christ. Never forget to see the Greek and Egyptian ancient treasures there in the museum.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

It is a museum in London which has its other branches in major cities. It is a museum that has wax statues of world famous celebrities and sports personalities. It is a wonderful experience to visit this museum.

That were some of the most popular tourists destinations in London city but there are lot more things that are worth-seeing and commendable.

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Stunning Attractions of Adelaide

Adelaide is the fifth largest city of Australia having a large number of stunning attractions and places to see. If you have ever visited Adelaide, you must definitely know that this city is full of attractions ranging from exhibitions, beauty spots and guided tours. But for the people who have never been to Adelaide, I will describe some of the most popular attractions of Adelaide.

Rodney Fox Shark Experience

 Rodney Fox Shark Experience is located in Adelaide’s coastal resort of Glenelg. This attraction houses an exhibition about shark attacks and Australian sharks. Here you will find films, pictures and information about sharks and believe me it will not only be enjoyable but also informative. Some other attractions in Rodney Fox Shark Experience include:

  • Shark-watching pleasure trip
  • Shark diving trips
  • Gift shops having a number of items

Are you surprised by the name of this place? Actually Rodney Fox is a celebrity in city of Adelaide who managed to survive a shark attack a number of years ago.

Adelaide Cruises

The most relaxing and exciting way to visit Adelaide is through Adelaide’s cruises as they provide an opportunity to travel around this city and its surrounding areas. During these trips, tourists are entertained with commentary and refreshments.

SkyCity Adelaide Casino

Located in Adelaide city center, the SkyCity Adelaide Casino boasts of being one of the largest casinos in South Australia. It is an exciting place to visit as state-of-the-art gambling facilities are provided here including blackjack areas, fruit machines and roulette tables. Apart from these facilities, there are also some world-class restaurants providing excellent dining facilities.  

Adelaide Zoo

Being operated on non-profit basis, Adelaide Zoo is the only metropolitan zoo in Australia. Most popular attraction in this zoo is children’s zoo where you can find more than 120 animals. Some of the animals kept in children’s zoo include fallow deer, domestic ferret, koala, rabbits, rat, lowline cow, sheep, miniature goat and of course, kangaroos.


Coastal location of Semaphore has become a popular tourist attraction because this seaside resort not only offers to see beautiful golden sandy beaches but also there is a theme park in this area where you and your kids can enjoy wonderful and thrilling rides, fishing, water slides etc. Here you will also find other attractions including bars, restaurants, cafes, shops, walking trails and last but not the least; beautiful and magnificent views of city.

Parks and Gardens

Adelaide also houses a number of natural parks and gardens where you can enjoy walking under trees in Veale Garden and watching beautiful flowers displayed there. You can also visit Adelaide Botanic Garden with your family or if you are interested in watching wildlife, you must visit Belair National Park.

I will suggest visiting above mentioned places and attractions if you ever have a chance of visiting Adelaide.

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Tourists’ Favorite Attractions in Auckland

The fantastic city of Auckland has countless number of tourists’ attractions. If you are planning a tour to Auckland, then this post is going to be very useful and informative for you as I am going to give some of the most popular attractions of this beautiful city. These attractions include:

The Auckland Zoo

Being one of the most favorite tourists’ attractions in Auckland, it is such a place which you will enjoy to visit even if kids are not along with you. A day spent with friendly animals in the zoo will give you a wonderful and memorable experience. Opened in 1922, Auckland Zoo is currently having 117 species. Zoo has been divided into different groups some of which include:

ASB Elephant Clearing: This section of zoo is for elephants. Among these elephants, there is a single female Asian Elephant.

BNZ Kiwi and Tuatara House: It is a nocturnal house that is featured with kiwis, tuataras, owl species and morepork.

Hippo River: This area of zoo imitates African wetland environment and features hippopotamus, cheetahs, flamingos, Chacma baboons and Hamadryas baboons.

Auckland Sky Tower

Sky tower is a tall building having a height of 328 meters that makes it the highest building in the Southern Hemisphere. There are a lot of attractions to see in this tower such as revolving restaurant that is located 190 meters from ground and it turns 360 degrees once in an hour. Besides this restaurant, upper portion of tower also contains another restaurant and cafes. The tower has three observation decks at different heights that provide a chance to see the views of city. Another interesting attraction of this tower is the “sky jump” that is a 192 meters jump from observation deck.

Viaduct Harbor

Being a trendy area of Auckland, this harbor is located next to the city center. Here the main tourists’ attractions include street cafes, bars, and restaurants providing you with magnificent views of waterfront. Here you will also see stunning yachts in the harbor. Surely it will be a great pleasure visiting this harbor.

Cruises in Auckland

Here in Auckland, you can also enjoy a number of cruises around north-eastern coastline of city. These cruises provide you a chance to see beautiful skyline and landscape. Different types of cruises has been arranged for attracting tourists like lunchtime cruises, guided tour cruises, evening cruises, dinner cruises and dancing cruises as well. These cruises provide a chance to see marine life. Moreover these cruises travel around Gulf Harbor, Ramuera area, Goat Island marine reserve and other islands.

Balloon Flights

The most memorable way to view this wonderful city is through balloon flights. These balloon flights depart in the morning from Albany area provided that weather is sunny and good enough for balloon flights.

These were some of the most favorite attractions in Auckland but there are a huge number of other attractions as well like Bastion Point, Mission Bay, Western Springs and several theatres.

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Top Four Attractions in Montreal

Montreal is the second largest city of Canada and is blessed with a number of wonderful attractions. There are amusement parks, sports stadiums and other attractions for people of all ages. Here I would like to give description of some of its beautiful places that will definitely stimulate to pay a visit to this wonderful city of Canada.


Situated in the former Velodrome cycling stadium, Montreal Biodome houses four separate ecosystems. It also boasts of having more than 4000 animals and 5000 specimens of plants. Because of these features, Biodome has become the most popular attraction in Montreal. Other highlights of this attraction include polar area, ocean habitat and rainforest region.

La Ronde

La Ronde is an amusement park that is located nearby Montreal Island area. It was originally constructed for the 1967 Expo. Now this park is featured with more than 30 exciting rides along with Ferris Wheel and fast roller coasters which provide an opportunity to see the views of Montreal. Its top most attraction is the SAQ Mondial Fireworks event that takes place each year in summer. La Ronde is a part of Six Flags theme park and offers facilities of restaurants and cafes.

Dow Planetarium (Planetarium de Montreal)

A visit to this planetarium offers great enjoyment to both kids and adults as this planetarium is featured with shows about space, stars, solar system, which lasts for an hour. One interesting thing about these shows is that the two languages are used during these shows that are English and French. Planetarium also has a theatre that is situated in planetarium’s large dome having a height of 20 meters.


Insectarium is located alongside the Botanical Gardens and is an exciting place to visit. It has wide range of creeping animals like tarantula spiders, locusts, ants, worms and scorpions. Another attraction in Insectarium that is popularly visited by tourists and locals is beautiful Butterfly House having many local species of butterflies.

These were tourists’ favorite four attractions in Montreal. I will also recommend you to visit these places first whenever you visit Montreal.

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