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Attractions to See in Bali

Million of travelers visit Indonesia every year to see magnificent attractions in Bali. Bali is actually an island blessed with charming beauty, lakes, mountains, temples and other beautiful places. Most importantly nature has blessed Bali with white sandy beaches which are major tourist’s attractions in this island to view scenes of sunrise and sunset. Other major attractions in Bali are:

Bali Barat National Park

Barat National Park is located in Western part of Bali which houses many endangered species of flora and fauna. During a trip to this park, you should also see Pulau Menjangan which is an ideal place to see coral reefs but the major attraction in Barat National Park is the various species of birds which include Sacred Kingfisher, Dollar Bird, Barn Swallow, Bali Starling, Yellow-vented Bulbul, Javan Kingfisher, Banded Pitta and many more. Besides birds, you will also find different kinds of animals in this park including Water Monitor, Leopard Cat, Large Flying Fox, Wild Boar, Pangolin, Rusa Deer and Barking Deer. As I mentioned earlier, this park also a home to different endangered species of plants as well so you will be able to see beautiful and rare plants in this park.

Lake Bratan

 How can you forget to see Lake Bratan in Bali? It has been formed on crater of a volcano and is located in central Bali. It is a spell-bounding lake attracting a large number of tourists towards it. Weather here is also very pleasant as there is always cloudy and there are rare sun rays to see. A 17th century temple is also located at the lakeside which is devoted to Dewi Danu (goddess of lake). Local population worships her for fertility because it has been believed that this goddess provides water to irrigate rice fields. Some animals kept at temple are also being worshipped along with the goddess. These animals include lizards and toucan. Since these animals are tamed, you can also take your photo along with them. A big flower garden also surrounds this temple. Besides natural beauty, you can also have comfortable modern facilities here as there are hotels and restaurants for cozy stay of tourists.

Lake Tamblingan

Another celebrated tourist attraction in Bali is the Lake Tamblingan which is one of the smallest lakes in Bali Island.  Bordered by beautiful mountains, this lake provides the best place for tourists to have relaxation and peace. People mostly visit this lake in morning time to see spectacular landscape of Lake Tamblingan.

Pura Besakih

It is a religious site as well as a tourist attraction in Bali which is located high on slopes of Mountain Agung. It is also known as Mother Temple of Bali. This site is actually a complex of shrines and has been divided into three parts. One part has been painted black for Vishnu; other two are painted white and red for Shiva and Brahma respectively. Pura Besakih is also known as Naga Besukian or residence of dragon god. It has been formed by keeping in view Balinese architecture.


Lovina is a combined name of villages. It has a long stripe of beaches at north coast of Bali. This is a peaceful place to visit because it is far away from frustrating crowd and noise of city. Lovina beach is also a great site for diving and snorkeling. At Lovina Beach, you can also have an experience to see turtles, sharks, mantas and dolphins during diving.

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Stunning Beaches to See in Indonesia

Beaches in Indonesia are popular among tourists and locals as well because of their beauty and fascinating environment. Beaches in Indonesia provide ideal weather and thousands of beach activities to enjoy. These beaches contribute a lot in development of tourism in Indonesia. Some of the most stunning beaches in Indonesia include the following.

Dreamland Beach (Bali)

Located on the Bukit Peninsula, this beach is a significant center of water sports and other adventurous activities. Dreamland Beach is covered with small cliffs and surrounded by pine and coconut trees. As I mentioned, this beach provides facilities to enjoy water sports so you can enjoy diving and surfing here. For relaxing in sun, sun decks are also provided. Hotels, inns and resorts are found for quality accommodation. Besides these, bars, pubs and cafes, restaurants and dining spots are located here to provide travelers with complete fun and enjoyment. For shopping freaks, there are some local shops from where you can buy artifacts and handicrafts at reasonable rates.

Kuta Beach (Lombok)

Kuta Beach is becoming a popular tourist spot as it offers some good reasons to be visited again and again. Like other beaches, there are facilities of diving and surfing. Kuta Beach also gives a magnificent picture of white sand and blue sea water.

Chandi Dasa Beach (Bali)

The Chandi Dasa Baech is most frequently visited beach in Indonesia. It is a white sandy beach which is named after a temple complex situated on lagoon by edge of sea. This beach is an excellent place for sunbathing but the most important attraction is the Chandi Dasa Temple itself which was built in 12th century. It houses the statue of Goddess Hariti and it is believed that Goddess grants prosperity and welfare to those who pray in this temple. A number of hotels and bungalows are also located within the surroundings of this beach to provide furnished accommodation to visitors. These hotels provide accommodation facilities at affordable prices.

Lovina Beach (Bali)

Lovina Beach is featured with black volcanic and is located close to northern tip of Bali Island.  It is an ideal place for diving, snorkeling and watching beautiful scenes of sunset. During your visit to Lovina Beach, you can go out to sea on chartered boats and you can also enjoy watching dolphins playing in water. You can also make day trips to West Bali National Park as well as hot springs of Banjar. Temples and crafts centers are also there to visit and have fun.

Bira Beach (Sulawesi)

Bira Beach is named after the name of a village which is famous for its wooden houses. Also known as Paloppalakaya Bay, it is a white sand beach attracting thousands of tourists towards its beauty and magnificence. This beach is characterized by shallow water so it is considered safe for swimming and snorkeling. Here tourists also find an opportunity to see different fishes like manta ray as well as sharks but sharks live in deep waters. Another reason of popularity of this beach is that from here, tourists can go to Pulau Selayar by taking a boat ride on blue waters.

These were five most stunning beaches of Indonesia but the list is too long including:

  • Pasir Putih Beach (Bali)
  • Pulau Weh Beach (Sumatra)
  • Pulau Bintan Beach (Sumatra)
  • Jimbaran Beach (Bali)
  • Legian Beach (Bali)
  • Padang Bai Beach (Bali)
  • Rapang Beach (Java)
  • Grajagan Beach (Java)

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