Must See Hill Stations of Pakistan

People from all over the world come to Pakistan to visit its most popular and stunning hill stations that truly may be called heavens on earth. The reasons behind their popularity are that they mesmerize you with natural beauty, striking landscapes and hospitable and courteous people who always welcome the tourists from all over the world. Tourists in Pakistan come here for its many other attractions but hill stations in the northern areas are most popular among tourists. Here I am giving brief description of these most spectacular hill stations.


Muree is undoubtedly called the Malka-e-Kohsar (Queen of Hills) as it has beautiful scenes and outstanding places to visit. It is a popular tourist’s attraction in Pakistan as it has all the facilities for local as well as foreign visitors. People in Pakistan go and stay there in warm months of summer while the foreigners come here for other attractions including:

Mall Road: It is the most famous market in Murree having a large number of shops providing different things associated with the culture of these areas. There are shops of ancient jewelry, traditional clothes and wooden carvings. Doing shopping from Mall Road will always remind you of this beautiful place.

Patriata: It is a well developed place having high trees and attractive sceneries. Tourists are attracted towards it for the chair lift and cable car system that take you from New Murree to Patriata. This journey on either chair lift or cable car makes the tourists’ visit memorable. Especially in winter, this ride gives you an immense pleasure of watching the hills and mountains covered with snow.

Kashmir Point: It is on Mall Road providing gorgeous scenery of the nearby mountains.

Pindi Point: Pindi Point is one of the favorite places in Murree. This place also provides you the facility to enjoy a ride on chair lift.


This place can surely fill your heart with great pleasure when you will see rising pine trees grown there excessively. Here you will find wild life also including monkeys and tigers. As there are a large number of trees so you will find different kinds of beautiful birds there. Other attractions include:

Monkey Point: Also called “Bander Point” is just near the Ayubia chair lifts. It is that part of forest where you can find a large number of monkeys amusing the children and adults alike. Here you will see the tourists feeding the monkeys with their hands as they are not harmful at all.

Ayubia National Park: The basic attraction of this place is the chairlifts that take you to the peaks of attractive and forested hills. The chairlift provided here was the first entertainment of its kind provided in Pakistan so it attracts the locals as well.


This hill station is at a distance of 13 KMs from Murree. This hill station is famous for its greenery and colorful flowers. It provides a breath-taking view of surrounding hills and landscapes.  Here in Bhurban, there is a four star hotel so mostly the showbiz and political personalities prefer to stay in Bhurban. Most of the common visitors and tourists come here for trekking and hiking as it is suitable for both of these activities. If you are fond of golf then Bhurban would proved to be the top choice for golf lovers. There is a nine-hole golf course in Bhurban which provides a unique experience of playing golf in this beautiful and startling town.

These were some must see hill stations of Pakistan which you should visit to have a memorable holidays with your friends and family.


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