Top Tourists Destinations of Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital and the largest city of Indonesia that in situated on northwest coast of Java. Jakarta is hub of businesses and government so it is not commonly known as an ideal tourist destination but still it is famous for its historical attractions. Some of the major tourists’ favorite places in Jakarta include:

Ragunan Zoo

This zoo was established in 1864 having 4000 animals in it. Ragunan zoo boasts of possessing a wide collection of Indonesian wildlife including Komodo dragons. The most interesting fact about this zoo is its efforts to breed endangered species of different animals like Sumatran tigers and birds of paradise. There has been a new addition in this zoo which is centrally located primate enclosed space.

Jakarta Planetarium

Jakarta Planetarium provides an educational as well as entertainment facility to the students and tourists alike. It helps a lot to develop knowledge about earth and its outer space. The specialty of Jakarta Planetarium is the Planetarium Show which is usually called Star Theater. This show continues for one hour with various themes including Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, and Solar System.  Planetarium also provides facility of observing celestial objects through telescopic observation which provides an opportunity to see different phenomenon of nature like eclipses and comets etc. Planetarium is also featured with an exhibition hall containing outer space objects, outer space suit and pictures of galaxy.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

This is a vast park spreading on an area of 100 hectares and representing 27 provinces of Indonesia. When you will visit different districts of this park, you will find museums which are dedicated to the local culture.

This park also has a beautiful orchid garden having wide variety of Indonesian orchids have been grown. Other attractions in this park include:

  • Bird park with walk-in aviary
  • Fauna museum
  • Swimming pools
  • Restaurants

Ancol Dreamland

It is the prevalent amusement park of Indonesia that is located opposite to Jakarta Bay. It has been divided into four sectors named:

  • Atlantis Water Adventure
  • Fantasy World
  • Sea World
  • Marina Beach

This park is the favorite place of kids but there also some wonderful attractions for adults and youngsters like night clubs, steam baths and massage centers.

National Monument

It is a beautiful structure that has been topped using 35 KG of gold due to which it become most famous landmark of Jakarta having two sections-a historical museum and hall for mediation. It provides a beautiful and panoramic view of Jakarta from its top.

National Museum

National Museum is situated in Batavia and is witness of Dutch colonization in Jakarta. This museum contains collections related to prehistoric artifacts, geography, ethnography, earthenware, historical remnants and archeology. The museum boasts of displaying more than 100,000 artistic objects.

These were some top tourists’ destination of Jakarta. Visiting Jakarta can proved to be the most wonderful experience of one’s life.


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