Breathtaking Attractions in Canberra

Canberra is capital city of Australia and a popular city because of its plentiful and worth-seeing attractions. If you have not visited Canberra yet, then make a plan to visit this wonderful city as it has a lot of things to see and enjoy. Some of its most popular attractions are described below.

Balloon Trips

The most memorable way to see the city of Canberra is through hot-air balloon trips. If weather remains fine and sky is clear then it is sure that early morning balloon flights will be available to make your visit more enjoyable and remarkable. Seeing city from balloon flights will provide you a chance to see this beautiful city in an exceptional and unique way. If you ever visit Canberra, I would strongly recommend to avail opportunity of seeing city through balloon flights.

National Library of Australia

National Library of Australia is the largest reference library of Australia that is located to the south of city center. It is not just a library but a popular tourist’s attraction as well as it houses millions of books, important documents, local artefacts and a large number of historical photographs. This library also hosts Australian National Bibliographic Database and offers free right to use through the Libraries Australia Search service.

National Archives of Australia

In order to preserve the Commonwealth Government records, Australian Government established National Archives of Australia having its national office in Canberra. It is located to the south of central Canberra and houses a wonderful collection of Australian inheritance. It has become a home to historic artefacts and also includes maps, photographs, videos, old books and other important documents. Some of its notable collections include:

World War I and II service records- here are 376000 service records of men and women who served in World War I.

Midenhall photographs which were taken by a government photographer Jack Mildenhall. There are about 7700 images which show construction of Canberra during 1920s and 1930s.

Immigration photographs consisting of 34000 images

Canberra Observatory

This observatory is situated to the north of city centre and boasts of a number of beautiful features and attractions as well as entertaining exhibits. But the main and most popular attraction is the Space Dome. It is a well-liked planetarium area which offers stunning views of sky at night.

Gold Creek Village

Located in the Gungahlin region of Canberra, it is a place that is home to a wide collection of crafts outlets and other shops. Other attractions of this place include cafes that are located around Federation Square, walking trails, and last but not the least; Gold Creek Village Centre.

Other important attractions in Canberra include:

  • Kambah Pool
  • Mount Ainslie
  • Mount Majura
  • Royal Australian Mint
  • Canberra Theatres

This was a wordy picture of the beautiful city of Canberra. Visit this place with your family and have great fun.

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