Lets Visit Oslo!!!!

Oslo is the capital and most populous city as well as scientific, cultural and governmental center of Norway. It is a global city having varied tourists’ attractions. Guided tours of Oslo are available providing an opportunity to learn more and more about this wonderful city. Do you also want to know about this marvelous city? Yes! Then read this post to have an idea about the beauty and elegance of this place.

Vigeland Sculpture Park

Vigeland Sculpture Park is located two miles to the north-west of central Oslo and it is one of the most popular and favorite attraction in Norway. More than one million people visit this park every year. Here in this park, you will find more than 212 sculptures of different sizes which are sculpted in bronze and granite. These sculptures were actually created by famous and renowned Norwegian artist named Gustav Vigeland. The most famous sight in this park is Monolith.

Nobel Peace Center

Nobel Peace Center opened in June, 2005 and therefore it is a comparatively new addition to Oslo’s attractions. It rejoices the contribution of winners of this prestigious award. This center is featured with a fascinating exhibition that gives explanation about Alfred Bernhard Nobel who used his wealth to create Nobel institution.  

The Oslo Fjord

If you ever visit Norway, don’t miss to visit magnificent and natural beauty of Norwegian fjords. It is a popular and world-famous cruise destination and makes the most breathtaking and stunning scenery in the world. I would recommend you to grab a boat or ferry from Oslo to visit fjords. While visiting fjords, you can stop at many beautiful and worth-seeing islands which you should never miss. If you pay a visit to fjords in summer, you can relax and take rest on one of the many glorious and splendid beaches. If you have some interest in visiting a cultural and historical sight, then I will strongly recommend you to visit ruins of an old cloister that is located on the island.

Tryvann Vinterpark/ Holmenkollen Ski Jump 

The Hollmenkollen Ski Jump is a famous ski arena all over the world. It has a tall observation tower from where you can view beautiful scenes of city. It also houses a museum tracing history of skiing over the past 4000 years. The best time to enjoy Holmenkollen Ski Jump is during winter season as different championships are held at this time of year.

Oslo Opera House

A recently opened attraction in Oslo is the Oslo Opera House that was opened in 2008 and a visit to this opera house must be included in your list while visiting Oslo. It is featured with 1100 rooms and spread over an area of 38000 square meters. Greatest attractions in this opera house are ballet performances which are quite enjoyable and should never be missed at any cost.

These were some of the most famous attractions of Oslo. Visit these places and have a memorable time.

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