Most Liked Attractions in Melbourne

Being an interesting, appealing and attractive part of Australia, Melbourne is a city that is filled with a number of tourists’ attractions making Australia an ideal place for family holidays and honeymoon as well. If you are also planning some enjoyable holidays then this time try Melbourne. I guarantee that a visit to this beautiful city will add beautiful memories to journey of your life. Some of its most liked attractions include:

Luna Park

Luna Park in Melbourne will provide you with a large number of amusing and exciting activities. It is a historical amusement park that is located in St Kilda, Victoria. It was opened on December 13, 1912 and since then it has been operating and providing a source of enjoyment to the locals and tourists as well. Here you can enjoy a number of thrilling rides naming Twin Dragon, G Force, Spider and Shock Drop. There are also some rides that are particularly for families including Arabian Merry, Red Baron, and Silly Serpent etc.

Melbourne Concert Hall

Located in the heart of city, Melbourne Concert Hall is one of the leading concert venues. It boasts of being the largest venue in Victoria Arts Centre as it has seating capacity for 2400 people. It is well-constructed using modern designs that give a feeling of being nearer to stage. It is a major venue for concerts and operas and hosts a whole range of musical productions. It is a worth-seeing attraction of Melbourne indeed.

Arthur’s Seat Chairlift

The most popular attraction in Melbourne is the Arthur’s Seat Chairlift which excites and attracts locals and foreigners alike. This chairlift was built in 1960 and takes visitors 300 meters up to Arthur’s Seat State Park. This park is also an attraction in itself as it provides the facilities of picnic and barbeques as well as walking trails, restaurant and car museum. If you will try a journey on Arthur’s Seat Chairlift, you will come to know that this chairlift provides a chance to see some of the most beautiful views of Port Phillip Bay and neighboring landscape.

Helicopter Tours

If you want to see Melbourne in a wonderful and memorable way, then you are recommended to enjoy helicopter tours of the city. These tours will introduce you to an entirely different look of Melbourne city center and its bays, beaches and Port Melbourne. These tours last for about 30 minutes and are somewhat expensive.

Boat Tours of Melbourne

A relaxing way to travel around the city is through boat tours. It will be interesting to know that a boat departs after every 30 minutes from Prince Walk and cruises down Yarra River.  If you are interested in these boat tours, you can but its tickets at Blue Melbourne River Cruises Kiosk located at Prince Bridge.

These were some of the attractions that people like the most in Melbourne. If you also want to see this beautiful place then get ready, pack your bags and pay a visit to Melbourne.

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