Madrid: An Elegant Place to Visit

Madrid is the largest and capital city of Spain. Madrid is among one of those travel destinations that are truly blessed with some of beautiful places to visit as it contains a number of prestigious landmarks and attractions that will urge you to visit this beautiful city.

Parque Warner Madrid

Parque Warner Madrid was formerly known as Warner Bros Movie World. It is actually an amusement park that is spread over an area of 371 acres. This park has been divided into five themed sectors including some of the most exciting attractions like:

  • 3D Cinema
  • The Looney Tunes Express
  • Teacup ride
  • The Rio Bravo water ride
  • Wooden Roller Coaster

Some gift shops and restaurants also occupy this park. This park is especially popular among children as they can see their favorite cartoon characters wandering here and there in the park.


Opened in May 2001, this nature park is spread over an area of 140000 square meters. The purpose of establishing this nature park is to show how animals and plants have become accustomed to world’s changing environment. Faunia is not just a park or zoo but a collection of themed conservatories as well. This park also boasts of having 4000 animals and 72000 trees and bushes. This park is educating more and more people with every passing day and is very helpful for kids in understanding the importance of protecting animals from abrupt changes in environment. Other things to see in the park include:

  • Hospital for animals
  • Lake
  • Dining spots
  • Lecture theatre
  • Nursery

Estacion de Atocha

This is a stylish but old railway station which was built in 1851 and was named as “Station of Noon”. A large part of this station was caught by fire and destroyed so it was rebuilt in iron. Now it has a marvelous structure and its building is said to be a masterpiece of work of art.  This is no longer a railway station but it has been transformed into a huge tropical garden which covers an area of 2000 square meters. This tropical garden contains 7000 plants and more than 400 species.

Plaza de Toros Monumental de Las Ventas

This bullring was opened in 1934 and it has been made using ceramic tiles and brickwork. A square faces the bullring having a statue of Jose Cubero who was a bullfighter. This statue has been made in memorial of Jose Cubero.

Retiro Park

Retiro Park is an oasis and a popular tourist attraction. This park contains boating lake and many magnificent fountains. That’s why a lot of people rush towards this park especially on Sundays. On Sundays, you can also see Punch and Judy shows, stalls selling candy floss and tarot card readers. There are also café bars in this park where you can enjoy listening to the talented musicians. In short, a visit to this park is quite relaxing and enjoyable.

Some of the top most attractions have been described above so if you ever have a chance to go to Madrid, don’t forget to visit these places.

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