Stunning Attractions of Adelaide

Adelaide is the fifth largest city of Australia having a large number of stunning attractions and places to see. If you have ever visited Adelaide, you must definitely know that this city is full of attractions ranging from exhibitions, beauty spots and guided tours. But for the people who have never been to Adelaide, I will describe some of the most popular attractions of Adelaide.

Rodney Fox Shark Experience

 Rodney Fox Shark Experience is located in Adelaide’s coastal resort of Glenelg. This attraction houses an exhibition about shark attacks and Australian sharks. Here you will find films, pictures and information about sharks and believe me it will not only be enjoyable but also informative. Some other attractions in Rodney Fox Shark Experience include:

  • Shark-watching pleasure trip
  • Shark diving trips
  • Gift shops having a number of items

Are you surprised by the name of this place? Actually Rodney Fox is a celebrity in city of Adelaide who managed to survive a shark attack a number of years ago.

Adelaide Cruises

The most relaxing and exciting way to visit Adelaide is through Adelaide’s cruises as they provide an opportunity to travel around this city and its surrounding areas. During these trips, tourists are entertained with commentary and refreshments.

SkyCity Adelaide Casino

Located in Adelaide city center, the SkyCity Adelaide Casino boasts of being one of the largest casinos in South Australia. It is an exciting place to visit as state-of-the-art gambling facilities are provided here including blackjack areas, fruit machines and roulette tables. Apart from these facilities, there are also some world-class restaurants providing excellent dining facilities.  

Adelaide Zoo

Being operated on non-profit basis, Adelaide Zoo is the only metropolitan zoo in Australia. Most popular attraction in this zoo is children’s zoo where you can find more than 120 animals. Some of the animals kept in children’s zoo include fallow deer, domestic ferret, koala, rabbits, rat, lowline cow, sheep, miniature goat and of course, kangaroos.


Coastal location of Semaphore has become a popular tourist attraction because this seaside resort not only offers to see beautiful golden sandy beaches but also there is a theme park in this area where you and your kids can enjoy wonderful and thrilling rides, fishing, water slides etc. Here you will also find other attractions including bars, restaurants, cafes, shops, walking trails and last but not the least; beautiful and magnificent views of city.

Parks and Gardens

Adelaide also houses a number of natural parks and gardens where you can enjoy walking under trees in Veale Garden and watching beautiful flowers displayed there. You can also visit Adelaide Botanic Garden with your family or if you are interested in watching wildlife, you must visit Belair National Park.

I will suggest visiting above mentioned places and attractions if you ever have a chance of visiting Adelaide.

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