Famous Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

Waterfalls in Sri Lanka are quite enthralling and attract a large number of international travelers who visit Sri Lanka to spend their vacations. Sri Lanka is that country of the world which boasts of having highest number of waterfalls. If you love to see waterfalls, you must visit Sri Lanka to see the following magnificent waterfalls.

Bopath Ella Waterfall

Bopath Ella is one of the main tourist’s attractions in Sri Lanka which mesmerizes tourists with its spectacular scenes. The garrulous sound of water takes travelers to a different world. This beautiful waterfall seems as a leaf of “Bo” that’s why it is called Bopathella waterfall. “Bo” is the name of a sacred tree in Sri Lanka.

Ravana Waterfalls

Another popular sightseeing spot in Sri Lanka is the Ravana Waterfalls. This beautiful waterfall has been named after the daemon Ravana. Known as the widest falls of Sri Lanka, this waterfall is famous for its location as it is located against stunningly beautiful background of valleys and mountains. This fall is also very important source of water for villagers because this 131 feet tall waterfall provides sufficient water for cultivation of vegetables.

Baker’s Waterfalls

Having a height of 22 meters, Baker’s waterfall is one of the most striking and beautiful waterfalls. The beauty of this waterfall lies in its magnificent scenery. Baker’s waterfall gets its water from Belihul Oya and creates a beautiful scene to view when its icy water shines in sunlight.  You can also find rare black monkeys here if you are lucky enough. There are also some restrictions on the visit of this waterfall. Bathing in this waterfall is prohibited because many precious lives had lost while bathing in its waters.

Devon Waterfalls

Devon waterfall is named after an English coffee planter named Devon. You can see his plantations nearby Devon waterfalls. This 97 meter high waterfall is formed by Kothmale Oya and is located close to Thalawakale Town on A7 highway. From A7 highway, you can easily view this waterfall. Devon waterfall also provides facilities to tourists like that of resident places and tea center. There is also a restaurant.

Dunhinda Waterfalls

Located about 5 km off Badulla town, this waterfall is the most spoken-about waterfall in Sri Lanka. This 64 meters high waterfall gets its name from smoky dew drops squirt which encircles the area at foot of this fall. If you want to access this waterfall, you will have to walk 1 km distance along a footpath. You will also see many vendors along this footpath selling drinks to keep yourself fresh. To see the waterfall, a secure and safe stage is constructed at the end of that walking path.

St. Clair’s Waterfall

This is an 80 meter high waterfall which gets its name from a tea estate in close proximity. This waterfall falls down in form of two cascades named Maha Ella and Kuda Ella. It is known as a great spot for bathing.

Ramboda Waterfalls

It is the 11th highest fall in Sri Lanka and is located on A5 highway at Ramboda Pass. This gigantic waterfall has three parts being the first part above the road in jungle while the other two parts are close to the road and below the road respectively.

Some other waterfalls in Sri Lanka are:

  • Aberdeen Waterfalls
  • Bambarakanda Ella
  • Diyaluma Waterfalls
  • Mapanana Ella
  • Wadakada Waterfall
  • Laxapana Waterfalls

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