Main Tourist’s Attractions in Kandy

Kandy, which is a city of Sri Lanka, is a city of scenic mountains, sparkling lakes and beautiful valleys. There a lot of things to see in Kandy which prove to be a perfect retreat from bustling city life. Some most prominent attractions in Kandy which you must visit are:

The Royal Botanical Garden

 It is one of the most frequently visited attractions in Kandy and attracts a large number of tourists from all over the globe. It is located at a distance of about 4 miles from Colombo and covers an area of 147 acres. If you are fond of watching different varieties of flora and fauna, you will like to visit this garden. Set beside a serene lake, this garden houses more than 4000 species. In this tranquil lake, you will find a number of swans and beautiful ducks swimming in its blue waters. There is also an island in the middle of this lake. But the most amazing thing to see in this garden is the bamboo collection which is on right side of lake. Some kinds of bamboo found in Royal Botanical Garden are Dwarf Chinese bamboo and Prickly bamboo.

The Temple of the Tooth

The Temple of the Tooth is the most popular tourist attraction in Kandy. This temple is not only visited by pilgrims but also by leisure tourists. This temple was built in 17th century and it is so named because it is believed that this temple contains upper left canine tooth of Lord Buddha. The tooth relic of temple is brought outside of temple. Decoration of this temple has been done in a different way because its exteriors are simple but interiors are beautifully decorated. Carved wood, ivory and lacquer are used to decorate this temple.

The Tea Museum, Hantane

The tea museum is actually the old Tea Factory of Hantane which has now changed into a museum. This museum is really interesting to visit as it has many collections like old age machinery. This museum has been decorated beautifully. Its interiors are made of wood. Several interesting pictures are also displayed in this museum.

Gadaladeniya Temple

Gadaladeniya Temple is a renowned temple of Kandy and it was built in 1344. This temple has been designed in South Indian style and its major shrine room houses four standing images of Buddha. A shrine which is sanctified to Lord Vishnu is also placed adjacent to shrine room. Beside this Vishnu Devale, there is a Stupa which is made on a rock.  A roof is also constructed over this Stupa which stands on four pillars.

The Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

This orphanage was built in 1975 and since then it has been the most popular attraction in Kandy. The purpose of making this orphanage was to preserve and protect decreasing number of elephants in this region. At this orphanage, you can not only see elephants bathing in river but also touch them. Visitors can also see them feeding on bottles. These elephants are cared by 110 people who take elephants to river for bath twice a day. Baby elephants are fed by bottles here in orphanage. This orphanage also serves as a breeding place for animals and since 1984 more than 23 elephants have been born here.

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