Most Popular Hill Stations in India

People from all parts of world come to India to visit its mesmerizing natural beauty. Especially the hill stations of India are so popular that thousands of people visit India every year to spend their holidays. The hill stations of India prove to be a heaven for the people suffering from frustrating scuttle and pollution of cities. Not only the foreigners but locals of India rush towards the hill stations to get rid of roasting heat in summer season. Here brief description of some of the most popular and highly recommended hill stations is given in order to guide the holiday seekers.

1. Shimla

Shimla is capital of Indian state Himachal Pradesh and located at a height of 2196 meters. It is a well developed hill station having all the facilities of a modern life having a maximum temperature of 25 degree centigrade during summer making it one of the most visited places. Winters are much colder there due to frosty winds that come from upper Himalayas. Shimla is the best place to spend holidays for the people who love adventure. The reason is that here in Shimla you can enjoy trekking, skiing and fishing. A well-established golf course is also located in Naldehra. Other places to see in Shimla include:

Lakkad Bazar: In Lakkad Bazar you will find everything made of wood or engraved out of wood. The items made of wood include key chains, toys, jewelry boxes, walking sticks and planters. You can buy an attractive wooden item to present it as a gift to your loved ones back at homes.

Tara Devi Temple: It is a marvelous temple which makes the visitors spell-bound with its magnificent views.

St. Michael’s: It is a Cathedral and a stained glass master piece. Being one of the best cathedrals in India, it portrays faith, modesty, hope and tolerance.

You can also visit Institute of Advanced Studies and the fantastic Ridge in Shimla.

2. Manali

Another hill station of India is Manali that is well-liked by the people of India and foreign persons as well. Here some of the attractions include:

Hadimba Temple: It is a four-storey temple which is famous for its caved entrance.

Jagatsukh: It is another temple in Manali that is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Kothi: It is a quiet and beautiful place to visit in Manali providing you with beautiful sceneries. This place also provides you attractive views of snow covered mountains.

Other attractions in Manali include Rahala waterfalls, Solang Valley, Vashist Hot Water Springs and Temple and Rohtang Pass.

3. Darjeeling

Darjeeling is known as the queen of hill stations as it provides the visitors a chance to enjoy beautiful scenes, fresh and pleasant air and hospitality of generous people. Attractions in Darjeeling include:

Botanical Gardens: This is a place having striking and elite collection of Himalayan plants, flowers and orchids. This garden is also featured with a green house.

Chowrasta: It is a shopping place in Darjeeling. From this place, you can get pleasure by seeing the views of beautiful mountains covered with snow. There are also some temples here which are worth-seeing.

Natural History Museum: Here the attractions include estuarine crocodiles and special collection of butterflies. Various stones are also exhibited in the museum in their mineral appearance.

Senchal Lake: It is an attractive place near tiger hills. It has become a picnic place for tourists. This lake also supplies drinking water to Darjeeling.

Other attractions are Zoological Gardens, Passenger Ropeway, Observatory Hills, Kurseong, Dhoom Gompa etc.

4. Nainital

This hill station is famous for its beautiful lakes. There are also some historic temples and peaks in Nainitai that add to its beauty. Attractions in Nainital are:

Sattal: It is a group of lakes providing natural beauty and astounding views.

Ranikhet: It is a resort which is famous for its cleanness and attractive pine trees.

Some other must see places include Kausani, Kilbury, Kainchi, Bhimtal and Khurptal.

These were four most famous and popular hill stations of India which are worth-seeing for their natural beauty and splendor.

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Renowned Attractions in Kyoto

Being seventh largest city of Japan, Kyoto was also a capital of Japan from 794 to 1868. Most of the people think that Kyoto is the city of temples and shrines but it is totally a misconception. Although temples are shrines are major attractions in Kyoto, there are a number of other fun-based and modern attractions in this cultural center of Japan. Let’s have a brief introduction to tourists’ attractions in Kyoto.

Kyoto Municipal Zoo

It is an 8.4 acre zoo which was established in 1903. It is the second oldest zoo in the country. It is not just a zoo but also it is considered to be the best place for enjoying cherry blossom in spring and watching leaves turning yellow in winter. Animals which you will find in the zoo are zebras, giraffes, monkeys, lions, bears, hippos, flamingo, sea lions, peacocks, foxes, red pandas, deer, gorillas, eagles, tanuki, hawks etc. Other facilities in this zoo include:

Animal Data Room: It is a place having information about former animals of zoo. Skeletons of these animals are also kept here for information and knowledge.

Children’s Zoo: Opened in 1955, the zoo allows people to watch and touch animals. Here you will find rabbits, pigs, chickens, ducks, penguins, goats, cockatoos, a donkey and turtles.

Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Tower is another attraction that provides visitors with the best views of city. It is an observation tower having an observation deck at a height of 100 meters. Kyoto Tower has been divided into two parts. The primary structure is one where the famous observation deck is located. To have a view of city, this area is provided with telescopes. From here, you can view some magnificent scenes of the city including the mountains of Higashiyama and Arashiyama. Second structure of this tower is quite interesting to see as it contains a spa, shops and book store. The 3-star Kyoto Tower Hotel is also located here.


Gion is a district of Kyoto located in front of Yasaka Shrine. This district was actually built to facilitate the visitors of shrine but with the passage of time, it became one of the most impressive and exclusive geisha districts in Japan. This district is featured with flagstone-paved streets and tourists love to visit this place because of its traditional wooden buildings. Here you will also see beautifully dressed women in teahouses. In this district, areas to the north of Shijo-dori are very beautiful as well as areas of Sannen-zaka and Ninen-zaka are also worth-seeing.

Higashi Honganji

It is one of the most famous historical buildings of Kyoto. Constructed in 1602, this building is located near Kyoto Station. This building was constructed with an intention to compete nearby Nishi Honganji. The things that will attract you in this building include its huge gates and entire building along with the black rope that is made of a woman’s hair.

Kyoto Imperial Palace

This is an imperial palace of Japan where the Emperor resided since 1869. This palace is located in the huge Kyoto Imperial Park and boasts of having halls, gates and large gardens. If you want to visit this palace, you will have to plan a visited tour which is held by the Imperial Household Agency.

Uzumasa Movie Village

It is a modern attraction in Kyoto which is a headquarters of one of the Japan’s biggest film studio. It also serves as a location for historical and action movies and ninja films. Don’t forget to visit a theme park and movie museum located here.

These were some of the famous attractions in Kyoto. Now you must have known that Kyoto is not all about temples, shrines and dusty museums as there are modern and contemporary attractions as well.

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Top Tourists Destinations in Kathmandu

In the recent years, Kathmandu has developed into a very popular tourist destination because it has to offer a lot to all the people coming here. There are a lot of things to do in Kathmandu which keep the travelers busy throughout their visit to this city. There are not only places with magnificent scenes of the city but also there are hiking and trekking attraction for adventure loving people so a visit to this city will surely be quite enjoyable and memorable. Some of its major travel destinations are described below for your guidance.


Nagarkot is an interesting place to visit because here you will find you will find some of the most exciting places for hiking. Nagarkot is surrounded by thick forests having beautiful pine trees and providing tourists with an opportunity to escape from hustle and bustle of city. From Nagarkot, you will also be able to see views of some of the most beautiful and breathtaking Himalayan peaks including Manaslu, Sisa Pagma, Ganesh, Langtang, Gauri Shankar etc. On a clear day, you can also have a view of Mount Everest tip from this place. Isn’t it wonderful and great? Of course it is. The best time to come to this place is in afternoon so that you can stay in one of the resorts and then enjoy view of sunrise the next morning. Other activities which travelers can enjoy in Nagarkot include yoga, birdwatching, riding and hiking.

The Chusya Bahal

A visit to Kathmandu will remain incomplete without a visit to this place. The Chusya Bahal Kathmandu is the best example of Bahal architecture. Let me describe this beautiful place as I hope that after reading about it, you will definitely visit this place. At the entrance of this place, you will find two magnificent lions. This is a set of buildings on the right side of which, you will find Mahakala Shrine along with Ganesha Shrine. Visitors will also come across traditional brick paving in sunken court of this building.

There is a temple in the entrance of this building which has got two storeys. The most worth-seeing feature of this temple is roof struts belonging to 14th century. If you are interested in watching stupas, you will find them inside the court. One of the stupas has got the image of Tara and the other has got the statue of Vajrasattva. In the ground floor, you will see many halls which are currently being used as school.

Durbar Square

Durbar Square is considered as a spiritual heart of Kathmandu. There are a lot of attractions around Durbar Square like courtyards, pagodas, temples as well as Royal Palace, Kumari House and the residence of Living Goddess. Te Kumari Chowk is also a popular tourist attraction in Nepal which is located in south of Durbar Square. At this place there is a cage having a young girl. The young girl is actually human personification of Goddess Durga which is a Hindu Goddess. Selection of this young girl is done through a spiritual and ancient process and during the time of religious festivals, this young girl is worshipped. A number of temples are also located at Durbar Square which are kept and preserved nicely as they are national heritage sites.

Gorakhnath Caves

An interesting place to visit in Kathmandu is Gorakhnath Caves which are named after saintly Gorakhnat. It is believed that Gorakhnath mediated in this cave and he also left his foot prints on a rock in front of cave. Around this region, many temples and monasteries have been established among which you will come across Tibetan gompa which belongs to Nyingmapa sect. This was built to honor a person named Guru Rinpoche who had been given the credit of introducing Buddhism in Tibet.

Royal Chitwan National Park

Royal Chitwan National Park is the oldest and most popular safari park in Nepal. This park is home to endangered animals like Royal Bengal Tiger and one-horned rhinoceros. Other animals which you will find here include sloth bears, pythons, leopards, wild elephants, monitor lizards and more than 400 species of birds. You can explore park in different ways but the best and most popular way is elephant-back safaris. Other facilities available in this park include guided walks, jeep safaris, canoe trips and overnight jungle expeditions. There are also accommodation facilities in this park so you can make a choice between hotels and luxury camps within park.

According to me, these were the best attractions which you must see in Kathmandu. Plan some holiday there and enjoy a good time.

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Things to See in Mexico City

Tourist’s attractions in Mexico City are worth-watching and are capable of making your tour a success. There are a lot of things in Mexico City which wait for you with all their magnificence, fascination and exquisiteness. Some of the major things which you must see in Mexico City include the following:

National Palace

National Palace in Mexico City is actually the seat for federal executives in Mexico but you can easily visit this place. National Palace is a home to different departments and branches of government which include judiciary, legislative and executive. The attraction in this palace which appeals the most is its historical building and a great collection of paintings. Built of reddish tezontle stone, the palace looks beautiful and magnificent. There are a countless number of rooms in this palace, some of which are also open for tourists. This attraction of Mexico City is a true picture of rich culture and heritage of this city.

National Museum of Anthropology

Don’t forget to visit this museum during your visit to Mexico City. Being one of the most prominent and renowned museums, this museum is located outside Chapultepec Park. A large number of tourists visit this matchless piece of architecture every year. Entrance of this museum contains statue of rain god Tlaloc. This huge figure weighs about 167 tons. Main courtyard of National Museum of Anthropology is covered by an umbrella which is further supported by seven columns. You will also find 12 spacious rooms on ground floor of this building which contain the archeological discoveries made by different archeologists. You will also be able to see various displays of art and treasure. This museum also houses a gift shop from where you can buy souvenirs.

Chapultepec Castle

It is one of the most popular castles in Mexico which remains crowded with tourists. It is located in the center of Chapultepec Park and is set at the top of Chapultepec Hill. This castle has been used for various purposes in past but these days it houses Mexican National Museum of History. This castle has undergone many structural changes from 1882 and today some new rooms have been added to its building.

Metropolitan Cathedral

It is one of the oldest and largest cathedrals boasting of magnificence and grandeur. This cathedral consists of a pair of towers which have been built in neo classical style. These towers are capable of holding 18 bells. Interiors of the cathedral are worth-seeing.  You will find four identical domes, five naves and fourteen chapels in this cathedral. Walls of Metropolitan Cathedral are adorned with sparkling colors and paintings. Authority of this cathedral also arranges gleaming light and sound shows for the amusement and attraction of visitors.

The Saturday Bazaar

If you are a shopping buff, you will really like to visit The Saturday Bazaar in Mexico City which is held only on Saturdays. Here you will find a number of shops which sell Mexican handicrafts. National and traditional handicrafts are sold here at reasonable prices.  You can also locate flower markets near Saturday Bazaar. This bazaar especially remains crowded during festivals and special events and gives a feel of ancient Mexico. The things which you will find in Saturday Bazaar include rugs, jewelry, masks, carved furniture, pottery, textiles and embroidered clothes.

Other attractions in Mexico City are:

  • The City of the Children
  • Six Flags
  • Zocolo
  • Modern Arts Museum
  • Fine Arts Palace

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Attractions to See in Bali

Million of travelers visit Indonesia every year to see magnificent attractions in Bali. Bali is actually an island blessed with charming beauty, lakes, mountains, temples and other beautiful places. Most importantly nature has blessed Bali with white sandy beaches which are major tourist’s attractions in this island to view scenes of sunrise and sunset. Other major attractions in Bali are:

Bali Barat National Park

Barat National Park is located in Western part of Bali which houses many endangered species of flora and fauna. During a trip to this park, you should also see Pulau Menjangan which is an ideal place to see coral reefs but the major attraction in Barat National Park is the various species of birds which include Sacred Kingfisher, Dollar Bird, Barn Swallow, Bali Starling, Yellow-vented Bulbul, Javan Kingfisher, Banded Pitta and many more. Besides birds, you will also find different kinds of animals in this park including Water Monitor, Leopard Cat, Large Flying Fox, Wild Boar, Pangolin, Rusa Deer and Barking Deer. As I mentioned earlier, this park also a home to different endangered species of plants as well so you will be able to see beautiful and rare plants in this park.

Lake Bratan

 How can you forget to see Lake Bratan in Bali? It has been formed on crater of a volcano and is located in central Bali. It is a spell-bounding lake attracting a large number of tourists towards it. Weather here is also very pleasant as there is always cloudy and there are rare sun rays to see. A 17th century temple is also located at the lakeside which is devoted to Dewi Danu (goddess of lake). Local population worships her for fertility because it has been believed that this goddess provides water to irrigate rice fields. Some animals kept at temple are also being worshipped along with the goddess. These animals include lizards and toucan. Since these animals are tamed, you can also take your photo along with them. A big flower garden also surrounds this temple. Besides natural beauty, you can also have comfortable modern facilities here as there are hotels and restaurants for cozy stay of tourists.

Lake Tamblingan

Another celebrated tourist attraction in Bali is the Lake Tamblingan which is one of the smallest lakes in Bali Island.  Bordered by beautiful mountains, this lake provides the best place for tourists to have relaxation and peace. People mostly visit this lake in morning time to see spectacular landscape of Lake Tamblingan.

Pura Besakih

It is a religious site as well as a tourist attraction in Bali which is located high on slopes of Mountain Agung. It is also known as Mother Temple of Bali. This site is actually a complex of shrines and has been divided into three parts. One part has been painted black for Vishnu; other two are painted white and red for Shiva and Brahma respectively. Pura Besakih is also known as Naga Besukian or residence of dragon god. It has been formed by keeping in view Balinese architecture.


Lovina is a combined name of villages. It has a long stripe of beaches at north coast of Bali. This is a peaceful place to visit because it is far away from frustrating crowd and noise of city. Lovina beach is also a great site for diving and snorkeling. At Lovina Beach, you can also have an experience to see turtles, sharks, mantas and dolphins during diving.

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Must Visit Places in Rome

If you are planning a trip to enjoy your holidays, this time choose Rome-the capital city of Italy. Rome is favorite city of tourists because of rich artistic treasure which it possesses.  It also mesmerizes tourists with its traditional values and elegance of its panoramic view so a visit to Rome would provide you an immense pleasure and happiness. For your guidance, I am mentioning here names of some of the most visited and must see places in Rome.

Trevi Fountain

It is one of the most loved and visited place of Rome as it is visited by a thousands of people daily. It has been said that when a person throw a coin in its water, his wishes come true therefore many of the tourists throw coins in it due to which the fountain grosses a large amount of money which is then donated to some charity. Pulled by two sea-horses, marble centerpiece of the fountain is a shell that is driven by two tritons from which a statue emerges which represents ocean. Beauty of this fountain is surely worth-seeing and the best time to see this fountain is in the evening because its water is turned off early in the morning for cleaning purposes.

Mouth of Truth

It is a bleak marble mask that is known as Mouth of Truth or Bocca della Verita’. It is situated in the entrance hall of St. Mary’s in Cosmedin church. It is actually an ancient drain cover that was found half-buried in middle ages. It has been said by a legend that if a person puts his hand in the mouth and does not speaks the truth after it, then the mouth is shut. It is the most popular attraction in Rome as admission charges in the church are free.

Spanish Steps

It is the most beautiful and striking masterpiece of baroque period. This splendid stair-case was built in 1723 and got its name from the Spanish embassy building that is located near to it. It was built by Francesco De Sanctis on the request of Pope Innocent XIII. If you ever make a plan to visit this place, try to visit it in spring season as these steps are decorated with beautiful flowers in this season.

Capitoline Hill

Capitoline Hill’s main attraction is Piazza del Campidoglio. It was designed in 1538 by the legend artist Michelangelo. Initially it was featured with Marcus Aurelius’s bronze statue. Now this square have Palazzo dei Senatori along with the two museums named Palazzo dei Conservatori and Palazzo Nuovo. These two museums have a large collection of famous statues and tourists specially visit this place to see these statues.

Rome Zoo, the Bioparco

This is among one of the oldest zoos of Europe which came into existence in 1911. It is a must visit place as your tour to Rome remains incomplete without paying a visit to this fascinating zoo. The biggest attraction of this zoo is the large variety of different animals like camels, lions, bears, giraffes, tigers and zebras. The zoo boasts of having 198 species of different animals including birds, reptiles, mammals etc. In this zoo, different signs are displayed showing the names of creatures in both English and Italian. This zoo provides a complete dose of entertainment through chilled drinking water, shady spots to take some rest, fountains and picnic benches. If you want to enjoy some good food, you will find a café by the zoo entrance as well as a restaurant that remains open during day times and also in evening.

These were some of the most popular attractions of Rome. Plan a tour to this great city and have a wonderful time.

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Karachi’s Foremost Attractions

Karachi is one of the major cities of Pakistan which is not only a traditional and cultural center but also a business hub. At the same time, it has a number of tourist’s attractions like waterfront, parks, museums, harbors and historical structures as well. For the past few years, tourism industry in Karachi has suffered a lot due to terrorism but still it is capable of attracting a number of people towards its wonderful tourist’s places. Some of its major attractions include:

Mohatta Palace Museum

This building was constructed between 1933 and 1935 and is named after its founder Shivratan, Chandratan, Mohatta. This palace was originally constructed to be used as a residence of Fatima Jinnah who was sister of Founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah but at present it is being used as a museum which displays relics and things of ceramic art which have been collected over centuries. This museum also houses a number of memorabilia of British reign in Pakistan and is featured with the letters written by famous personalities of pre-partition period along with their pictures. Portraits of some freedom fighters are also displayed here along with the car used by Mr. Jinnah.


Mazar-e-Quaid is another popular and most visited tourists’ attractions of Karachi which is actually tomb of founding father of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah. It is located in the center of city and attracts tourists due to its wonderful and unique construction. It has been built with pure white marble and is featured with curved arches of Moorish origin. Within the tomb, there is a four-layered chandelier that is made of crystal and was rewarded by Chinese people to give a royal and refined look. A park encircles the tomb building featured with powerful lights which make the structure prominent in night. Mazar-e-Quaid also houses graves of Fatima Jinnah and first prime minister of Pakistan-Liaquat Ali Khan.

National Museum of Pakistan

National Museum of Pakistan was founded on April 17, 1950 and main motto of the museum was to study and preserve art and cultural heritage of this nation. The museum consists of 11 galleries and the most popular among these is Quran Gallery. Museum also possesses more than 300 transcripts of Quran among which 52 are holographs and are displayed in Quran Gallery. Here in this museum, tourists can also see sculptural work related to Gandhara Civilization, Indus Civilization and Islamic art old coins etc. In Ethnological Gallery, there are statues of cultural groups which are absolutely worth-seeing. Moreover, more than 58000 coins and 70000 books have been preserved in this museum.

Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach is a pleasant site to be visited as it features an amusement park, stalls, camel and horse riding facilities and several options for swimming. Small shops at the beach display handicrafts and gifts made of sea shells. Visitors especially come here at night to see the beautiful fountain that has been built on the sea. It has been made very beautifully by using white lights and it is considered to be the tallest fountain jetting out sea water. Amusement park in this area features a bowling alley and an aquarium and Oyster Island can also be viewed from Clifton Beach.


Being the main coastal town, Kemari is a small but busy harbor of Karachi that provides opportunity of fishing and sightseeing boats and launches. Some must visit attractions in Kemari include a light house and the fort. While sailing along the sea coast, one can travel towards east to see Mangroves, waterfowl and fishing villages and going till Indus National Delta Park provides a chance to see water flowing in large quantity.

Aladdin Park

It is the largest kids’ theme park in the whole province which includes Play Land Hill Park, Sindbad DHA Park Fun Land, Karachi Zoo Samzu Park and The Great Fiesta Cozy Water Park.  Aladdin Park has a shopping center and a play ground. PIA Airlines has also set up a planetarium in Karachi which provides to see images of whole sky with professional telescopes. The Great Fiesta provides exciting and thrilling water slides for young and adults alike. It also includes an Artificial Beach, Lazy River and Hurricane Wave Pool for enjoyment of people.

These were some of the major tourists’ places of Karachi. Visit them and enjoy your holidays at a wonderful place.

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Sightseeing in Bern

Besides being the most populous city of Switzerland, Bern is also one of the most famous and well-known tourists’ destinations. If you want to visit a place having spell-binding attractions and landmarks, you must visit city of Bern. Some most beautiful and most visited attractions in Bern include:

Zytglogge Clock Tower

This clock tower is the most loved attraction of Bern that is located close to the heart of Old Town district. If you spend a considerable time in visiting Zytglogge Clock Tower, you will enjoy a lot hearing its hourly chimes and watching animated characters including bears, jester, bearded king and cockerel. To know more about this marvelous landmark of Bern, I would recommend you to opt for a guided tour of this splendid clock tower to have a closer look of clockwork technicalities which are responsible for beauty of this eye-catching tower.

Bundeshaus (Houses of Parliament)

Houses of Parliament have become a historic landmark of Bern which date back to 1902. They are capable of attracting and providing pleasure to tourists with impressive architecture. Most fascinating feature of Houses of Parliaments is their eye-catching and super-splendid copper domes providing visitors one of the best treats they can ever have. Swiss Houses of Parliament also boast of a stained-glass dome which has been adorned with motifs of the city and a spectacular chandelier having more than 200 bulbs producing a hypnotic effect. Again to see this attraction, guided tours are recommended. Here you can also have a chance to see parliamentary sessions from a distance.

Munster (Cathedral)

Bern’s most visited attraction is this cathedral which is featured with tallest spires in entire Switzerland. These spires have a height of 328 feet. Surely it would be a great experience to see such an attractive landmark of Bern. Tourists become more enthusiastic when they know that they can actually climb this tower by spending nominal amount of money. Top of this tower provides tourists to see some of the most beautiful and gorgeous scenes of this city including that of River Aar. The tower is also featured with a large and unique collection of Gothic sculptures so you should never miss this tower to visit.

Einsteinhaus / House of Einstein

This small apartment is of enormous importance and a special attraction of Bern as it is the building where Nobel-prize winning scientist Einstein developed the theory of relativity in 1905. Visitors who come to Bern never forget to visit the house of this struggling scientist.

Barengraben (Bear Pits) / Dahlholzli Zoo

Barengraben has been a home of brown bears since 1850s and is a part of Dahlholzli Zoo. Other attractions which are close by include Tramdepot and a busy brewpub.

This was a picture of attractions in the wonderful city of Bern. If you have not visited Bern till now then get ready to present yourself with a wonderful treat.

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Interesting Places in Cape Town

Cape Town is a diverse city of South Africa having rich culture and great potential for tourism. Both domestic and international tourists, frequently visit this city for historical and modern architectural attractions. Some most important and interesting places in Cape Town are as follows:

Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope is one of the most important places in Cape Town which is located at the south-west corner of Cape Peninsula. This place is not only famous for attractive picnic sites but also known for rich species of flora and fauna. A popular place at Cape of Good Hope is the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve having 1036 species of plants. This place is actually a sanctuary for endangered species. Here bird lovers can also find many birds to see including little Spotted Prinia and Black Eagle. Besides this Nature Reserve, Cape of Good Hope is also popular for its silvery beach having rocky cliffs which are known to be the highest coastal cliffs in world.

Greenmarket Square

Greenmarket Square is a well-known shopping place in Cape Town. This place remains full of both local and international products so you can have a large variety of things here. Some goods sold in Greenmarket Square include African curios, electronics, gift items, apparels and candles. Apart from shopping, you can also enjoy a wonderful dining experience in the lanes and streets of this market. There are many bars and restaurants offering mouth-watering cuisines. Coffee shops and pubs are also common here. Greenmarket Square is also a place of entertainment because performances by renowned dancers and singers also take place at this market.

Table Mountain

This attraction offers breathtakingly beautiful scenes of the entire city and beaches. Table Mountain is 1086 meters above the bay and forms a main part of Table Mountain National Park. This park is a home to 1470 species of plants which also include important medicinal plants and herbs. One of the most enjoyable features of Table Mountain is the Cable way which takes visitors from Tafelberg Road to top of this mountain. At summit, you will find a restaurant and souvenir shop providing visitors with foods and drinks. Hiking along the paths of this mountain is also an enjoyable activity. Hiking trips are conducted by professionals.

Hout Bay Harbor

Located by the bay, Hout Bay Harbor is a town which is surrounded by mountains. It has been blessed by nature with scenic beauty and pleasant weather. Here travelers can enjoy a number of activities like sailing, jet skiing, hiking, scuba diving etc. Other attractions at this place include Seal Island, Chapman’s Peak, Birds Park, historical buildings and museums. Bird Park is an interesting place which houses almost 400 species of birds. Modern facilities like that of dining and accommodation are also provided in this town.

V & A Waterfront

V & A Waterfront is an entertainment and recreation center located between Table Mountain and Robben Island. Here you will find a number of dining and entertainment spots along with luxury hotels, business centers and lodging centers. Besides facilities of enjoying water sports, there are 11 cinemas in V & A Waterfront where you can watch your favorite movies. Other attractions include boat trips, marine aquarium, walk tours and harbor cruises. You can also have a chance to do shopping here as there are more than 300 stores where you can buy handicrafts and much more.

These were five major places of Cape Town which attract the most to tourists. If you have enough resources and time, plan a visit to this beautiful city and have memorable time of your life.

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This Time, Visit Amsterdam

If you are an amateur traveler and love to travel to beautiful places of the world, then this time, visit Amsterdam as it has a large number of attractions for all. Actually Amsterdam is a compact city so most of the attractions are found at walking distance. It is also said that Netherlands is the safest country in Europe for walking. Some of my favorite places in Amsterdam are:

The Diamond Industry

Amsterdam is truly called a city of jewels because here diamond industry has flourished and prospered for almost 400 years and now there are many diamond-cutting centers that have been established in the city. Diamond-cutters of Amsterdam boast of their craftsmanship and the excellence of high-quality work. If you love diamonds, then Amsterdam is the perfect place for you as here you will find diamond polishers who give free demonstrations of diamond-cutting and also offers sets for sale.

Amsterdam Red Light District

This part of city, which is commonly known as De Walletjes, is located on the eastern side of Dam Square. This place is famous in entire Europe for provokingly dressed prostitutes which are displayed under the neon lights. In this area, you will also find clubs and coffee shops selling marijuana.

Artis Zoo

Being one of the city’s most popular attractions, this zoo dates back to 1838. This zoo houses more than 6000 animals living in outdoor enclosures in order to provide them with an atmosphere that is quite similar to their natural living conditions. This zoo also has an aquarium having world’s largest collection of sea animals. Nocturnal house in this aquarium provides you an opportunity to have a look at activities of these animals during hours of darkness. Whenever you visit this zoo, don’t forget to see the zoological and geological museums that are located in this zoo.

Hortus Botanicus (Botanical Gardens)

This is botanical garden in Amsterdam dating from 1682. This garden boasts of displaying 6000 plants species that have been derived from all parts of the world. This garden also provides a chance to see a green and peaceful oasis which gives a pleasant feeling to the visitors. The best time to visit this botanical garden is spring season when thousands of tulips give this garden a majestic look.

Dam Square

Dam Square is an open space having many important buildings in its surroundings like Royal Palace, War Memorial and the Nieuwe Kerk. This square is the heart of Amsterdam city and more interestingly, Amsterdam originates its name from this square- Dam on the Amstel. This is a busy square of the city as different ceremonies take place here like royal family ceremonies, Remembrance Day celebrations and political demonstrations.

These were some of most attractive places in Amsterdam that are must-see and worth-visiting so this year if you are planning a tour, choose Amsterdam.

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