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Tourists Attractions in New Castle, Australia

Do you want to visit a city that is a popular tourist’s attraction for both business and leisure travelers? If yes then visit New Castle. New Castle is 162 Km away from the city of Sydney and is considered as one of the most important cities in Hunter area. Being one of the biggest cities of Australia, New Castle is home to several attractive tourists destinations which draw million of people round the year. Some of its major tourist’s attractions are:

King Edward Park

King Edward Park is located at Ordnance Street in New Castle and boasts of being one of the finest and best recreational parks in New South Wales. The major attractions which you can enjoy seeing in this park are excellent ocean views which can be seen from within the park. Here you can also see Norfolk Island pines and a sunken garden. On the southern boundary of this park, you can find remains of Shepherd’s Hills & Gunner’s Cottage which functioned from 1890 to World War II. Near car parking, you can also see some of the military leftovers. King Edward Park is not only a venue for family picnics and barbecue but also it turns into a movie venue in summer. To the north of this park, you will enjoy visiting New Castle Beach, Stockton Beach and Nobbys Head. Carriage drives, picnic facilities, playgrounds and electric barbeques are some other attractions of this park.

Nobbys Beach

Nobbys Beach in New Castle is another major tourist attraction. Here you can go for enjoying surfing and other activities as well. Nobbys Beach is closest beach to harbor and from city center and you can easily reach there as a number of transportation means are provided to get to Nobbys Beach. This beach remains crowded all year as people come here to enjoy the views of exotic beach. As I mentioned earlier, it is a best place for surfing because conditions here are quite feasible. Standard wave quality and sandy and rocky bottom of this beach make it a perfect place for surfing. Moreover wave’s length is mostly 50 to 150 meters on average days and there is also no threat of sharks on beach. In summer months, you can enjoy different sports on this beach including kite surfing.

New Castle Region Art Gallery

The New Castle Region Art Gallery is located at Laman Street and remains open for visitors from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening from Tuesday to Sunday. This gallery exhibits a wonderful variety of things including jewelry, ceramics, textiles and handcrafted glass. Other items which you will find in New Castle Region Art Gallery are art books, paper goods and catalogues. By displaying these items, Gallery shows its commitment towards nurturing development of art work. Several tours, exhibitions, workshops and events are also held in this gallery every year for enjoyment of locals and foreigners as well.

Bar Beach

Bar Beach is 500 meters long having rocky platforms and silvery sands. A tour to Bar Beach not only offers the visitors to see natural beauty but also provides them to perform several beach activities. Bar Beach is a pleasant and safe location where you can come with your family for picnic or just for lazing around. Crystal clear waters of beach and clean sand provides visitors to enjoy panoramic views of city. Every year, during summer holidays, a sand modeling contest is also held at Bar Beach. Numerous participants come here to take part in this contest from all over the world. Another attraction of this beach is that it is adjacent to an airstrip so flying freaks can fly and explore beauty of this beach in another interesting way. Some of the other activities which you can enjoy on beach include fishing, camping and surfing. Facilities provided by this beach are:

  • Shaded area
  • Car park
  • Café
  • Public toilet
  • Kiosk
  • Parking for disabled
  • BBQ facilities
  • Public telephone
  • Sheltered area
  • Picnic area

Fort Scratchley

Fort Scratchley is a must-visit monument of New Castle which is located at New Castle Harbor’s entrance. It was built in 1882 to protect New Castle port from enemy. It is also known by some other names like Fort Fiddlesticks, Captain Allan’s Hill, Signal Hill, Flagstaff Hill etc. Fort Scratchely displays rich military history of Australia and today it is considered as a major landmark in Hunter Valley region. Other attractions of this Fort include four 80 pounder rifled muzzle guns and two Mark VII breech loading guns.

Shortland Wetlands Center

This attraction is located in Hunter Region of New South Wales and is a perfect nature tourism destination in New Castle. It is spread over an area of 45 hectares and provides home to more than 250 species of wildlife such as ducks, reptiles and birds. The new name of Shortland Wetlands Center is Hunter Wetlands Center. Attractions at this center include rich and diverse fauna which is due to fresh water lagoons and non-tidal fresh water wetlands. Here you will find a wide variety of animals like frogs, birds and fishes. You will also find attractive and enchanting flora at reserve which includes different species of trees like the Swamp and Mahogany. Other recreational activities at this center are:

  • Boardwalks
  • Children’s Discovery Playground
  • Observation Decks
  • Birdwatching
  • Dipnetting
  • Walking Trails

Besides children’s birthday parties, functions are also held at Wetlands along with picnics and barbeque parties.

These were some of the major attractions in New Castle, Australia. These attractions are the main reason why one should visit this wonderful place in New South Wales city.

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