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Things of Interest in Frankfurt

If you are an amateur traveler and have enough time to explore different places, then I will recommend you to visit Frankfurt. Frankfurt is the fifth-largest city of Germany and has an abundance of places having aesthetic and architectural beauty. Guided tours to Frankfurt can provide you with a chance to see fascinating things to see and you will be able to know more about this beautiful city. Some of its remarkable attractions are:

Frankfurt Zoo

Frankfurt zoo is an ideal place to see if you visit Frankfurt with your family especially kids. There is a huge collection of animals in this zoo including big cats. The most popular attraction in this zoo are seal enclosure and big cats area. Another highlight of the zoo is Grzimek House which is an enclosure that allows the visitors to see night-time animals in their woken condition because this enclosure imitates the natural darkness of night.

Apple Wine Express

Most of the local people know Apple Wine Express as Apfewein Express which is actually an old-fashioned streetcar that travels around the city starting from Frankfurt Zoo. This tour lasts for about an hour taking tourists to major attractions and sights of the city. During ride, travelers are also entertained with pretzels and a glass of apple wine while for kids, juice is served and costs of these servings are included in cost of tour.


This place of Frankfurt city is featured with numerous buildings including a church from 14th and 15th century. Romerberg is a town hall of Frankfurt having cafes and shops for attracting tourists. Another attraction in Romerberg is Alte Nikolaikirche which is also a 12th century church.


Established in 1868, PalmenGarten is one of the largest gardens of Frankfurt. Here you can wander around in different gardens and buildings by paying a nominal cost. These gardens possess a large collection of palms, ferns, orchids and other tropical plants. A building is specified for only tropical plants. In rose garden section, there is Haus Rosenbrunn building housing tons of roses. It is better to visit this place in summer as at that time, some exhibition, concerts and festivals take place here.

Some other noticeable attractions of Frankfurt are:

  • Museum of Applied Arts
  • Historical Museum
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Goethe-Haus
  • Stadel Museum
  • Sachsenhausen

Visit these places in Frankfurt and have a memorable time with your family.

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