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Popular Attractions to See in Berlin

If you have ever visited Berlin, you must be aware of the fact that it is one of the most favorite places of tourists as there are a lot of attractions to see. But for the people who have never been to Berlin before, I would like to suggest names of some places that are worth-seeing and visit to Berlin remains incomplete without visiting them. These places are:

Television Tower

Being the tallest structure in this city, Fernsehturm television tower is a worth-seeing place as it is featured with an observation platform as well as a restaurant that revolves slowly. This tower is 1207 feet high and you have to use an elevator to take you up over 660 feet to see that restaurant and observation platform. This tower provides a chance to the tourists to view beautiful and attractive scenes of city. It has become so popular that restaurant is always filled with people. If you have a plan to visit this tower, I would recommend you to get your table reserved in this restaurant. Base of the tower is surrounded by neon signs and reflections caused by sunlight make a Christian Cross on tower.

Spandau Citadel

It is an ancient fortress that was built in 16th century and now it has become the oldest building in Berlin. A visit to this building provides a chance to know more about its structural history and for your information I would like to tell that guided tours are available to this building on weekends. This beautiful ancient building is located near to River Havel and it is the most charismatic area this city could ever have.

Potsdamer Platz and the New Center

It was one of the busiest squares in Europe in 1990s. With passage of time people started neglecting it but due to recent renovations it has achieved its previous status back as now it is a vibrant area having shops, cafes, bars restaurants and other entertaining attractions. Due to restoration of this square, it has started becoming heart of this city. Here you can visit modern constructions like Sony Centre and Panorama-Point which is situated at the top of tall Kollhof building providing the best views of city. The lift available here is said to be the fastest in Europe.

Schloss Charlottenburg

This palace was originally built 300 years ago but in early 19th century it was restored and some interesting features were added to it. Inside this palace, you will find a fine collection of romantic paintings whereas outside of this palace is surrounded by striking and sophisticated gardens which are truly eye-catching.

Oranienburger Strasse

Before 1989, it was a quiet and bleak street but now it has become a fashionable and busy place as it is full of cafes, bars and other food and drinks outlets. This place is now considered as a lively and vibrant area of Berlin.

These were some of the major and most popular attractions in Berlin which truly deserve to be seen again and again.

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Dresden’s Most Popular Attractions

Located on the Elbe River, Dresden is the capital city of German state named Saxony. This city is considered among one of the top tourists destinations in Germany as it is an industrial as well as cultural center and boasts of having some worth-watching historical landmarks. Tourists’ attractions in Dresden come in all shapes and sizes meaning that there is something for everyone. If you are also interested in seeing some fascinating sights and attractions then you must visit this city. Here are some of its most popular tourist’s attractions.

Zwinger Palace

It is a beautiful place to spend a summer holiday as this is a magnificent palace having an open air gallery and stunning courtyard. To your surprise, you will find four museums within this palace so if you are a history lover; a visit to this palace will just be a treat for you. Constructed between 1710 and 1732, this palace is one of the prominent landmarks in Dresden as it features the most popular Crown Gate which you can see on travel photographs related to the city of Dresden. One more thing which I must tell you is that if you love to see German-Baroque architecture then you must visit this palace as it is a fine example of such architecture. Besides its beautiful and attractive exteriors, you can also find a number of features and attractions in its interiors including Old Masters Picture Gallery, Zoological Museum and Mathematisch Physikalischer Salon.

Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche)

Church of Our Lady is yet another example of German architecture in whole Dresden. It was built by George Bahr between 1726 and 1743. It is quite renowned for having hosted organ recitals by the legendary musician and composer JW Bach. This church was destroyed as a result of bombing during WW II but it was reconstructed which was completed in 2004. The current building of the church is quite similar to the older one and most of its internal attractions have managed to retain their magnificence and splendor.

Blue Wonder Bridge

It is a 620 feet bridge which crosses the River Elbe in the wonderful city of Dresden. It was built in 1893 and at the time of its completion, it was one of the longest bridges ever built without having pillars. This was the reason the bridge got such a unique name as it was considered as a technological wonder at that time. It is a bridge you must see during your visit to Dresden because the whole Elbe Valley was declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004 due to this bridge. Most of the attractions were destroyed in WW II but Blue Wonder Bridge is the only attractions which managed to survive. These days this bridge, painted in blue, is still standing over Elbe River allowing people to transport from one part of Dresden to the other.

Royal Palace (Residenzschloss)

Constructed in various stages between 12th and 19th century, Royal Palace of Dresden is also a popular attraction in Germany. It was former residence of Saxon royal family. Although this palace suffered a great loss in WW II bombing but still it has maintained its original magnificence and grandeur. The Royal Palace is also home to a number of museums. The most famous of them is Green Vault which is one of the Europe’s most beautiful treasure chambers having some 3000 treasures. The Coin Cabinet displays an exhibition of coins while another museum in the palace is Kupferstich-Kabinett exhibits a collection of drawings and photographs. One of the palace’s most recent attractions is Turkish Room which is also a museum and highlights a beautiful 20 meters long tent made of silk and gold.

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Sightseeing in Munich

Munich!!!!! Yes today we will explore attractions in Munich which is the third largest city of Germany. Munich is a city that has something to see for every one who visits this beautiful city. Have you ever been to Munich? If no then this post is going to be quite beneficial for you as I am going to give you a list of some of the most popular tourists’ attractions in Munich. After reading this post, you will definitely make a plan to visit this wonderful place.

Hellabrunn Wildlife Park / Hellabrunn Zoo 

The most popular family attraction in Munich is the Hellabrunn Wildlife Park. It is a unique zoo because here, animals are grouped according to the continent they belong to. This 89 acre park is located on the right bank of River Isar. Having more than 5000 animals, this zoo also has some enclosures which allow you to see the animals without cage and bars. Attractions in this zoo include:

  • The New Jungle House which is a home to gorillas, alligators and chimpanzees.
  • The Old Elephant House which was constructed in 1914 and has largest concrete dome all over the world.
  • Dracula’s Villa where you will find bats flying around you.
  • Guided tours provide you the facility to visit the zoo when it is dark or you are alone in zoo.
  • Here you can also organize birthday parties for your kids.

Bavarian State Library

Munich’s Bavarian State Library is the best attraction for those people who love books and want to see great architectural work. This library contains a huge collection of books as well as it is featured with great architecture. It is the biggest brick building in Germany and people often come here to see its beautiful structure and huge staircase. As far as collection of books is concerned, let me inform you that this library boasts of having about 9.39 million books along with many historical manuscripts. Other things which you will find in this library include paintings, important local documents and prints. A visit to this library is a treat for book lovers.

River Isar/Flaucher

Flaucher Beach area is another family attraction where people come to enjoy their picnics and have some sunbath. This area is capable of attracting large number of people in site of the fact that there are a number of other beaches in Munich. This beach area is located alongside River Isar and close to the Thalkirchner Bridge. Here you will also enjoy swimming and paddling. It is a great place to visit and enjoy holidays.

Bavarian State Opera House/ National Theater Munich

The National Theater Munich is an opera house and is home to Bavarian State Opera House. This building is featured with eight columns at the entrance which have become recognition of this building. This building is visited by a large number of people every year due to its fine architecture. It is one of the famous buildings of the city and another interesting thing about this building is that it had to be rebuilt twice as it was first destroyed by fire and then with the bombing raids in second World War. Different musical events are held here which are popular among the tourists. Specialty of this building is the summer Munich Opera Festival that is held every year in the month of July.


 It is a daily food market having 140 stalls and shops where you can find fish, spices, cheese, exotic fruits, flowers and vegetables. This market is well known as it hosts traditional and cultural events including asparagus season, summer festival, brewer’s day, gardener’s day, dance of the market women etc.

These were some of the most popular attractions of Munich. If you ever get a chance to visit Munich, must see these places.

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Things of Interest in Frankfurt

If you are an amateur traveler and have enough time to explore different places, then I will recommend you to visit Frankfurt. Frankfurt is the fifth-largest city of Germany and has an abundance of places having aesthetic and architectural beauty. Guided tours to Frankfurt can provide you with a chance to see fascinating things to see and you will be able to know more about this beautiful city. Some of its remarkable attractions are:

Frankfurt Zoo

Frankfurt zoo is an ideal place to see if you visit Frankfurt with your family especially kids. There is a huge collection of animals in this zoo including big cats. The most popular attraction in this zoo are seal enclosure and big cats area. Another highlight of the zoo is Grzimek House which is an enclosure that allows the visitors to see night-time animals in their woken condition because this enclosure imitates the natural darkness of night.

Apple Wine Express

Most of the local people know Apple Wine Express as Apfewein Express which is actually an old-fashioned streetcar that travels around the city starting from Frankfurt Zoo. This tour lasts for about an hour taking tourists to major attractions and sights of the city. During ride, travelers are also entertained with pretzels and a glass of apple wine while for kids, juice is served and costs of these servings are included in cost of tour.


This place of Frankfurt city is featured with numerous buildings including a church from 14th and 15th century. Romerberg is a town hall of Frankfurt having cafes and shops for attracting tourists. Another attraction in Romerberg is Alte Nikolaikirche which is also a 12th century church.


Established in 1868, PalmenGarten is one of the largest gardens of Frankfurt. Here you can wander around in different gardens and buildings by paying a nominal cost. These gardens possess a large collection of palms, ferns, orchids and other tropical plants. A building is specified for only tropical plants. In rose garden section, there is Haus Rosenbrunn building housing tons of roses. It is better to visit this place in summer as at that time, some exhibition, concerts and festivals take place here.

Some other noticeable attractions of Frankfurt are:

  • Museum of Applied Arts
  • Historical Museum
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Goethe-Haus
  • Stadel Museum
  • Sachsenhausen

Visit these places in Frankfurt and have a memorable time with your family.

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