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Worth-Seeing Places in Salvador

Salvador is a city of Brazil which manages to pull large crowd of people towards Brazil every year and thus contributes in development of tourism industry. Salvador sightseeing comprises a wide range of places catering to diverse interests of tourists. For those who love fun and enjoyment, there are several beaches while for history lovers, there are museums. Some of its most worth-seeing attractions are:

Boa Viagem Beach

It is a beautiful beach whose peaceful atmosphere makes it a perfect spot for tourists and locals as well. This beach provides a chance to socialize with people and seeing them relaxing and enjoying. Although ambience and surroundings of beach are not so lively, it still manages to retain its charm. On weekends, young people and kids visit this beach for strolling along shoreline and making sand castles respectively. Adventurous activities are not easy to do at this beach unless you take extra precautionary measures. Surfing is not allowed at this beach because there are chances of shark attacks. Swimmers are also suggested not to go far from reef as it may prove dangerous.

Piata Beach

It is the most perfect place for those who want to spend a holiday on beachside. You can stroll here in mornings and evenings as this beach features a lovely and strong stretch. You will be mesmerized to see swaying coconut trees and white sand on this beach which make it more beautiful and stunning. Shade of water is blue and green here which make it look like an exotic beach. The Piata beach has calm waters so you can swim here without any danger but near rocky areas, there are currents so you need to be careful before going into deep waters. You will also find some other facilities at this beach as Piata beach is surrounded by bars, dining venues and cafes.

Our Lady of the Rosary of Black People

This attraction is popular because of its architectural design and style. It is an ancient church which has an interesting history. During 17th century and prior to this period, there were few churches for black. And in many other churches blacks were not allowed to enter. So there arouse a need to build a church for black people.

Jorge Amado Museum

This museum is considered as the most prominent tourist attraction in Salvador. This museum was actually residence of Brazilian writer Casa do Jorje Amado. This museum displays collections of this most beloved writer of Brazil. At the ground floor café of this museum, there is a collage of his book covers showing languages into which his work has been translated.

Igreja Sao Francisco

It is one of the finest churches in the world which has been adorned with precious stones and gold and silver. Interiors of this church are quite awesome as they are covered with gold and jacaranda having engravings representing angles, flowers and animals. Tiles in shade of blue have been used at the entrance of this church and in altar as well. Here visitors can enjoy watching regular shows of Light and Sound.

Porto da Barra

It is another famous beach of Salvador and is popular for its exotic backdrop. People come here to chill out and enjoy with their friends and family. This place has an exquisite setting making it a great spot for those who love to dance, drink and socialize. This beach always remains crowded but on weekends it becomes even more crowded. People come here for swimming as beach is located within bay and water is calm.

Mercado Modelo

If you are interested in buying things of art and crafts then you must visit this place. It is a commercial zone housing some of finest Brazilian crafts. The inauguration of this place took place in 1912 and it offers various items to purchase ranging from essential goods to luxury items. This market consists of 263 stores as well as some restaurants serving mouth-watering foods.

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