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What to See in Japan

Commonly known as the ‘Land of Rising Sun’, Japan is one of the favorite countries of tourists. There are a lot of things in Japan that are worth-seeing and therefore attract a large number of tourists towards this beautiful country. If you ever make a plan to visit Japan, then take a look at this article as it contains the famous things and attractions which you must see in Japan.


Most of the gardens in Japan are located in the calm and peaceful surroundings of monasteries and some are located in the ruins of the castles of feudal lords. They display a very rich look of Japanese art and culture. There are a lot of attractions to see in Japanese gardens but the most worth-seeing are the ponds which are vital parts of every garden. They don’t only show Japanese’s peoples good taste but also add marvel and beauty to these gardens.

The gardens in Japan have different types including Tsukiyama Gardens (hill gardens), Karesansui Gardens (dry gardens) and Chaniwa Gardens (tea gardens).


Most of the population of Japan consists of Buddhists therefore temples in Japan are the houses of worship for these people. These temples should not be missed to see during the visit to Japan as they are beautifully made and present a beautiful blend with lush and green vicinity. The architecture of these temples is also out of this world and must see.


The castles in Japan were initially built for military purposes but afterwards they transformed into commercial centers as the time passed and eventually they became popular tourists’ attractions. They are truly a master-piece as they were built after careful planning and by the untiring efforts of thousands of labors.Shrines

There are almost one million shrines in Japan. Most of them serve as a worship home for the followers of Shintoism. These shrines are located in the isolated areas of this country, near to forests, to provide a peaceful and calm feeling to the visitors. When these shrines were first built, they were quite simple but with the passage of time they began to look like Buddhist temples due to the influence of Chinese architecture. On the basis of the architecture style of these shrines, they are divided into four types: Nagare, Shinmei, Taisha and Hachiman.These were some must visit attractions of Japan that deserve at least one visit in the life time of a tourist.

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Top Tokyo Tourists Attractions

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan which is a lively and bustling city. It is very popular among tourists especially families because of its gardens and amusement parks. There are some of the most favorite places of kids here in Tokyo like Dome City and Disney Resort. Including these, some other major and most popular attractions in Tokyo are:

Sony Building

This is an attractive and contemporary building which offers latest audio-visual attractions for the visitors. There are also different kinds of computer products available here. The sixth floor of the Tokyo Sony Building is dedicated to a Play Station so it is the favorite place of kids and young alike. Here in this building, there is also a High-Vision Theatre showing free movies every Saturday at 4:30 pm. There are also many gadgets and games that can capture your attention for hours.

Imperial Palace

This is a historical building that is located in the heart of Tokyo. This palace has the honor of being the residence of Japanese Emperors for almost 150 years. This historical building remains open for the tourists for 24 hours a day and no charges are taken for the tourists’ admission in the building.

Dome City

The Dome City is full of family based tourists’ attractions. Here the attractions which you will find include:

  • Shopping opportunities
  • Amusement park
  • Spa for relaxation
  • Restaurants

It is a city within a city providing incomparable fun and entertainment.

Disney Resort

It is a theme park full of attractions that can appeal to the people of all ages. There is a romantic park named Disney Sea having a number of attractions. In the resort, there are restaurants, huge shopping malls and more than 100 different boutiques. For those tourists who want to stay here, there are also a large number of hotels. This resort also has different events and parades that take place throughout the year mesmerizing the tourists with their attraction and beauty.

Hanayashiki Amusement Park

It has a history of more than 150 years and it was opened as a flower park initially. But now it is an amusement park having a number of rides like roller coaster, large Ferris wheel and carousel. These rides provide the visitors with an opportunity of watching good views of the park. It is a great fun to visit this park and enjoy the rides.

These were some of the major attractions in the main city of Japan, Tokyo. Visit these places and have fun with your friends and family.

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