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Must-See Lakes in Pakistan

Pakistan is among those few countries where tourists can have an opportunity to see nature’s beauty at its best. There are high mountains, valleys, lush green plains, deserts, rivers and ocean. In between some high mountains of Pakistan, there are some spectacular and stunning lakes which add to the beauty of hilly areas. I have made a list of most famous and beautiful lakes in Pakistan and today I will share this list with you.

Saif ul Muluk Lake

You will find this lake in the northern end of Kaghan valley which is located at an altitude of 10578 feet. This fact makes this lake the highest lake in Pakistan. Lake Saif ul Muluk is located under the mighty Malika Parbat. The lake gives one of the best scenes in the world when reflection of mountains shines in its waters. You can reach this lake by a jeep but the best and most interesting way to reach this beautiful lake is through trekking. If you are also planning to reach this lake by training then let me inform you that it takes almost 1-2 hours to reach this lake from Naran. Waters of Saif ul Muluk are clear because water comes from the glaciers located all around this lake. An interesting story is also associated with this lake due to which people believe that fairies come down to the lake in full moon.

Manchar Lake

Manchar Lake is one of the largest lakes of Asia. It is a fresh water lake and is located west of Indus River in Dadu district. It is an important lake in this district because it provides livelihood to a number of fishermen and irrigates the crops as well. This lake is also a home to several aquatic plants like lotus. This lake was created in 1930 as a result of construction of Sukkur Barrage and since then it has been supporting thousands of people who depend on fresh water fish.

Keenjhar Lake

Keenjhar Lake is also known as Kalri Lake. Located in Thatta, this lake is one of the largest fresh water lakes of Pakistan. This lake is known at international level for breeding water birds as it supports about 140000 birds which include Black Coot, Common Pochard etc. Besides providing beautiful scenes of nature, this lake also acts as a source of drinking water.

Shangrila Lake

Being a part of Shangrila resort, this lake is located at a drive of 20 minutes from Skardu. The name of this lake comes from the Chinese word Shangri La which means “Heaven on Earth”. This can truly be called Heaven on Earth because of its spectacular and breathtaking beauty and quiet ambiance.

Haleji Lake

Haleji Lake is located in Thatta district of Pakistan where thousands of migratory birds come from different parts of world. These birds include European Wigeon, Black Coot and Dalmatian Pelican. The presence of these birds makes it a bird watcher’s paradise as you can see more than 223 species of birds here. Haleji is a saltwater lake which was formed by seasonal water and today this lake has become a major source of water supply to Karachi.

Lulusar Lake

Lulusar Lake is located near Naran Valley. The “sar” from the name of lake comes from the Pushto language which means “top” or “peak”. Actually Lulusar is the name of the mountains which are located around this lake that’s why it is the lake of Lulusar. This lake is bigger as compared to all other lakes in the valley. A thousand of visitors, both local and international come here especially in summer to see the reflection of mountains in sparkling water of lake. To reach this beautiful lake, you can hire a jeep from Naran to reach this beautiful lake in five hours. I will suggest you to leave Naran in morning so that you can come back before sunset.

Mohodand Lake

Mohodand Lake boasts of being the most beautiful lake around Swat and Kalam. Located close to Lake Saifullah and Naseerullah, this lake is accessible through a jeep. This is also a good place for fishing and watching beautiful scenes.

These were some of the most popular lakes of Pakistan. Some other lakes are:

  • Payee Lake (Kaghan Valley)
  • Dudipatsar Lake (Kaghan Valley)
  • Satpara Lake (Skardu Valley)
  • Hanna Lake (Quetta City)
  • Shonter Lake (Neelum Valley)
  • Rawal Lake (Islamabad)
  • Rama Lake (Gilgit)

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