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Three Major Attractions of Lampang

Lampang is a beautiful city of Thailand which is also known as Nakhon Lampang. This city is famous as a transportation center but a few of you will know that it is also a wonderful place to visit. Yes it is. Lampang is a good place to travel in Northern Thailand. A visit to Lampang will definitely make your holidays in Thailand quite fascinating and wonderful. Here are some of its most important attractions.

Thai Elephant Conservation Center

In Thai Elephant Conservation Center, elephants are kept properly with great care and are provided with training. The elephants are trained to make them able to perform various activities to amuse visitors. Here elephants are not only trained for performing feats but also rides are offered for tourists. It is a great fun to see elephants in rainy season as they cover themselves with mud and become very happy when rain drops fall. Thai Elephant Conservation Center also does a great job of protecting baby animals from slaughter. These baby elephants are the main attractions of this place as they amuse tourists by accepting fruits and food from them. Here you can also view demonstration of logging techniques by elephants.

Ban Sao Nak

You can better call this place as house of many pillars which was built in 1895. This house is featured with designs in combination of northern Thai and Burmese architecture. The general structure of this place especially roofs show the traditional Lanna Thai d├ęcor but the main feature of this house is 116 pillars. You will also find a huge 133 years old tree in front of house which enhances its beauty rendering it a discrete ambience. Another attraction in this house is antiques collection which is shown here along with a souvenir shop which sells handicraft products. At Ban Sao Nak, special arrangements are made for a traditional Kantoke dinner. Wedding ceremonies are also held here where even dresses are arranged fro weddings.

Wat Phra Tat Chom Ping

Wat Phra Tat Chom Ping is a temple which shows shades of pagoda on the floor of its convocation hall. This temple features unique architecture as well as ancient grandeur of early century. This temple draws a large number of visitors to Lampang every year. This beautiful temple is a great attraction as its entrance arches, Pratu Khong, are decorated with beautiful designs. At the back, you will also see a Chedi made in Lanna architectural technique. It also contains a Holy Relic. Another Vihan is also at the back having stunning murals on wooden walls.

These were three main features and attractions of the city of Lampang. Visit this exciting city to have a wonderful time.

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