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Must-Visit Attractions in Brasilia

Brasilia is a city of Brazil which has a large number of tourist attractions. Tourist attractions in Brasilia are so popular that the Brazil manages to earn a lot of revenue from travel and tourism in Brasilia. Some of the main attractions in Brasilia which you must visit are as follows.

City Park

One of the most important attractions in the city of Brasilia is City Park. This park consists of a big green area and is a little bit bigger than New York City’s Central Park. Various sporting events are held in City Park of Brasilia. Most popular sports being played here are cycling, skating and kart racing. The park consists of a swimming pool where artificial waves are produced. This park is also popular among people who love jogging as jogging tracks have also been made here. Barbeque and picnic activities are also held in this park along with camping. Local authorities also conduct exhibitions, meetings and fairs in this park for which a separate area has been made.

Three Powers Square

Three Powers Square is a landmark of Brasilia. Tourists know it as Three Powers Square but among locals it is known as Praca dos Tres Poderes. This place is actually enclosed by three important premises of judiciary, legislature and executive. The Historical Museum of Brasilia is also located around Three Powers Square. Pantheon of Freedom is another landmark which is situated near this square. This landmark is actually made in honor of President Tancredo Neves.

Paranoa Lake

 This is a man-made lake which is located on eastern side of Brasilia. This lake was created when Paranoa River was ruined. Shoreline of this lake stretches for 80 km and is lined with a number of attractions which include restaurants, the Olympic Center and Palace of the Dawn. Here in this lake, different kinds of sports activities are also possible including wakeboarding and windsurfing.

Catedral Metropolitana

It is another major attraction of the city of Brasilia. This building is featured with rich architecture. It has a glass roof facing the sky so it gives an effect as it is touching the sky. This attraction has religious importance as well as its 16 columns are believed to be the crown thorns of Lord Jesus. Inside this cathedral, you will also find four sculptures made of bronze and have a height of three meters. Sculptures of three angels are also there in cathedral and they are suspended with steel cables so it seems as if they are floating.

Parque Nacional de Brasilia

This park is located on northern outskirts of Brasilia. It was created in 1961. Covering an area of 74100 acres, this park is home to a variety of Brazilian flora and fauna. Some attractions in this park include swimming pools, pathways along shoreline of Santa Maria Lake and coconut and palm trees. Animals which you will find in this park include:

  • Giant Armadillos
  • Wild Pigs
  • Pampas Deer
  • Anacondas
  • The Great Anteater
  • Jaguars
  • Capybaras
  • Wolf

This place is also popularly known for bird watching as rare species of birds live in this park. These species include crested seriema and toco toucan.

These are five major and most popular attractions in the city of Brasilia. You must visit these places during your visit to Brasilia.

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