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Tourists’ Favorite Attractions in Auckland

The fantastic city of Auckland has countless number of tourists’ attractions. If you are planning a tour to Auckland, then this post is going to be very useful and informative for you as I am going to give some of the most popular attractions of this beautiful city. These attractions include:

The Auckland Zoo

Being one of the most favorite tourists’ attractions in Auckland, it is such a place which you will enjoy to visit even if kids are not along with you. A day spent with friendly animals in the zoo will give you a wonderful and memorable experience. Opened in 1922, Auckland Zoo is currently having 117 species. Zoo has been divided into different groups some of which include:

ASB Elephant Clearing: This section of zoo is for elephants. Among these elephants, there is a single female Asian Elephant.

BNZ Kiwi and Tuatara House: It is a nocturnal house that is featured with kiwis, tuataras, owl species and morepork.

Hippo River: This area of zoo imitates African wetland environment and features hippopotamus, cheetahs, flamingos, Chacma baboons and Hamadryas baboons.

Auckland Sky Tower

Sky tower is a tall building having a height of 328 meters that makes it the highest building in the Southern Hemisphere. There are a lot of attractions to see in this tower such as revolving restaurant that is located 190 meters from ground and it turns 360 degrees once in an hour. Besides this restaurant, upper portion of tower also contains another restaurant and cafes. The tower has three observation decks at different heights that provide a chance to see the views of city. Another interesting attraction of this tower is the “sky jump” that is a 192 meters jump from observation deck.

Viaduct Harbor

Being a trendy area of Auckland, this harbor is located next to the city center. Here the main tourists’ attractions include street cafes, bars, and restaurants providing you with magnificent views of waterfront. Here you will also see stunning yachts in the harbor. Surely it will be a great pleasure visiting this harbor.

Cruises in Auckland

Here in Auckland, you can also enjoy a number of cruises around north-eastern coastline of city. These cruises provide you a chance to see beautiful skyline and landscape. Different types of cruises has been arranged for attracting tourists like lunchtime cruises, guided tour cruises, evening cruises, dinner cruises and dancing cruises as well. These cruises provide a chance to see marine life. Moreover these cruises travel around Gulf Harbor, Ramuera area, Goat Island marine reserve and other islands.

Balloon Flights

The most memorable way to view this wonderful city is through balloon flights. These balloon flights depart in the morning from Albany area provided that weather is sunny and good enough for balloon flights.

These were some of the most favorite attractions in Auckland but there are a huge number of other attractions as well like Bastion Point, Mission Bay, Western Springs and several theatres.

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