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Striking Attractions in Pokhara

Pokhara is a captivating Himalayan valley that is about 200 kilometers away from the famous city Kathmandu.  Having a population of 146,000 this is the third largest town in Nepal. Pokhara is a favorite travel destination of tourists because of its rich culture and a number of mesmerizing attractions. If you have never visited this town then make a plan to visit Pokhara in these holidays and enjoy seeing these wonderful attractions described below.

International Mountain Museum

If you are an adventurer or a mountaineer then International Mountain Museum is the best place you can ever visit. This is not a historical museum as it has been opened recently in commemoration of 50th anniversary of first ascent to Mount Everest by Hillary and Norgay. It has been established with the kind support of many mountaineering clubs and association as well as individual donors from all over the world. The theme of this museum is to cover all information and exhibits relevant to mountain activities. Museum has been divided into different galleries like:

  • Mountain People Gallery: This gallery shows the traditions, culture, heritage and life style of mountain people.
  • Mountain Gallery: This gallery represents geological facts on world mountain system as well as this gallery displays and explains the subjects including glaciology and flora and fauna.
  • Associates’ Gallery: Here presentations are held about the activities carried out by different NGO’s around mountain areas.
  • Mountain Activities Gallery: This gallery comprises the historical ascents, explorations and trekking. This gallery is also interesting because it displays development of climbing gears and other equipment required for mountain climbing.

Mahendra Cave

It takes two hours to reach Mahendra cave from Pokhara. It is actually a limestone cave that is home to thousands of bats therefore it is also known as “House of Bats”. This cave is favorite attraction of tourists as it is full of stalactite and stalagmite formations. Visitors are overwhelmed with a great feeling when they see these formations along with a number of terrific looking bats. It is not only a natural attraction but also a religious site because its walls have images of Hindu gods and goddesses and people believe that these images have been appeared naturally. For tourists’ convenience, the cave has been fitted with a lighting system. Mahendra Cave is also popular for its stones which shine when a beam of light hits them.

Barahi Temple

Barahi Temple is an important monument of Pokhara as well as it is a popular tourist attraction. It has been built in the center of Pehwa Lake and is designed in traditional pagoda style. The design of this temple has been inspired from Bhutanese style of architecture. This two-storied temple has been dedicated to female goddess Ajima.

Pokhara Museum

Pokhara Museum exhibits photographs, clothes, maps, musical instruments and jewelry to show the life style, customs and tradition of the people belonging to this region. Especially the life styles of Gurung, Thakli and Tharu ethnic groups are shown here with the help of artifacts, models and images.

Phewa Lake

The center of all attractions in Pokhara is the famous Phewa Lake which is the second largest lake in Nepal. It provides the visitors with the best visual treat when light of sun falls on its waters. Along with the natural attractions, some attractions of modern life are also there on the side of Phewa Lake like pubs and restaurants. Other activities which you can enjoy on Phewa Lake are sailing, fishing, swimming, angling and birds watching. Bird watching at Phewa Lake is the most popular activity as you can have a chance to see numerous species of birds for which this lake is a habitat. In the center of this lake, there stands the Varahi temple which is dedicated to Varaha.

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