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Five Major Attractions in Colombo

Colombo is the capital city of Sri Lanka and is full of numerous interesting attractions. This beautiful city manages to attract a huge number of visitors to Sri Lanka contributing a lot to its tourism industry. Five of its major and most appealing attractions are as follows:

Colombo Zoo

If you want to see the best zoological gardens in whole South Asia, you must visit this zoo. Also known as Dehiwala Zoo, this zoo was established in 19th century. It displays more than 350 species of animals with objectives of conserving and breeding animals. It is mostly visited by families because people bring their kids to educate their young minds as the zoo also houses an education center. The most attractive feature of Colombo Zoo is Elephant enclosure which has six Asian and one African elephant. Reptile House is also a popular attraction of this zoo where you can see python and cobras along with tortoises and crocodiles. Colombo Zoo is the favorite place for those who like to see marine life. The zoo houses Mini Medura featuring 500 species of fishes. You must also visit Nocturnal House in this zoo which displays species like bats, owls and lemurs. An elephant circus show is also held every week for kids’ amusement.

Ruhuna National Park

Ruhuna National Park is the best place to see flora and fauna. This national park has been divided into two parts named Yala West and Yala East. Yala West is most popular for being best location to see leopards as this particular location houses 35 leopards. Other animals which you will see here are elephants, bears, crocodiles, wild boars, buffaloes and peacocks. You can also view different varieties of birds in this park. The best time to visit this park is from January to May because during these months, park fills with greenery which attracts migratory birds.

The Colombo National Museum

The Colombo National Museum is one of the most noted landmarks of Colombo which is commonly known as Sri Lanka National Museum. This museum is the most famous and largest in whole country and provides a detailed insight into rich culture and heritage of this country. Built in 1887, Colombo National Museum has an impressive white building displaying its unique architectural work. At the entrance of museum, you will find a limestone statue of Buddha and you will also find two historical carvings near the museum’s staircase.

Wolvendaal Church

One of the ancient churches in city, Wolvendaal Church is a religious place that is located in peaceful surroundings. This church is set at hill top site in Wolvendaal and its interesting features include its Doric architecture. The structure is also featured with a high roof that looks like a dome. Walls of church are quite strong and made of lime plaster and coral. Interior of church is also very fascinating as inside this church you can see ornate flower tables and the place of Governor’s family seating.

The Dutch Period Museum

The Dutch Period Museum is former residence of Dutch governor and now it is converted into a military museum. Beautiful Dutch style architecture has been blended with Lankan décor to build and decorate this museum. This museum displays different aspects of Dutch lifestyle and thus collection in the museum includes those maps, household items, furniture and charts which show period of Dutch colonialism. Coins, artifacts and arms showing contemporary life of colonizers are also displayed in museum.

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