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Top Four Attractions in Montreal

Montreal is the second largest city of Canada and is blessed with a number of wonderful attractions. There are amusement parks, sports stadiums and other attractions for people of all ages. Here I would like to give description of some of its beautiful places that will definitely stimulate to pay a visit to this wonderful city of Canada.


Situated in the former Velodrome cycling stadium, Montreal Biodome houses four separate ecosystems. It also boasts of having more than 4000 animals and 5000 specimens of plants. Because of these features, Biodome has become the most popular attraction in Montreal. Other highlights of this attraction include polar area, ocean habitat and rainforest region.

La Ronde

La Ronde is an amusement park that is located nearby Montreal Island area. It was originally constructed for the 1967 Expo. Now this park is featured with more than 30 exciting rides along with Ferris Wheel and fast roller coasters which provide an opportunity to see the views of Montreal. Its top most attraction is the SAQ Mondial Fireworks event that takes place each year in summer. La Ronde is a part of Six Flags theme park and offers facilities of restaurants and cafes.

Dow Planetarium (Planetarium de Montreal)

A visit to this planetarium offers great enjoyment to both kids and adults as this planetarium is featured with shows about space, stars, solar system, which lasts for an hour. One interesting thing about these shows is that the two languages are used during these shows that are English and French. Planetarium also has a theatre that is situated in planetarium’s large dome having a height of 20 meters.


Insectarium is located alongside the Botanical Gardens and is an exciting place to visit. It has wide range of creeping animals like tarantula spiders, locusts, ants, worms and scorpions. Another attraction in Insectarium that is popularly visited by tourists and locals is beautiful Butterfly House having many local species of butterflies.

These were tourists’ favorite four attractions in Montreal. I will also recommend you to visit these places first whenever you visit Montreal.

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