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This Time, Visit Amsterdam

If you are an amateur traveler and love to travel to beautiful places of the world, then this time, visit Amsterdam as it has a large number of attractions for all. Actually Amsterdam is a compact city so most of the attractions are found at walking distance. It is also said that Netherlands is the safest country in Europe for walking. Some of my favorite places in Amsterdam are:

The Diamond Industry

Amsterdam is truly called a city of jewels because here diamond industry has flourished and prospered for almost 400 years and now there are many diamond-cutting centers that have been established in the city. Diamond-cutters of Amsterdam boast of their craftsmanship and the excellence of high-quality work. If you love diamonds, then Amsterdam is the perfect place for you as here you will find diamond polishers who give free demonstrations of diamond-cutting and also offers sets for sale.

Amsterdam Red Light District

This part of city, which is commonly known as De Walletjes, is located on the eastern side of Dam Square. This place is famous in entire Europe for provokingly dressed prostitutes which are displayed under the neon lights. In this area, you will also find clubs and coffee shops selling marijuana.

Artis Zoo

Being one of the city’s most popular attractions, this zoo dates back to 1838. This zoo houses more than 6000 animals living in outdoor enclosures in order to provide them with an atmosphere that is quite similar to their natural living conditions. This zoo also has an aquarium having world’s largest collection of sea animals. Nocturnal house in this aquarium provides you an opportunity to have a look at activities of these animals during hours of darkness. Whenever you visit this zoo, don’t forget to see the zoological and geological museums that are located in this zoo.

Hortus Botanicus (Botanical Gardens)

This is botanical garden in Amsterdam dating from 1682. This garden boasts of displaying 6000 plants species that have been derived from all parts of the world. This garden also provides a chance to see a green and peaceful oasis which gives a pleasant feeling to the visitors. The best time to visit this botanical garden is spring season when thousands of tulips give this garden a majestic look.

Dam Square

Dam Square is an open space having many important buildings in its surroundings like Royal Palace, War Memorial and the Nieuwe Kerk. This square is the heart of Amsterdam city and more interestingly, Amsterdam originates its name from this square- Dam on the Amstel. This is a busy square of the city as different ceremonies take place here like royal family ceremonies, Remembrance Day celebrations and political demonstrations.

These were some of most attractive places in Amsterdam that are must-see and worth-visiting so this year if you are planning a tour, choose Amsterdam.

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Exploring Yokohama’s Attractions

People have a general perception that Tokyo is far more attractive and beautiful as compared to Yokohama but it is not true at all. If you have visited Yokohama, you will be aware of the fact that a visit to Yokohama is capable of capturing your heart with its superb attractions. There are a number of places in this city that provide a chance to explore this city. If you also want to explore Yokohama’s attractions then read this post as I am going to describe some of its most beautiful and popular attractions.

Sea Paradise

Sea Paradise aquarium in Yokohama is featured with all fishy attractions as well as penguins and polar bears. If you want to have a closer view of stringrays and beautiful fish, you can do so by passing through an underwater tunnel. Here you can also enjoy marine performances like that of dolphins and seals. The seaside amusement park, with this aquarium, is also a worth-watching place and has attractions like roller coasters and much more.

Harbor View Hill Park

This park is located at atop of hill and is featured with a raised platform from where you can see a stunning view of harbor and Yokohama Bay. If you will visit this park during daytime, you will find an opportunity to watch ships passing in and out of the harbor. Another opportunity which you can avail here is to spend and enjoy your time by walking through rose garden which is park’s most popular attraction. I really like this place because after sunset, this park turns into a beautiful romantic place. If you have recently got married, you should definitely visit this park. You will enjoy one of the best nighttime views of blue-lit Bay Bridge with your loved one.

Yokohama Cosmo World

Yokohama Cosmo World is another amusement park which has canal running through middle. Here you will not only find a lot of attractions but also you will enjoy some of the contemporary and exciting rides. Major attractions in this amusement park include a simulation theater and a roller coaster. You will really enjoy your visit to Yokohama Cosmo World. No…… Cosmo World’s attractions are not limited to a roller coaster only as you will also find a Ferris wheel here which boasts of being the largest in the world so visit this amusement park and have a wonderful time.

Nogeyama Zoo

This zoo is the most loved attraction of Yokohama because it is free. Yes….absolutely free. This free zoo was opened in April 1951 covering an area of 24 acres. It is a public park having about 1400 animals which also include some exotic animals. Animals which are kept here include giraffes, zebras, red pandas, camels, lion, tigers, owls, love birds, reptiles, ducks, penguins etc. In short, you will find almost all kinds and species of animals here in this zoo. Another zoo named Makigahara Children’s Zoo is located within Nogeyama Zoo that was opened in 1979. It contains small animals like pigs, mice, chickens, snakes and pigeons.

Sky Walk

Some other exciting and thrilling activities in Yokohama can be found on a pedestrian walkway named Sky Walk. Along the Sky Walk, you will find telescopes to view some of the popular and major attractions of this city including Minato Mirai, Yamashita Park, port of Yokohama, old Marine Tower etc. If you ever have a chance to go to Yokohama, must visit this attraction as it will make your trip memorable.

This was brief description of some of the major attractions of Yokohama. I hope that each word of this post will increase your urge to visit this wonderful city.

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Top Four Attractions in Montreal

Montreal is the second largest city of Canada and is blessed with a number of wonderful attractions. There are amusement parks, sports stadiums and other attractions for people of all ages. Here I would like to give description of some of its beautiful places that will definitely stimulate to pay a visit to this wonderful city of Canada.


Situated in the former Velodrome cycling stadium, Montreal Biodome houses four separate ecosystems. It also boasts of having more than 4000 animals and 5000 specimens of plants. Because of these features, Biodome has become the most popular attraction in Montreal. Other highlights of this attraction include polar area, ocean habitat and rainforest region.

La Ronde

La Ronde is an amusement park that is located nearby Montreal Island area. It was originally constructed for the 1967 Expo. Now this park is featured with more than 30 exciting rides along with Ferris Wheel and fast roller coasters which provide an opportunity to see the views of Montreal. Its top most attraction is the SAQ Mondial Fireworks event that takes place each year in summer. La Ronde is a part of Six Flags theme park and offers facilities of restaurants and cafes.

Dow Planetarium (Planetarium de Montreal)

A visit to this planetarium offers great enjoyment to both kids and adults as this planetarium is featured with shows about space, stars, solar system, which lasts for an hour. One interesting thing about these shows is that the two languages are used during these shows that are English and French. Planetarium also has a theatre that is situated in planetarium’s large dome having a height of 20 meters.


Insectarium is located alongside the Botanical Gardens and is an exciting place to visit. It has wide range of creeping animals like tarantula spiders, locusts, ants, worms and scorpions. Another attraction in Insectarium that is popularly visited by tourists and locals is beautiful Butterfly House having many local species of butterflies.

These were tourists’ favorite four attractions in Montreal. I will also recommend you to visit these places first whenever you visit Montreal.

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Marvelous Attractions in Zurich

Zurich is the largest and most important city of Switzerland providing a lavish life style to its citizens. It is a global city having both traditional and modern tourists’ attractions. Although there are a large number of tourists places in this city but I want to explain some of the best and worth-seeing attractions which you should never miss when visiting Zurich. I also had a visit to Zurich and the places I like the most are:

Zoologischer Garten

Zoological gardens of Zurich are popular all over the world because of their striking and spectacular aquarium and zoo. The zoo was established in 1929 and it is considered as one of the best family attractions since then. A large number of animals have been kept here which also include some of most rare and endangered species. Most favorite attractions of this zoo include big cats like clouded leopards, Indian lions and snow leopards. This zoo also boasts of an open-air aviary having a wide range of exotic birds. Other attractions in zoo are its different zones made there including the Exotarium, Africa House, Elephant House, Masoala Rainforest and lion enclosure. One more attraction of zoo is the cute-looking penguins which overwhelm people with their beautiful parade.

Urania Observatory

This is one of the oldest observatories in Switzerland which is more than 100 years old but still it is in admirable working order. Most liked attraction in this observatory is a huge telescope weighing 20 tons that helps to study planets of solar system and also provides a way to observe stars at night. For your information, I would like to tell you that observatory remains closed on cloudy days. Apart from observing distant planets and stars, you can also enjoy marvelous views of Alps and the lake.

Boat Tours

Taking a boat tour around Lake Zurich is the best way to see beautiful mountains that surround this city. Boats are very comfortable and provide you facilities of dining and relaxing while watching beautiful scenery.  These tours normally last for four hours but sometimes boats are stopped letting the visitors to visit some of the towns that are located in closeness to this lake. Boat tours are the most enjoyable activity in Zurich as they provide you a chance to watch beautiful shoreline and mountain ranges.

City Beach Resorts (Strandbad Mythenquai)

Strandbad Mythenquai resort is located alongside Lake Zurich and consists of long sandy beach which becomes a popular attraction in summer months. Strandbad Mythenquai also has a waterfront restaurant along with kids’ playgrounds and beautiful backgrounds of Alps. It is a wonderful experience to visit this resort.

These were some of the attractions which I really liked and I would also like that you people must also visit these places whenever you go to Switzerland.

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