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Exploring Milan

Do you want to explore a city which is rich in fashion, style and history? Yes!!!! Let’s explore Milan today. Milan is a city of Italy having a number of gorgeous and attractive tourists’ attractions. You should give you a treat with a guided tour of Milan so you can see wonderful places and attractions of this beautiful city. Some of its most famous attractions include:

Teatro alla Scala

Built in 1776, it is an opera house which is located on the central site of Santa Maria della Scala which is an old church. Here the best tourists’ attractions include Museo del Teatro that was founded in 1913 and houses a collection of work of art, ceramic objects and sculptures.  Here you will also find La Scala’s Ballet School which was established in 1813 and it has produced many famous and talented students.

Meazza (San Siro) Stadium

This stadium has been named after a famous football player who played for Milan and Inter city teams as well. This stadium was built in 1926. It was renovated and rebuilt and now it boasts of having a capacity of around 85000. It is number one stadium of Italy and it is famous for a large sculpture of horse that was created in 1999 and it is placed between Meazza Stadium and San Siro racetrack. It was designed by renowned artist Leonardo da Vinci.

Palazzo Litta

It was built in 1648 by Francesco Maria Richhini. Its interior was updated 100 years after its construction. This palace is quite beautiful and it is regarded as the most beautiful and elegant architecture of 18th century. Here attractions include many striking and spectacular rooms, a majestic stairway that has been decorated with marble, 17th century courtyard and a room that still has an 18th– century wallpaper. This palace has housed State Railway offices since 1905.

Cimitero Monumentale

The Cimitero Monumentale consists of tombs and shrines that were created by famous and renowned sculptors. It covers an area of more than 250000 square meters and created in 1866. Highlights of this attraction include House of Fame which is a beautiful building whose architecture resembles the pantheon, where many people were buried and entombed over a number of years. This beautiful attraction is located in north-east Milan and if you have a plan to visit this place, you can get a free map of this attraction at the entrance.

Other Major Attractions

  • Palazzo della Ragione
  • Palazzo Real
  • Palazzo Marino
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
  • Palazzo Borromeo
  • Fiera di Milano (Trade Fair)
  • Palazzo Sormani Andreani

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