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What to do in Wellington?

Wellington is a beautiful place and capital city of New Zealand having a lot of tourists’ attractions including walking and tramping trails as well as guided bus tours. My friend planned to visit this beautiful city but before going he had a question in mind that was what to do in wellington. To answer this question I made some research and found some exciting attractions to see. These attractions were:

Kelburn Cable Car

The most popular tourists’ attraction in Wellington is the Kelburn Cable Car. This funicular railway climbs to the main Kelburn Terminal and provides an opportunity to see some beautiful and spectacular scenes of this city as well as views of Wellington Harbor. Kelburn Cable Car connects Wellington Lambton Quay with Kelburn district. The cable car journey lasts for 6 minutes and it runs after every ten minutes all through the day.

Cruises in Wellington

To provide the tourists with an opportunity of seeing extraordinary views of Wellington skyline, a number of popular cruises are operated around the city’s coastline. Some other cruises include day trips and long excursion tours to nearby islands such as New Zealand’s South Island and Somes Island which has a number of historic attractions to see. Cruises around this city provide you a chance to observe native wildlife. Different types of cruises are operated around Wellington including lunch time cruises (with widespread buffets) and guided tour cruises are also provided with informative commentary. Moreover evening Wellington cruises are also operated with music and gourmet dinner.

State Opera House

Wellington State Opera House dates back to early 1900s and is situated in center of the city. It was considered as one of the most remarkable buildings in the city at that time. Now it is home to theatrical performances like plays, comedy events, ballets, concerts and operas. This opera house has three levels:

  • Stall
  • Circle
  • Grand Circle

Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria is a perfect place for celebrating scenic picnic as it provides most beautiful natural and panoramic views of cities and harbor. Here you can also enjoy the scenes by walking or driving on trails to see the picturesque of this beautiful place.

Bus and Coach Tours

Wellington’s bus and coach tours provide the best opportunity to see the city and its most beautiful sights and other popular attractions. Wellington bus tours are featured with yellow double-decker buses with open tops and informative commentary from guides. These buses depart from a number of main locations including Civic Square, the harbor area, Courtenay Place and Parliament buildings.

Wellington Zoo

It is country’s oldest zoo and the only zoological garden in Wellington. It was first founded in 1906 and is given a nickname “the best little zoo in the world”. It is considered as one of the leading zoos where endangered animals are bred including Sun Bear and Sumatran tiger cubs. There are also several other animals in this zoo. It is a worth-watching attraction indeed.

Other Attractions

  • Helicopter Tours
  • Guided Walking Tours
  • Champagne Balloon Flights
  • Ascot Street
  • Carter Observatory
  • Mount Kaukau
  • Porirua Harbor

If you ever have a chance to visit wellington, I would recommend you to visit these places for having a visual treat.

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Tourists’ Favorite Places in Dublin

Dublin is capital and the largest city of Ireland which is located near the midpoint of east coast of Ireland. It is the cultural hub representing Irish traditions. There are lots of attractions in this historical city of Ireland for tourists and families as well but some of them are so beautiful that they have become favorite places of tourists. Thousands of tourists pay a visit to this attractive city every year. Some of the most popular and favorite places of tourists include:

Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo is spread over an area of 60 acres and consists of beautiful gardens and animals enclosures. There are more than 235 animals in this zoo including giraffes, chimps, hippos and tigers. A petting zoo is also a part of Dublin zoo where tamed animals are kept. These animals include goats, pigs, donkeys and sheep. These animals are free to roam about providing visitors a chance to interact with these animals. But you can’t do the same while watching crocodiles in Reptile House.

National Museum of Ireland

National Museum of Ireland provides a chance to the visitors to see the ancient and historical aspect of Ireland. Here you will find the items related to Ireland’s decorative arts, archeology and natural history. Items displayed in this museum include jewelry of 8th century BC and medieval antiques like Ardagh Chalice and Tara Brooch. In short a visit to this museum will show you entire history of Ireland.

St Stephens Green

St Stephen Green is a public park that is located at the top of Grafton Street. It is a beautiful park that provides a chance to get relaxed after spending a busy day. Here in this park you will find radiantly kept gardens and plants. The garden is also featured with a lake that is a home to beautiful ducks and other different birds. Apart from the beautiful gardens, there are also some statues and memorials paying homage to personalities like Robert Emmet and James Joyce.

Sea Safari

Sea Safari is a fun filled activity providing the tourists a chance to see beautiful and attractive sights. The boat journey also provides to have a look on Dalkey Island, Lambay Island and Kiliney Bay. Here you will also get a chance to see some sea life including seals, puffins, dolphins and many more. It’s a perfect excursion tour for those people who love natural scenes and beauty.

Guinness Brewery

Covering 64 acres of land, Guinness Brewery was founded in 1759. It boasts of being world’s largest beer exporting company. You can’t pay a visit to the brewery but you can watch and visit Guinness Hop Store. Its top story has been transformed into a bar from where you can view magnificent scenes while sipping your favorite beer.

These were some of the places in Dublin that are most liked by the tourists. If you ever get a chance to travel to Dublin, don’t miss these places to visit.

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Popular Places to See in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is located in the richest province of South Africa named Gauteng. Being the largest and main city of South Africa, it has a lot of attractive places to see which are capable of making the tourists spell-bound with their mesmerizing beauty. Some of the major places to see in Johannesburg are:

Lion Park

The Lion Park named en route to Lesedi is a place having more than 80 lions in it including their cubs and very rare white lions. These lions are kept in spacious places in drive-through enclosures. They are habitual of watching vehicles moving around them so they don’t generally react to it but for your safety and protection, it is advised to keep the windows of your vehicle half-closed. Other animals which you can find here include cheetahs, hyenas and antelope. You can also enjoy an experience of feeding giraffes with your hands by climbing a tower. Close encounters with cubs are also offered there.

Johannesburg Planetarium

Built in 1960, Johannesburg Planetarium is among one of the places of Johannesburg that attract thousands of visitors every year. It is also a popular school outing place especially for those kids who are interested in knowing about what is out there? Inside this planetarium, there is a projector in the middle of domed theatre. This projector shows strikingly beautiful display of night skies. Kids from all over Johannesburg come here to the skies recreated by special projector. Here in this planetarium, younger kids are taught about star signs whereas older kids get a chance to learn something about movement of moon.

Gold Reef City

Johannesburg’s population consists of both black and white. Have you ever thought why it is so? The reason is gold that had discovered in this city and millions of people get attracted towards it with a hope to change their fate. A few of old gold mines can still be seen in Johannesburg but I will recommend you to pay a visit to Gold Reef City Theme Park. In this park, you will be able to see old mining offices which are now turned into museums. Don’t forget to take a trip into real gold mine and enjoying the experience of mine dances.

Sandton City Mall and Nelson Mandela Square

Sandton City Mall is a huge double-storey shopping mall having chain stores, African art galleries and cinemas. This place is best for those tourists who are fond of shopping.

The sumptuous Nelson Mandela Square also has shops of international brands and restaurants which are located around a beautiful piazza-style square.  This square is now a home to a terrifying statue of Nelson Mandela. The shoes of this statue are too big that kids can sit on them.

Apartheid Museum

This museum provides an excellent insight to the past and present of South Africa. Inauguration of this museum was done by Nelson Mandela in April 2002 and then it became one of the most popular tourists’ attractions. This museum has been divided into spaces following the birth of Apartheid to the present day. This building has an innovative design showing cold subject of Apartheid so it has been made using concrete, steel bars, raw bricks and hurtful wire.

These were some most popular places to visit in Johannesburg. I hope that after reading this article, you will definitely be urged to pay a visit to this beautiful city.

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Some Landmarks of Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the countries in Sub-continent having rich culture and traditions. It has some of most magnificent historical buildings representing the grandeur of Muslim rulers and kings. People from all over the world visit Pakistan to see these beautiful buildings that are a cultural asset of Pakistan. Some of its historical places are described below which serve as a landmark of this country.

Badshahi Mosque

This mosque is situated in Lahore; the cultural and traditional hub of Pakistan. It was built by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. It is one of the major tourists’ attractions and is truly featured with the splendor of Mughal era. It is a master piece of architectural design having gigantic and spacious prayer hall. The floor of the hall is adorned with Sang-e-Alvi. The inner side of this hall is worth-watching that is decorated with mural work and fine marble. Other architectural features include spacious courtyard, four high minars, majestic entrance gate and dalans.

Faisal Mosque

It is the largest mosque in Pakistan which has become a landmark due to its size and unique architectural design. It is so vast that 300000 worshippers can pray there. Its construction was funded by Saudi Arabian government and it is named after the late king Shah Faisal. It has a large triangular prayer hall and four minars. These minars are very slim and look like a pencil. The most attractive thing in Faisal Mosque is a large and splendid chandelier in the prayer hall. The walls of the hall are adorned with calligraphic art and mosaics which add to its beauty and making it a well-known icon of Islamabad; the capital city of Pakistan. In my opinion, this mosque should be visited as many times as possible because every time you will feel a great pleasure watching it.

Khyber Pass

The Khyber Pass is located in Peshawar, Pakistan. It is a mountain pass linking Pakistan and Afghanistan. It has been serving as a trade way between south and north Asia for centuries. It has been an important part of Silk Road. If you want to visit it then you will have to get full information about it because the road that leads to it is rough and barren. But it is a very good monument to see.

Pakistan Monument

This monument is also located in Islamabad. It has been designed in a way that represents four provinces and three territories of Pakistan. It is in a shape of blooming flower representing growth and development of the country. Murals (wall paintings) are used in the inner side of the petal for enhancing their beauty and decoration. In the center there is a platform that has been made in the shape of a star having five corners. The star is surrounded by a crescent on which sayings of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal have been engraved.

These were some of the historical monuments of Pakistan and thousands of people come here to see their glory and radiance.

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