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Karachi’s Foremost Attractions

Karachi is one of the major cities of Pakistan which is not only a traditional and cultural center but also a business hub. At the same time, it has a number of tourist’s attractions like waterfront, parks, museums, harbors and historical structures as well. For the past few years, tourism industry in Karachi has suffered a lot due to terrorism but still it is capable of attracting a number of people towards its wonderful tourist’s places. Some of its major attractions include:

Mohatta Palace Museum

This building was constructed between 1933 and 1935 and is named after its founder Shivratan, Chandratan, Mohatta. This palace was originally constructed to be used as a residence of Fatima Jinnah who was sister of Founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah but at present it is being used as a museum which displays relics and things of ceramic art which have been collected over centuries. This museum also houses a number of memorabilia of British reign in Pakistan and is featured with the letters written by famous personalities of pre-partition period along with their pictures. Portraits of some freedom fighters are also displayed here along with the car used by Mr. Jinnah.


Mazar-e-Quaid is another popular and most visited tourists’ attractions of Karachi which is actually tomb of founding father of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah. It is located in the center of city and attracts tourists due to its wonderful and unique construction. It has been built with pure white marble and is featured with curved arches of Moorish origin. Within the tomb, there is a four-layered chandelier that is made of crystal and was rewarded by Chinese people to give a royal and refined look. A park encircles the tomb building featured with powerful lights which make the structure prominent in night. Mazar-e-Quaid also houses graves of Fatima Jinnah and first prime minister of Pakistan-Liaquat Ali Khan.

National Museum of Pakistan

National Museum of Pakistan was founded on April 17, 1950 and main motto of the museum was to study and preserve art and cultural heritage of this nation. The museum consists of 11 galleries and the most popular among these is Quran Gallery. Museum also possesses more than 300 transcripts of Quran among which 52 are holographs and are displayed in Quran Gallery. Here in this museum, tourists can also see sculptural work related to Gandhara Civilization, Indus Civilization and Islamic art old coins etc. In Ethnological Gallery, there are statues of cultural groups which are absolutely worth-seeing. Moreover, more than 58000 coins and 70000 books have been preserved in this museum.

Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach is a pleasant site to be visited as it features an amusement park, stalls, camel and horse riding facilities and several options for swimming. Small shops at the beach display handicrafts and gifts made of sea shells. Visitors especially come here at night to see the beautiful fountain that has been built on the sea. It has been made very beautifully by using white lights and it is considered to be the tallest fountain jetting out sea water. Amusement park in this area features a bowling alley and an aquarium and Oyster Island can also be viewed from Clifton Beach.


Being the main coastal town, Kemari is a small but busy harbor of Karachi that provides opportunity of fishing and sightseeing boats and launches. Some must visit attractions in Kemari include a light house and the fort. While sailing along the sea coast, one can travel towards east to see Mangroves, waterfowl and fishing villages and going till Indus National Delta Park provides a chance to see water flowing in large quantity.

Aladdin Park

It is the largest kids’ theme park in the whole province which includes Play Land Hill Park, Sindbad DHA Park Fun Land, Karachi Zoo Samzu Park and The Great Fiesta Cozy Water Park.  Aladdin Park has a shopping center and a play ground. PIA Airlines has also set up a planetarium in Karachi which provides to see images of whole sky with professional telescopes. The Great Fiesta provides exciting and thrilling water slides for young and adults alike. It also includes an Artificial Beach, Lazy River and Hurricane Wave Pool for enjoyment of people.

These were some of the major tourists’ places of Karachi. Visit them and enjoy your holidays at a wonderful place.

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