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Three Places you Must Visit in Sun City

Sun City is a city in South Africa which is internationally famous as a holiday destination. The reason is its multitude attractions and a number of enjoyable activities. Attractions in Sun City make it a heaven for tourists. Although there are a number of attractions in Sun City, there are three major and most popular attractions which you should not miss during your visit to Sun City. These attractions are as follows:

Super Bowl

Super Bowl is one of the best and most popular venues for concerts in South Africa. It boasts of hosting some of the renowned events and concerts in world. Super Bowl mesmerizes tourists with its entertainment options and leisure facilities. There are casinos, restaurants, Water park and sports attractions in Super Bowl making it one of the major attractions of Sun City. Super Bowl is featured with a large arena for sitting to manage a huge number of spectators. Stage at Super Bowl hosts all big concerts and parties ranging from music performances and rock concerts to singing concerts. Many renowned stars have performed in Super Bowl. These include Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams. Having a seating capacity for 6000 people, Super Bowl is considered as a favorite venue for beauty pageants as well.

Valley of Waves

Valley of Waves is a man made beach area which have a powerful wave machine. It is a water park which attracts a large number of tourists due to its exciting rides. Along with the water rides, Valley of Waves also offers white sandy beaches for enjoyment and recreation in form of beach games. Besides beach area, this attraction is also featured with winding river for those who want to enjoy tube ride and water slides. There are also some adventure activities for enthusiastic tourists. For example, there are sacred river ride and roaring lagoon. Temple of Courage is also a ride as riders are dropped 17 meters down into pool. The most thrilling ride in this place is Tarantula water ride in which riders go through channels of mountains at high speed. Other attractions of this water park include Hidden Cave Falls, The Kong Gates, Sway Bridge and Adventure Path. Apart from rides, this place also has an amphitheatre for holding cocktail parties.

Pilanesburg National Park

It is one of the most visited parks in South Africa and has an amazing variety of wild life. Spread over an area of 55000 hectares, this park was opened in 1979. Being an ideal place for jungle safari, this park has many animals including lions, cheetahs, buffaloes, hyenas, elephants, rhinos, zebras and giraffes. You will also find 300 species of birds here so it is also an interesting place for bird watchers. Some lodges and hotels are also located in this park for wonderful stay. There are also facilities of tents, picnic spots and hiking trails. You can also fly over the park in hot air balloon.

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