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Famous Travel Destinations in Vancouver

This beautiful city has been named after British Captain George Vancouver. Vancouver is not a well-known tourist’s attraction but people who visit this city find it an unforgettable city. Although it is not featured with contemporary attractions, it has some landmarks that are enough for drawing tourists’ attractions towards it. Some of the most popular travel destinations in Vancouver are:

Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium is the best place to see if you have interest to see marine life. This aquarium has more than 20000 animals including dolphins, whales and snakes. This aquarium also provides you with an opportunity to visit Canada’s largest Marine Science Center. Here you can also enjoy a program named “Animal Encounters” which provides you a chance to get personal with marine animals. Another attraction of this aquarium includes BC’s only 4D Theater where you can watch a film with a feel of ocean and its life. There is also a popular café in aquarium called “Upstream Café” which provides hot and cold meals along with a kids menu.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is the largest park in Canada having a breathtaking and awe-inspiring beauty. It covers an area of 1000 acres and has some of the best attractions to see including Hanging Gardens, Lagoon, Totem Poles and Prospect Point. You can also play different kinds of sports here in Stanley Park as it has swimming pools, tennis courts and golf courses. Other activities which you can enjoy here are cycling and walking. You will also find two beaches in this park.

Grouse Mountain

This mountain is located 15 minutes away from the Downtown Vancouver where you can do a lot of things. If you want to see the natural beauty of Vancouver, you should definitely visit this place. The best attraction here is the chairlifts that provide a breathtaking ride up to the mountain peak. Grouse Mountain provides different activities for summer and winter season.

In summer you can enjoy:

  • Lumberjack Show: It is an outdoor show featuring two logging camps.
  • Wildlife Refuge: You will find bears, wolves and other wild animals.
  • Eco-Walks: This path will take you along the shores of Blue Grouse Lake.

And in winter, you can enjoy the following:

  • Ice Skating: A chance to skate on the large ice skating pond of Grouse
  • Sleigh Rides: Exciting ride on a snow cat through a snow-white mountain top forest

Granville Island

Granville Island is one of the worth-seeing attractions of Vancouver. To tell you the truth, it is not an island but a peninsula of land that is located underneath Granville Street Bridge. Attractions of this place include:

  • Kids Only Market: Having a collection of kids’ toys and clothes. A great place for families!
  • Granville Island Public Market: You will find seafood, chocolates, baked foods, flowers and plants in this market.
  • Cycling: A walking tour of this island providing a chance to do cycling

These were some of the most popular travel destinations of Vancouver. Visit Vancouver this summer and have great fun with your family.

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