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Spiritual Tour to Mumbai

There are a number of sacred worship places in Mumbai that represent Hindu faith and massive amount of Hindu gods and goddesses. If you visit Mumbai, you will be surprised to see a large number of devotees busy worshipping in famous temples of Mumbai. Your visit to Mumbai will remain incomplete without paying visit to these temples and if you are especially going Mumbai for a spiritual tour, you will never be disappointed. While visiting these temples, you will not only worship deities but also you will be mesmerized after seeing great architectural work done in these temples.

Mahalaxmi Temple

This temple is one of the oldest temples in Mumbai and is situated on locale of Breach Candy. Here in this temple, you will find goddesses Mahalaxmi, Maha Saraswathi and Mahakali. But the distinguishing feature of this temple is the flock of grey pigeons which you will see in courtyard of this temple. Along with having statues of above mentioned deities, this temple also houses statues of other Hindu Goddesses. You will be quite surprised to see that statues of all goddesses are adorned with gold and diamond jewelry. Besides this, statues of three main goddesses are ornamented with nose rings, pearl necklaces and bangles. The statue of Mahalaxmi has been shown riding a tiger. Although this temple can be visited at any time of year, Navatari is the best time to visit this temple. On the festival of Navaratri, temple is decorated and crowded with devotees from all parts of India who offer flowers, sweets and coconuts to their sacred goddesses.

Mumba Devi Temple

Mumba Devi Temple is a highly respected temple in Mumbai and is built in honor of Goddess Mumbadevi. The city, Mumbai has also got its name after this goddess which characterizes Mother Earth. Mumbadevi was actually patron deity of Koli fishermen who were original inhabitants of Mumbai.  Mumba Devi temple was first built in 1737 but later it was demolished and rebuilt. The modern temple is quite attractive and spiritual as it has an idol of Mumbadevi which is dressed in a gown with silver crown. This idol is also adorned with a nose stud and golden necklace. A statue of Annupurna seated on peacock also stands to the left of Mumbadevi’s idol. Front of this temple also features a tiger which is considered as carrier of the goddess.

Babulnath Temple

Babulnath Temple is an ancient temple and Lord Shiva in form of Babul tree is the deity controlling this temple. This temple is located 1000 feet above sea level and located at end of Marine Drive and South of Malabar Hills. It was built in 1780 and since then, thousands of devotees come here to view blessings of Lord Shiva. A tall spire was also added to temple in 1900 to increase its magnificence and grandeur. Monday is the special day when temple is crowded with visitors. Months of August and September are also associated with Lord Shiva so visitors come to this temple in these months and offer milk on Shivling which is believed to be the head of Lord Shiva.

Shri SiddhiVinayak Temple

This temple is located in Prabhadevi and is featured with a small hall with shrine for Ganesha. It is a beautifully built temple having wooden doors to sanctum. Internal roof of this chamber is gold plated and has a statue of Ganesha with four arms. Tuesday is considered as most sacred day for visiting this temple and huge number of worshippers comes here to pray. Outside this temple, there is a narrow lane named Phool Gali from where you can buy flowers, garlands, coconuts and sweets.

Bhuleshwar Temple

This temple is also dedicated to Lord Shiva and was built 200 years ago. It has an amazing architecture. It has been built with black stone and has ornamental octagonal dome.


 This temple is also acknowledged as Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple which is located at Juhu. This temple has facilities for a spiritual stay so that people who feel burdened with materialism can have a pleasant stay here. The temple complex consists of restaurant, auditorium, a marble temple and a twin towered guest house where visitors can stay to take part in spiritual programs held every day.

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