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This Time, Visit Amsterdam

If you are an amateur traveler and love to travel to beautiful places of the world, then this time, visit Amsterdam as it has a large number of attractions for all. Actually Amsterdam is a compact city so most of the attractions are found at walking distance. It is also said that Netherlands is the safest country in Europe for walking. Some of my favorite places in Amsterdam are:

The Diamond Industry

Amsterdam is truly called a city of jewels because here diamond industry has flourished and prospered for almost 400 years and now there are many diamond-cutting centers that have been established in the city. Diamond-cutters of Amsterdam boast of their craftsmanship and the excellence of high-quality work. If you love diamonds, then Amsterdam is the perfect place for you as here you will find diamond polishers who give free demonstrations of diamond-cutting and also offers sets for sale.

Amsterdam Red Light District

This part of city, which is commonly known as De Walletjes, is located on the eastern side of Dam Square. This place is famous in entire Europe for provokingly dressed prostitutes which are displayed under the neon lights. In this area, you will also find clubs and coffee shops selling marijuana.

Artis Zoo

Being one of the city’s most popular attractions, this zoo dates back to 1838. This zoo houses more than 6000 animals living in outdoor enclosures in order to provide them with an atmosphere that is quite similar to their natural living conditions. This zoo also has an aquarium having world’s largest collection of sea animals. Nocturnal house in this aquarium provides you an opportunity to have a look at activities of these animals during hours of darkness. Whenever you visit this zoo, don’t forget to see the zoological and geological museums that are located in this zoo.

Hortus Botanicus (Botanical Gardens)

This is botanical garden in Amsterdam dating from 1682. This garden boasts of displaying 6000 plants species that have been derived from all parts of the world. This garden also provides a chance to see a green and peaceful oasis which gives a pleasant feeling to the visitors. The best time to visit this botanical garden is spring season when thousands of tulips give this garden a majestic look.

Dam Square

Dam Square is an open space having many important buildings in its surroundings like Royal Palace, War Memorial and the Nieuwe Kerk. This square is the heart of Amsterdam city and more interestingly, Amsterdam originates its name from this square- Dam on the Amstel. This is a busy square of the city as different ceremonies take place here like royal family ceremonies, Remembrance Day celebrations and political demonstrations.

These were some of most attractive places in Amsterdam that are must-see and worth-visiting so this year if you are planning a tour, choose Amsterdam.

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