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Interesting Places to See in Hamburg

If you have made a plan to visit Hamburg, then you are very lucky as this city of Germany is full of attractions. Don’t you know about much about Hamburg’s tourists’ attractions? Don’t worry as I am going to provide you a list of some interesting places to see in Hamburg. Some of the most popular and interesting tourists’ attractions in Hamburg are:

Alter Elbtunnel

Elbtunnel was constructed in first decade of 20th century and it is one of the oldest tunnels under Elbe River. Having a length of more than 400 meters, this tunnel has room for cars, bicycles and pedestrians as well. It is one of the unique attractions of Hamburg and provides a great way to go to the islands of Steinwerder from where you can see magnificent views of the harbor.

Hamburger Dom

Hamburger Dom is a huge amusement fair that takes place in Hamburg thrice a year that is in winter, spring and summer. It boasts of being the biggest and largest fair in Germany and manages to attract ten million tourists and visitors in a year. Hamburger Dom offers a number of attractions and entertainments to kids and adults alike. Here you and your kids can enjoy all the things which should be present at fair like roller coasters, Ferris Wheel and merry-go-rounds. Are you thinking about some food attractions? Yes, this fair also has a number of stalls offering traditional sweets and snacks. Here I would recommend you one more thing. You must make a plan to see this fair on Friday as a firework show takes place on Friday whenever Hamburger Dom is held.


Reeperbahn is actually a street in St. Pauli district of Hamburg and it is also red-light district of the city. Here you can enjoy nightlife of Hamburg as there are attractions for all sorts of punters. Attractions in Reeperbahn include bars, theatre and many other things which attract a large number of tourists and locals as well. Another attraction is the neon-lit street that opens all night which is the most popular attraction of this country.

Alster Lake

This lake was developed in 13th century when it blocked a tributary of the Elbe River. It is one of the greatest attractions of Hamburg rendering it with a unique mood and ambiance. This lake covers an area of 400 acres and is surrounded by green areas and other identical attractions where people come for picnics and summer strolls.

Hagenbecks Tierpark

It is a popular zoo in Hamburg and the animals’ collection here began in 1863. These animals belonged to Carl Hagenbeck who was a recreational animal collector. This zoo boasts of being the first zoo that used open enclosures instead of barred cages. These enclosures were surrounded by moats to give animals their natural environment. During long summer evenings, special Jungle Nights are organized in Hagenbecks Tierpark which are quite popular among tourists and local people of Hamburg. On such nights, belly dancers, jugglers, acrobats and cowboys show tricks of giraffes, zebras and elephants in the zoo.

This was brief description of some of the most beautiful attractions in Hamburg and I will strongly recommend you to visit these places.

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Tourists’ Favorite Attractions in Auckland

The fantastic city of Auckland has countless number of tourists’ attractions. If you are planning a tour to Auckland, then this post is going to be very useful and informative for you as I am going to give some of the most popular attractions of this beautiful city. These attractions include:

The Auckland Zoo

Being one of the most favorite tourists’ attractions in Auckland, it is such a place which you will enjoy to visit even if kids are not along with you. A day spent with friendly animals in the zoo will give you a wonderful and memorable experience. Opened in 1922, Auckland Zoo is currently having 117 species. Zoo has been divided into different groups some of which include:

ASB Elephant Clearing: This section of zoo is for elephants. Among these elephants, there is a single female Asian Elephant.

BNZ Kiwi and Tuatara House: It is a nocturnal house that is featured with kiwis, tuataras, owl species and morepork.

Hippo River: This area of zoo imitates African wetland environment and features hippopotamus, cheetahs, flamingos, Chacma baboons and Hamadryas baboons.

Auckland Sky Tower

Sky tower is a tall building having a height of 328 meters that makes it the highest building in the Southern Hemisphere. There are a lot of attractions to see in this tower such as revolving restaurant that is located 190 meters from ground and it turns 360 degrees once in an hour. Besides this restaurant, upper portion of tower also contains another restaurant and cafes. The tower has three observation decks at different heights that provide a chance to see the views of city. Another interesting attraction of this tower is the “sky jump” that is a 192 meters jump from observation deck.

Viaduct Harbor

Being a trendy area of Auckland, this harbor is located next to the city center. Here the main tourists’ attractions include street cafes, bars, and restaurants providing you with magnificent views of waterfront. Here you will also see stunning yachts in the harbor. Surely it will be a great pleasure visiting this harbor.

Cruises in Auckland

Here in Auckland, you can also enjoy a number of cruises around north-eastern coastline of city. These cruises provide you a chance to see beautiful skyline and landscape. Different types of cruises has been arranged for attracting tourists like lunchtime cruises, guided tour cruises, evening cruises, dinner cruises and dancing cruises as well. These cruises provide a chance to see marine life. Moreover these cruises travel around Gulf Harbor, Ramuera area, Goat Island marine reserve and other islands.

Balloon Flights

The most memorable way to view this wonderful city is through balloon flights. These balloon flights depart in the morning from Albany area provided that weather is sunny and good enough for balloon flights.

These were some of the most favorite attractions in Auckland but there are a huge number of other attractions as well like Bastion Point, Mission Bay, Western Springs and several theatres.

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Top Four Attractions in Montreal

Montreal is the second largest city of Canada and is blessed with a number of wonderful attractions. There are amusement parks, sports stadiums and other attractions for people of all ages. Here I would like to give description of some of its beautiful places that will definitely stimulate to pay a visit to this wonderful city of Canada.


Situated in the former Velodrome cycling stadium, Montreal Biodome houses four separate ecosystems. It also boasts of having more than 4000 animals and 5000 specimens of plants. Because of these features, Biodome has become the most popular attraction in Montreal. Other highlights of this attraction include polar area, ocean habitat and rainforest region.

La Ronde

La Ronde is an amusement park that is located nearby Montreal Island area. It was originally constructed for the 1967 Expo. Now this park is featured with more than 30 exciting rides along with Ferris Wheel and fast roller coasters which provide an opportunity to see the views of Montreal. Its top most attraction is the SAQ Mondial Fireworks event that takes place each year in summer. La Ronde is a part of Six Flags theme park and offers facilities of restaurants and cafes.

Dow Planetarium (Planetarium de Montreal)

A visit to this planetarium offers great enjoyment to both kids and adults as this planetarium is featured with shows about space, stars, solar system, which lasts for an hour. One interesting thing about these shows is that the two languages are used during these shows that are English and French. Planetarium also has a theatre that is situated in planetarium’s large dome having a height of 20 meters.


Insectarium is located alongside the Botanical Gardens and is an exciting place to visit. It has wide range of creeping animals like tarantula spiders, locusts, ants, worms and scorpions. Another attraction in Insectarium that is popularly visited by tourists and locals is beautiful Butterfly House having many local species of butterflies.

These were tourists’ favorite four attractions in Montreal. I will also recommend you to visit these places first whenever you visit Montreal.

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Top Most Attractions in Perth

Have you ever been to Perth? If no then let me tell you that it is a lively city with a lot of tourists’ attractions and places. Perth is popular among tourists for its walking and helicopter tours. Isn’t it great? Yes absolutely. Let’s have a closer look in to the tourists’ attractions in Perth.

Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo is an exciting place to visit as it provides you a chance to see wildlife in natural habitat settings. Here you can see different kinds of animals like Koalas, Kangaroos, Dingoes and reptiles. This zoo boasts of having Rainforest animals as well as a Nocturnal House and World of Birds. Locals and tourists both come here to have a picnic and enjoy themselves by cooking barbeque food on the available facilities. You can also have a meal or snacks from Zoo Cafe. Summer months are the best to visit this zoo as special events are also held here such as evening concerts.

Perth Helicopter Tours

If you want to see spectacular views of this city from high above, you can enjoy helicopter tours that are arranged in Perth. These helicopter tours are arranged by different companies providing a chance to see main areas of city including Swan River, Sunset Coast, Fremantle and Kings Park etc.

Burswood Park

Burswood Park is only five minutes from the city center and offers great location and recreational activities. People visit this park for picnics, barbeques, cycling, jogging and relaxing themselves under sun on Perth foreshore. Some other attractions in the park include Swan Fountain, the Swan Shell, natural bird life and facilities of barbeque. The park is also featured with a heritage trail which shows history by way of bronze sculptures. For kids, playgrounds are also available for their enjoyment and recreation.

Perth Bell Tower

The Swan Bell Tower was opened in December 2000 and since then it has been one of the most popular attractions of Perth. It is featured with 18 bells and hence it is the largest ringing instrument in world. These bells were actually given as a gift to City of Perth to celebrate Australian Bicentennial. The Swan Bell tower consists of green glass spire which is surrounded by copper ‘sails’. It is an immense pleasure watching this tower.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Being Perth’s most popular attraction, Kings Park and Botanic Garden is made up of over 400 hectares of parkland and gardens. This park is set high on Mt Eliza providing awe-inspiring views of Swan River and the city itself. This park boasts of having native plants species and around 80 species of birds. It is a great place for picnics, walking, cycling and watching breathtaking views of city. A number of events including outdoor concerts and outdoor moonlight cinema are held here along with the Kings Park Wildflower festival that takes place in spring every year.

Allan Green Conservatory

Allan Green Conservatory is a large glass pyramid which is a popular tourist attraction. Esplanade lawns in this conservatory have a collection of colorful exotic flowers and plants which are kept and grown in controlled environment.

These were some most popular and important sites of Perth which are extremely attractive and tempting so if you want to spend your holidays at some beautiful location, visit Perth.

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What to do in Wellington?

Wellington is a beautiful place and capital city of New Zealand having a lot of tourists’ attractions including walking and tramping trails as well as guided bus tours. My friend planned to visit this beautiful city but before going he had a question in mind that was what to do in wellington. To answer this question I made some research and found some exciting attractions to see. These attractions were:

Kelburn Cable Car

The most popular tourists’ attraction in Wellington is the Kelburn Cable Car. This funicular railway climbs to the main Kelburn Terminal and provides an opportunity to see some beautiful and spectacular scenes of this city as well as views of Wellington Harbor. Kelburn Cable Car connects Wellington Lambton Quay with Kelburn district. The cable car journey lasts for 6 minutes and it runs after every ten minutes all through the day.

Cruises in Wellington

To provide the tourists with an opportunity of seeing extraordinary views of Wellington skyline, a number of popular cruises are operated around the city’s coastline. Some other cruises include day trips and long excursion tours to nearby islands such as New Zealand’s South Island and Somes Island which has a number of historic attractions to see. Cruises around this city provide you a chance to observe native wildlife. Different types of cruises are operated around Wellington including lunch time cruises (with widespread buffets) and guided tour cruises are also provided with informative commentary. Moreover evening Wellington cruises are also operated with music and gourmet dinner.

State Opera House

Wellington State Opera House dates back to early 1900s and is situated in center of the city. It was considered as one of the most remarkable buildings in the city at that time. Now it is home to theatrical performances like plays, comedy events, ballets, concerts and operas. This opera house has three levels:

  • Stall
  • Circle
  • Grand Circle

Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria is a perfect place for celebrating scenic picnic as it provides most beautiful natural and panoramic views of cities and harbor. Here you can also enjoy the scenes by walking or driving on trails to see the picturesque of this beautiful place.

Bus and Coach Tours

Wellington’s bus and coach tours provide the best opportunity to see the city and its most beautiful sights and other popular attractions. Wellington bus tours are featured with yellow double-decker buses with open tops and informative commentary from guides. These buses depart from a number of main locations including Civic Square, the harbor area, Courtenay Place and Parliament buildings.

Wellington Zoo

It is country’s oldest zoo and the only zoological garden in Wellington. It was first founded in 1906 and is given a nickname “the best little zoo in the world”. It is considered as one of the leading zoos where endangered animals are bred including Sun Bear and Sumatran tiger cubs. There are also several other animals in this zoo. It is a worth-watching attraction indeed.

Other Attractions

  • Helicopter Tours
  • Guided Walking Tours
  • Champagne Balloon Flights
  • Ascot Street
  • Carter Observatory
  • Mount Kaukau
  • Porirua Harbor

If you ever have a chance to visit wellington, I would recommend you to visit these places for having a visual treat.

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Things of Interest in Frankfurt

If you are an amateur traveler and have enough time to explore different places, then I will recommend you to visit Frankfurt. Frankfurt is the fifth-largest city of Germany and has an abundance of places having aesthetic and architectural beauty. Guided tours to Frankfurt can provide you with a chance to see fascinating things to see and you will be able to know more about this beautiful city. Some of its remarkable attractions are:

Frankfurt Zoo

Frankfurt zoo is an ideal place to see if you visit Frankfurt with your family especially kids. There is a huge collection of animals in this zoo including big cats. The most popular attraction in this zoo are seal enclosure and big cats area. Another highlight of the zoo is Grzimek House which is an enclosure that allows the visitors to see night-time animals in their woken condition because this enclosure imitates the natural darkness of night.

Apple Wine Express

Most of the local people know Apple Wine Express as Apfewein Express which is actually an old-fashioned streetcar that travels around the city starting from Frankfurt Zoo. This tour lasts for about an hour taking tourists to major attractions and sights of the city. During ride, travelers are also entertained with pretzels and a glass of apple wine while for kids, juice is served and costs of these servings are included in cost of tour.


This place of Frankfurt city is featured with numerous buildings including a church from 14th and 15th century. Romerberg is a town hall of Frankfurt having cafes and shops for attracting tourists. Another attraction in Romerberg is Alte Nikolaikirche which is also a 12th century church.


Established in 1868, PalmenGarten is one of the largest gardens of Frankfurt. Here you can wander around in different gardens and buildings by paying a nominal cost. These gardens possess a large collection of palms, ferns, orchids and other tropical plants. A building is specified for only tropical plants. In rose garden section, there is Haus Rosenbrunn building housing tons of roses. It is better to visit this place in summer as at that time, some exhibition, concerts and festivals take place here.

Some other noticeable attractions of Frankfurt are:

  • Museum of Applied Arts
  • Historical Museum
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Goethe-Haus
  • Stadel Museum
  • Sachsenhausen

Visit these places in Frankfurt and have a memorable time with your family.

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Popular Travel Destinations in Paris

Paris!!!!! When this name comes to mind, every one thinks of a city having rich culture, beautiful architectural designs and arty development. If you have ever been to Paris, you will be definitely aware of some of its noteworthy travel destinations but if you are going to visit this famous city for the first time, you would surely need a list of its most popular travel destinations. Don’t worry as you have found a good post having some of the most worth-seeing sights of Paris.

Moulin Rouge

This nightclub was built by Joseph Oller in 1889 that is located close to Montmartre in Paris red light district of Pigalle. This cabaret is marked by a red windmill on its top which presents one of the best scenes in world at night. It is world famous for its French cancan and features shinestones, feathers, sequins and the most beautiful girls in the world. This magnificent night spot has been playing to the audiences since 1900 and still now it offers two performances every evening.

Opera Garnier

Most commonly known as Paris Opera, it is an opera house which was inaugurated in 1875 and boasts of having 1600 seats in it. It was designed by Charles Garnier in a unique architectural design and that’s why it is considered as one of the most beautiful work of art having theatrical architecture. It is a wonderful building to see from inside as it has a huge chandelier weighing more than six tons. It is featured with a huge stage which can accommodate up to 450 artists. Moreover this opera house is decorated with marbles and columns of different colors and between the columns of front fascia, there are bronze busts of some of great composers. In short, watching this building provides you with the best visual treat you can ever have.

Avenue des Champs Elysees

It’s a tree-lined avenue that features modish restaurants, shops, boutiques, cafes and cinemas. It is one of the most famous streets of world and main tourists’ attractions of France. It had been known as a place of rich cultural history in the past but these days you can find modern fast food restaurants and cinemas here in this avenue.

Place de la Concorde

Formerly known as Revolution Square, it is one of the main public squares in Paris that is spread on an area of 21.35 acres making it the largest square in Paris. A huge Egyptian obelisk occupies the center of Place which has been adorned with hieroglyphics. This obelisk actually was given by Egypt and came from the ruins of temple of Ramses II. The two fountains of Palace de la Concorde are very famous throughout Paris.

Madeleine Church

This is a Roman Catholic Church in Paris which was designed as temple to Napoleon’s army’s glory and grandeur. This magnificent church is featured with 52 columns having a height of 20 meters. Entire building of church rests upon these columns and is featured with three domes over arched bays.

Other Attractions

Other major attractions of Paris include:

  • Pompidou Centre
  • Montparnasse Tower
  • Le Parlement
  • Musee Andre Jacquemart
  • Place Vendome
  • Le Palais Royal
  • Hotel des Invalides
  • Conciergerie
  • Place de la Bastille

If you ever get a chance to go to Paris, I would recommend you to see all the places mentioned above.

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Marvelous Attractions in Zurich

Zurich is the largest and most important city of Switzerland providing a lavish life style to its citizens. It is a global city having both traditional and modern tourists’ attractions. Although there are a large number of tourists places in this city but I want to explain some of the best and worth-seeing attractions which you should never miss when visiting Zurich. I also had a visit to Zurich and the places I like the most are:

Zoologischer Garten

Zoological gardens of Zurich are popular all over the world because of their striking and spectacular aquarium and zoo. The zoo was established in 1929 and it is considered as one of the best family attractions since then. A large number of animals have been kept here which also include some of most rare and endangered species. Most favorite attractions of this zoo include big cats like clouded leopards, Indian lions and snow leopards. This zoo also boasts of an open-air aviary having a wide range of exotic birds. Other attractions in zoo are its different zones made there including the Exotarium, Africa House, Elephant House, Masoala Rainforest and lion enclosure. One more attraction of zoo is the cute-looking penguins which overwhelm people with their beautiful parade.

Urania Observatory

This is one of the oldest observatories in Switzerland which is more than 100 years old but still it is in admirable working order. Most liked attraction in this observatory is a huge telescope weighing 20 tons that helps to study planets of solar system and also provides a way to observe stars at night. For your information, I would like to tell you that observatory remains closed on cloudy days. Apart from observing distant planets and stars, you can also enjoy marvelous views of Alps and the lake.

Boat Tours

Taking a boat tour around Lake Zurich is the best way to see beautiful mountains that surround this city. Boats are very comfortable and provide you facilities of dining and relaxing while watching beautiful scenery.  These tours normally last for four hours but sometimes boats are stopped letting the visitors to visit some of the towns that are located in closeness to this lake. Boat tours are the most enjoyable activity in Zurich as they provide you a chance to watch beautiful shoreline and mountain ranges.

City Beach Resorts (Strandbad Mythenquai)

Strandbad Mythenquai resort is located alongside Lake Zurich and consists of long sandy beach which becomes a popular attraction in summer months. Strandbad Mythenquai also has a waterfront restaurant along with kids’ playgrounds and beautiful backgrounds of Alps. It is a wonderful experience to visit this resort.

These were some of the attractions which I really liked and I would also like that you people must also visit these places whenever you go to Switzerland.

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