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Tourists’ Favorite Places in Dublin

Dublin is capital and the largest city of Ireland which is located near the midpoint of east coast of Ireland. It is the cultural hub representing Irish traditions. There are lots of attractions in this historical city of Ireland for tourists and families as well but some of them are so beautiful that they have become favorite places of tourists. Thousands of tourists pay a visit to this attractive city every year. Some of the most popular and favorite places of tourists include:

Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo is spread over an area of 60 acres and consists of beautiful gardens and animals enclosures. There are more than 235 animals in this zoo including giraffes, chimps, hippos and tigers. A petting zoo is also a part of Dublin zoo where tamed animals are kept. These animals include goats, pigs, donkeys and sheep. These animals are free to roam about providing visitors a chance to interact with these animals. But you can’t do the same while watching crocodiles in Reptile House.

National Museum of Ireland

National Museum of Ireland provides a chance to the visitors to see the ancient and historical aspect of Ireland. Here you will find the items related to Ireland’s decorative arts, archeology and natural history. Items displayed in this museum include jewelry of 8th century BC and medieval antiques like Ardagh Chalice and Tara Brooch. In short a visit to this museum will show you entire history of Ireland.

St Stephens Green

St Stephen Green is a public park that is located at the top of Grafton Street. It is a beautiful park that provides a chance to get relaxed after spending a busy day. Here in this park you will find radiantly kept gardens and plants. The garden is also featured with a lake that is a home to beautiful ducks and other different birds. Apart from the beautiful gardens, there are also some statues and memorials paying homage to personalities like Robert Emmet and James Joyce.

Sea Safari

Sea Safari is a fun filled activity providing the tourists a chance to see beautiful and attractive sights. The boat journey also provides to have a look on Dalkey Island, Lambay Island and Kiliney Bay. Here you will also get a chance to see some sea life including seals, puffins, dolphins and many more. It’s a perfect excursion tour for those people who love natural scenes and beauty.

Guinness Brewery

Covering 64 acres of land, Guinness Brewery was founded in 1759. It boasts of being world’s largest beer exporting company. You can’t pay a visit to the brewery but you can watch and visit Guinness Hop Store. Its top story has been transformed into a bar from where you can view magnificent scenes while sipping your favorite beer.

These were some of the places in Dublin that are most liked by the tourists. If you ever get a chance to travel to Dublin, don’t miss these places to visit.

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Popular Places to See in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is located in the richest province of South Africa named Gauteng. Being the largest and main city of South Africa, it has a lot of attractive places to see which are capable of making the tourists spell-bound with their mesmerizing beauty. Some of the major places to see in Johannesburg are:

Lion Park

The Lion Park named en route to Lesedi is a place having more than 80 lions in it including their cubs and very rare white lions. These lions are kept in spacious places in drive-through enclosures. They are habitual of watching vehicles moving around them so they don’t generally react to it but for your safety and protection, it is advised to keep the windows of your vehicle half-closed. Other animals which you can find here include cheetahs, hyenas and antelope. You can also enjoy an experience of feeding giraffes with your hands by climbing a tower. Close encounters with cubs are also offered there.

Johannesburg Planetarium

Built in 1960, Johannesburg Planetarium is among one of the places of Johannesburg that attract thousands of visitors every year. It is also a popular school outing place especially for those kids who are interested in knowing about what is out there? Inside this planetarium, there is a projector in the middle of domed theatre. This projector shows strikingly beautiful display of night skies. Kids from all over Johannesburg come here to the skies recreated by special projector. Here in this planetarium, younger kids are taught about star signs whereas older kids get a chance to learn something about movement of moon.

Gold Reef City

Johannesburg’s population consists of both black and white. Have you ever thought why it is so? The reason is gold that had discovered in this city and millions of people get attracted towards it with a hope to change their fate. A few of old gold mines can still be seen in Johannesburg but I will recommend you to pay a visit to Gold Reef City Theme Park. In this park, you will be able to see old mining offices which are now turned into museums. Don’t forget to take a trip into real gold mine and enjoying the experience of mine dances.

Sandton City Mall and Nelson Mandela Square

Sandton City Mall is a huge double-storey shopping mall having chain stores, African art galleries and cinemas. This place is best for those tourists who are fond of shopping.

The sumptuous Nelson Mandela Square also has shops of international brands and restaurants which are located around a beautiful piazza-style square.  This square is now a home to a terrifying statue of Nelson Mandela. The shoes of this statue are too big that kids can sit on them.

Apartheid Museum

This museum provides an excellent insight to the past and present of South Africa. Inauguration of this museum was done by Nelson Mandela in April 2002 and then it became one of the most popular tourists’ attractions. This museum has been divided into spaces following the birth of Apartheid to the present day. This building has an innovative design showing cold subject of Apartheid so it has been made using concrete, steel bars, raw bricks and hurtful wire.

These were some most popular places to visit in Johannesburg. I hope that after reading this article, you will definitely be urged to pay a visit to this beautiful city.

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Top Tourists Destinations of Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital and the largest city of Indonesia that in situated on northwest coast of Java. Jakarta is hub of businesses and government so it is not commonly known as an ideal tourist destination but still it is famous for its historical attractions. Some of the major tourists’ favorite places in Jakarta include:

Ragunan Zoo

This zoo was established in 1864 having 4000 animals in it. Ragunan zoo boasts of possessing a wide collection of Indonesian wildlife including Komodo dragons. The most interesting fact about this zoo is its efforts to breed endangered species of different animals like Sumatran tigers and birds of paradise. There has been a new addition in this zoo which is centrally located primate enclosed space.

Jakarta Planetarium

Jakarta Planetarium provides an educational as well as entertainment facility to the students and tourists alike. It helps a lot to develop knowledge about earth and its outer space. The specialty of Jakarta Planetarium is the Planetarium Show which is usually called Star Theater. This show continues for one hour with various themes including Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, and Solar System.  Planetarium also provides facility of observing celestial objects through telescopic observation which provides an opportunity to see different phenomenon of nature like eclipses and comets etc. Planetarium is also featured with an exhibition hall containing outer space objects, outer space suit and pictures of galaxy.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

This is a vast park spreading on an area of 100 hectares and representing 27 provinces of Indonesia. When you will visit different districts of this park, you will find museums which are dedicated to the local culture.

This park also has a beautiful orchid garden having wide variety of Indonesian orchids have been grown. Other attractions in this park include:

  • Bird park with walk-in aviary
  • Fauna museum
  • Swimming pools
  • Restaurants

Ancol Dreamland

It is the prevalent amusement park of Indonesia that is located opposite to Jakarta Bay. It has been divided into four sectors named:

  • Atlantis Water Adventure
  • Fantasy World
  • Sea World
  • Marina Beach

This park is the favorite place of kids but there also some wonderful attractions for adults and youngsters like night clubs, steam baths and massage centers.

National Monument

It is a beautiful structure that has been topped using 35 KG of gold due to which it become most famous landmark of Jakarta having two sections-a historical museum and hall for mediation. It provides a beautiful and panoramic view of Jakarta from its top.

National Museum

National Museum is situated in Batavia and is witness of Dutch colonization in Jakarta. This museum contains collections related to prehistoric artifacts, geography, ethnography, earthenware, historical remnants and archeology. The museum boasts of displaying more than 100,000 artistic objects.

These were some top tourists’ destination of Jakarta. Visiting Jakarta can proved to be the most wonderful experience of one’s life.


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Top Attractions of Goa

Goa is very popular among the tourists for its magnificent beaches, recreational activities and water sports. It is a place which provides the tourists with an opportunity of enjoying boat trips and watching dolphins swimming and jumping in the water. Fishing is also another attraction in Goa. Here you can catch various sea animals including oysters, shrimps and even cat fish. Other wonderful attractions in Goa are:

Elephant Safari

Goa is a great place to know about the elephants as here you will get the opportunity of riding on the back of elephant. You can also feed the elephants with your hands that prove to be a unique and wonderful experience. Other attractions may also include evening jungle dancing, enjoying in cottage style accommodations, massages to make your body relax and you can also try traditional Indian breakfast and candle light dinners.

Hiking Trails

Goa has huge and tall mountains but in spite of this fact there are a large number of elevated trekking trails from where you can enjoy watching breath-taking scenes of the entire state. Hilltop attractions also include various temples and areas where planting has been done in a luxuriant jungle style. It is a very wonderful experience to visit these areas and trekking in the mountains.

Sporting Attractions

Sporting attractions are abundantly available all over Goa. These sporting attractions include tennis, field hockey, cricket and golf but the most popular of all is the football which has been a favorite sport for almost 100 years. Within the Margao area, there is a football stadium named Fatorda Stadium where large and important matches take place regularly. These matches attract a large number of tourists and local spectators as well.

Water Sports

Although the waters of Goa are not clear but very good diving spots are located there. If you are interested in paragliding then you should go to the beaches of Arambol and Anjuna while the beaches of Baga, Candolim, Colva and Calangute are popular for windsurfing, parasailing and jet-skiing. For diving lovers, there is Goa dive center that is located in Baga. You can find some more diving centers at Bogmalo and Miramar.

Boat Trips

Along the main beaches of Goa, boats and fishing trips are arranged for the enjoyment of tourists. Dolphin cruises are especially arranged here that provide a chance to the tourists to watch different species of dolphins in their natural environment. The species of dolphins which you can see here include common dolphins, humpback dolphins and black-finned porpoises. Cruises are also operated around the backwaters where you can have an experience of watching crocodiles taking sunbath on the banks of rivers.

Other Entertainment Options

Goa is known as place to party and making merry so there are various entertainment options and attractions provided to the tourists. The popular party spots in Goa are Vagator’s Disco Valley and Bamboo Forest within Anjuna. There are also some nightclubs for the youngsters to enjoy their time. These nightclubs are located around Baga, Candolim and Calangute.

These were some major tourists’ attraction in Goa where most of the people come to celebrate their honeymoons. It is a perfect place to enjoy the life at the fullest so whenever life gives you a chance, visit Goa.

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Top Tokyo Tourists Attractions

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan which is a lively and bustling city. It is very popular among tourists especially families because of its gardens and amusement parks. There are some of the most favorite places of kids here in Tokyo like Dome City and Disney Resort. Including these, some other major and most popular attractions in Tokyo are:

Sony Building

This is an attractive and contemporary building which offers latest audio-visual attractions for the visitors. There are also different kinds of computer products available here. The sixth floor of the Tokyo Sony Building is dedicated to a Play Station so it is the favorite place of kids and young alike. Here in this building, there is also a High-Vision Theatre showing free movies every Saturday at 4:30 pm. There are also many gadgets and games that can capture your attention for hours.

Imperial Palace

This is a historical building that is located in the heart of Tokyo. This palace has the honor of being the residence of Japanese Emperors for almost 150 years. This historical building remains open for the tourists for 24 hours a day and no charges are taken for the tourists’ admission in the building.

Dome City

The Dome City is full of family based tourists’ attractions. Here the attractions which you will find include:

  • Shopping opportunities
  • Amusement park
  • Spa for relaxation
  • Restaurants

It is a city within a city providing incomparable fun and entertainment.

Disney Resort

It is a theme park full of attractions that can appeal to the people of all ages. There is a romantic park named Disney Sea having a number of attractions. In the resort, there are restaurants, huge shopping malls and more than 100 different boutiques. For those tourists who want to stay here, there are also a large number of hotels. This resort also has different events and parades that take place throughout the year mesmerizing the tourists with their attraction and beauty.

Hanayashiki Amusement Park

It has a history of more than 150 years and it was opened as a flower park initially. But now it is an amusement park having a number of rides like roller coaster, large Ferris wheel and carousel. These rides provide the visitors with an opportunity of watching good views of the park. It is a great fun to visit this park and enjoy the rides.

These were some of the major attractions in the main city of Japan, Tokyo. Visit these places and have fun with your friends and family.

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