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Tourists Attractions in New Castle, Australia

Do you want to visit a city that is a popular tourist’s attraction for both business and leisure travelers? If yes then visit New Castle. New Castle is 162 Km away from the city of Sydney and is considered as one of the most important cities in Hunter area. Being one of the biggest cities of Australia, New Castle is home to several attractive tourists destinations which draw million of people round the year. Some of its major tourist’s attractions are:

King Edward Park

King Edward Park is located at Ordnance Street in New Castle and boasts of being one of the finest and best recreational parks in New South Wales. The major attractions which you can enjoy seeing in this park are excellent ocean views which can be seen from within the park. Here you can also see Norfolk Island pines and a sunken garden. On the southern boundary of this park, you can find remains of Shepherd’s Hills & Gunner’s Cottage which functioned from 1890 to World War II. Near car parking, you can also see some of the military leftovers. King Edward Park is not only a venue for family picnics and barbecue but also it turns into a movie venue in summer. To the north of this park, you will enjoy visiting New Castle Beach, Stockton Beach and Nobbys Head. Carriage drives, picnic facilities, playgrounds and electric barbeques are some other attractions of this park.

Nobbys Beach

Nobbys Beach in New Castle is another major tourist attraction. Here you can go for enjoying surfing and other activities as well. Nobbys Beach is closest beach to harbor and from city center and you can easily reach there as a number of transportation means are provided to get to Nobbys Beach. This beach remains crowded all year as people come here to enjoy the views of exotic beach. As I mentioned earlier, it is a best place for surfing because conditions here are quite feasible. Standard wave quality and sandy and rocky bottom of this beach make it a perfect place for surfing. Moreover wave’s length is mostly 50 to 150 meters on average days and there is also no threat of sharks on beach. In summer months, you can enjoy different sports on this beach including kite surfing.

New Castle Region Art Gallery

The New Castle Region Art Gallery is located at Laman Street and remains open for visitors from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening from Tuesday to Sunday. This gallery exhibits a wonderful variety of things including jewelry, ceramics, textiles and handcrafted glass. Other items which you will find in New Castle Region Art Gallery are art books, paper goods and catalogues. By displaying these items, Gallery shows its commitment towards nurturing development of art work. Several tours, exhibitions, workshops and events are also held in this gallery every year for enjoyment of locals and foreigners as well.

Bar Beach

Bar Beach is 500 meters long having rocky platforms and silvery sands. A tour to Bar Beach not only offers the visitors to see natural beauty but also provides them to perform several beach activities. Bar Beach is a pleasant and safe location where you can come with your family for picnic or just for lazing around. Crystal clear waters of beach and clean sand provides visitors to enjoy panoramic views of city. Every year, during summer holidays, a sand modeling contest is also held at Bar Beach. Numerous participants come here to take part in this contest from all over the world. Another attraction of this beach is that it is adjacent to an airstrip so flying freaks can fly and explore beauty of this beach in another interesting way. Some of the other activities which you can enjoy on beach include fishing, camping and surfing. Facilities provided by this beach are:

  • Shaded area
  • Car park
  • Café
  • Public toilet
  • Kiosk
  • Parking for disabled
  • BBQ facilities
  • Public telephone
  • Sheltered area
  • Picnic area

Fort Scratchley

Fort Scratchley is a must-visit monument of New Castle which is located at New Castle Harbor’s entrance. It was built in 1882 to protect New Castle port from enemy. It is also known by some other names like Fort Fiddlesticks, Captain Allan’s Hill, Signal Hill, Flagstaff Hill etc. Fort Scratchely displays rich military history of Australia and today it is considered as a major landmark in Hunter Valley region. Other attractions of this Fort include four 80 pounder rifled muzzle guns and two Mark VII breech loading guns.

Shortland Wetlands Center

This attraction is located in Hunter Region of New South Wales and is a perfect nature tourism destination in New Castle. It is spread over an area of 45 hectares and provides home to more than 250 species of wildlife such as ducks, reptiles and birds. The new name of Shortland Wetlands Center is Hunter Wetlands Center. Attractions at this center include rich and diverse fauna which is due to fresh water lagoons and non-tidal fresh water wetlands. Here you will find a wide variety of animals like frogs, birds and fishes. You will also find attractive and enchanting flora at reserve which includes different species of trees like the Swamp and Mahogany. Other recreational activities at this center are:

  • Boardwalks
  • Children’s Discovery Playground
  • Observation Decks
  • Birdwatching
  • Dipnetting
  • Walking Trails

Besides children’s birthday parties, functions are also held at Wetlands along with picnics and barbeque parties.

These were some of the major attractions in New Castle, Australia. These attractions are the main reason why one should visit this wonderful place in New South Wales city.

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Where to Go in Sydney?

Sydney is included in some of those places in the world which are famous for its tourists’ attractions and holiday destinations. There are a lot of places in Sydney which will fill your heart with immense delight. So get ready to know about the most attractive places in Sydney. I am sure that after reading this article you will definitely plan a tour to Sydney. Let’s have a look on where to go in Sydney and what to see.

1. Darling Harbor

Darling Harbor is located in the center of the city. There are a large number of restaurants, cafes’ and hotels located here in darling harbor. Other tourists’ attractions include:

Paddy’s Markets: Here in these markets, you will enjoy doing a lot of shopping. The items sold in these markets include fish, fruits, vegetables, gifts and clothes.

Chinese Garden of Friendship: As its name suggests, Chinese Garden of Friendship gives you a chance to have a deep look into the Chinese culture and traditions. The garden has exclusive features including Dragon Wall, Twin Pavilion and The Tea House providing you customary Chinese drinks, tea and other refreshments.

Sydney Aquarium: It is located on the eastern side of Darling Harbor. Here you can find a large variety of sea life including 6000 fish. Its exciting features include see-through glass tunnels where you can see sharks swimming above you. It will be definitely a unique experience you can ever have in your life.

Sydney Wild Life World: It is a wild life park exhibiting reptiles, butterflies, koalas, rain forests and much more.

Other attractions in Darling Harbor are:

  • Powerhouse Museum
  • Star City Casino
  • Sydney Entertainment Center
  • The LG IMAX Theatre
  • Australian National Maritime Museum

2. Opera House Sydney

Sydney Opera House is a great place to visit especially at night. It is actually a performing art center in Australia. For tourists’ entertainment, there are restaurants, bars, cafes and retail stores. It also has a recording studio. Performance venues and facilities in Sydney Opera House include:

  • The Concert Hall
  • The Opera Theatre
  • The Studio
  • The Playhouse
  • The Forecourt

3. Sydney Harbor Bridge

It is a steel bridge having a height of 456 ft being the tallest steel arch bridge. The Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House are located just close to each other and have become an icon for Sydney. On the New Year’s Eve the celebrations on Harbor Bridge are worth-seeing. Fireworks are displayed in different patterns. So the best time to visit Sydney is when the New Year is heading.

4. Taronga Zoo

It is one of the world’s finest zoos having both Australian native and international animals brought from all over the world. There are almost 2600 animals in this zoo. It is an amazing place to visit for kids and elders alike. The animals in the zoo include some very unique animals like water rat, pacific black duck, feathertail glider, ghost bat and red kangaroo to name a few.

5. Bondi Beach

It is the most well-known and famous beaches of Sydney. It has become a must see place for the tourists providing them with cafes, restaurants and bars. Its other attractions include lifesaving clubs, Bondi Icebergs and commercial area providing stunning scenes of the beach.

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Stunning Attractions of Adelaide

Adelaide is the fifth largest city of Australia having a large number of stunning attractions and places to see. If you have ever visited Adelaide, you must definitely know that this city is full of attractions ranging from exhibitions, beauty spots and guided tours. But for the people who have never been to Adelaide, I will describe some of the most popular attractions of Adelaide.

Rodney Fox Shark Experience

 Rodney Fox Shark Experience is located in Adelaide’s coastal resort of Glenelg. This attraction houses an exhibition about shark attacks and Australian sharks. Here you will find films, pictures and information about sharks and believe me it will not only be enjoyable but also informative. Some other attractions in Rodney Fox Shark Experience include:

  • Shark-watching pleasure trip
  • Shark diving trips
  • Gift shops having a number of items

Are you surprised by the name of this place? Actually Rodney Fox is a celebrity in city of Adelaide who managed to survive a shark attack a number of years ago.

Adelaide Cruises

The most relaxing and exciting way to visit Adelaide is through Adelaide’s cruises as they provide an opportunity to travel around this city and its surrounding areas. During these trips, tourists are entertained with commentary and refreshments.

SkyCity Adelaide Casino

Located in Adelaide city center, the SkyCity Adelaide Casino boasts of being one of the largest casinos in South Australia. It is an exciting place to visit as state-of-the-art gambling facilities are provided here including blackjack areas, fruit machines and roulette tables. Apart from these facilities, there are also some world-class restaurants providing excellent dining facilities.  

Adelaide Zoo

Being operated on non-profit basis, Adelaide Zoo is the only metropolitan zoo in Australia. Most popular attraction in this zoo is children’s zoo where you can find more than 120 animals. Some of the animals kept in children’s zoo include fallow deer, domestic ferret, koala, rabbits, rat, lowline cow, sheep, miniature goat and of course, kangaroos.


Coastal location of Semaphore has become a popular tourist attraction because this seaside resort not only offers to see beautiful golden sandy beaches but also there is a theme park in this area where you and your kids can enjoy wonderful and thrilling rides, fishing, water slides etc. Here you will also find other attractions including bars, restaurants, cafes, shops, walking trails and last but not the least; beautiful and magnificent views of city.

Parks and Gardens

Adelaide also houses a number of natural parks and gardens where you can enjoy walking under trees in Veale Garden and watching beautiful flowers displayed there. You can also visit Adelaide Botanic Garden with your family or if you are interested in watching wildlife, you must visit Belair National Park.

I will suggest visiting above mentioned places and attractions if you ever have a chance of visiting Adelaide.

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What to See in Brisbane???

Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia and it is one of the most popular travel destinations. The reason is quite simple. Brisbane is gifted with a number of impressive tourists’ attractions which fill the heart of visitors with pleasure and joy. If you have planned a visit to Brisbane but don’t know what to see and where to go then you should read this post because I have described some of the most exciting places of Brisbane.

Conrad Treasury Casino

This casino is located in the center of Brisbane city and boasts of being one of the most popular and visited attractions of Brisbane. It would be a great pleasure to visit this casino as it is featured with live entertainment, wine bars, and restaurants along with beautiful views of riverfront. Conrad Treasury Casino is full of several fruit machines, blackjack tables and gaming options. In short, you will really enjoy your visit to Conrad Treasury Casino.

Koala Bushlands

Koala Bushlands are located in south of Brisbane and are made up from vast areas of Eucalypt forest but you will also find some small pockets of rainforest. Koala Bushlands covers an area of approximately 800 hectares.  If you are interested in seeing koalas, then Koala Bushlands is the best place for you as you can see koalas resting on trees. You can also see some other animals here like bandicoots, wallabies, eastern water dragon along with some species of frogs and birds. This place also provides you with some facilities like large shelters, electrical barbeques and toilets.

Brisbane Planetarium

Brisbane Planetarium is located in Mount Coot-tha Botanical Gardens and provides magnificent views of sky at night. Attractions at Brisbane Planetarium include historic tools, star-gazing events and astronomical displays. This planetarium is also characterized with informative programs for kids and adults alike. Planetarium facilities include Mini Theater, Observatory, Display Zone, Sky Dome and Planetarium shop. A visit to Brisbane planetarium is a wonderful treat for the tourists indeed.

Brisbane Powerhouse

Brisbane Powerhouse is a cultural hub that offers a wide range of visual arts, festivals, performing arts and free community events. Currently Powerhouse is a multi-purpose center and houses 536 seats Powerhouse Theater, Turbine Hall, outdoor plaza, 200-seats Visy Theater, restaurant, green spaces and rooftop terrace.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Kangaroo Point Cliffs is one of the major and popular recreation spots which also provides the facilities of rock-climbing so if you are interested in rock-climbing, you must visit this place. At the base of cliff, there is a narrow strip of parkland that contains electric barbeques, sculptures, table, chairs, wash rooms as well as beautiful views of Captain Cook Bridge and Brisbane City Botanic Gardens.

Sunset Cinema

Sunset cinema is a popular evening attraction consisting of films that are projected outside in surroundings of City Botanical Gardens. It attracts a large number of people towards it as it is distinctive way to watch your favorite movies.

These were some of the most important attractions in Brisbane. I hope that after reading this post, you will get answer of the question “what to see in Brisbane”?

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Most Liked Attractions in Melbourne

Being an interesting, appealing and attractive part of Australia, Melbourne is a city that is filled with a number of tourists’ attractions making Australia an ideal place for family holidays and honeymoon as well. If you are also planning some enjoyable holidays then this time try Melbourne. I guarantee that a visit to this beautiful city will add beautiful memories to journey of your life. Some of its most liked attractions include:

Luna Park

Luna Park in Melbourne will provide you with a large number of amusing and exciting activities. It is a historical amusement park that is located in St Kilda, Victoria. It was opened on December 13, 1912 and since then it has been operating and providing a source of enjoyment to the locals and tourists as well. Here you can enjoy a number of thrilling rides naming Twin Dragon, G Force, Spider and Shock Drop. There are also some rides that are particularly for families including Arabian Merry, Red Baron, and Silly Serpent etc.

Melbourne Concert Hall

Located in the heart of city, Melbourne Concert Hall is one of the leading concert venues. It boasts of being the largest venue in Victoria Arts Centre as it has seating capacity for 2400 people. It is well-constructed using modern designs that give a feeling of being nearer to stage. It is a major venue for concerts and operas and hosts a whole range of musical productions. It is a worth-seeing attraction of Melbourne indeed.

Arthur’s Seat Chairlift

The most popular attraction in Melbourne is the Arthur’s Seat Chairlift which excites and attracts locals and foreigners alike. This chairlift was built in 1960 and takes visitors 300 meters up to Arthur’s Seat State Park. This park is also an attraction in itself as it provides the facilities of picnic and barbeques as well as walking trails, restaurant and car museum. If you will try a journey on Arthur’s Seat Chairlift, you will come to know that this chairlift provides a chance to see some of the most beautiful views of Port Phillip Bay and neighboring landscape.

Helicopter Tours

If you want to see Melbourne in a wonderful and memorable way, then you are recommended to enjoy helicopter tours of the city. These tours will introduce you to an entirely different look of Melbourne city center and its bays, beaches and Port Melbourne. These tours last for about 30 minutes and are somewhat expensive.

Boat Tours of Melbourne

A relaxing way to travel around the city is through boat tours. It will be interesting to know that a boat departs after every 30 minutes from Prince Walk and cruises down Yarra River.  If you are interested in these boat tours, you can but its tickets at Blue Melbourne River Cruises Kiosk located at Prince Bridge.

These were some of the attractions that people like the most in Melbourne. If you also want to see this beautiful place then get ready, pack your bags and pay a visit to Melbourne.

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Breathtaking Attractions in Canberra

Canberra is capital city of Australia and a popular city because of its plentiful and worth-seeing attractions. If you have not visited Canberra yet, then make a plan to visit this wonderful city as it has a lot of things to see and enjoy. Some of its most popular attractions are described below.

Balloon Trips

The most memorable way to see the city of Canberra is through hot-air balloon trips. If weather remains fine and sky is clear then it is sure that early morning balloon flights will be available to make your visit more enjoyable and remarkable. Seeing city from balloon flights will provide you a chance to see this beautiful city in an exceptional and unique way. If you ever visit Canberra, I would strongly recommend to avail opportunity of seeing city through balloon flights.

National Library of Australia

National Library of Australia is the largest reference library of Australia that is located to the south of city center. It is not just a library but a popular tourist’s attraction as well as it houses millions of books, important documents, local artefacts and a large number of historical photographs. This library also hosts Australian National Bibliographic Database and offers free right to use through the Libraries Australia Search service.

National Archives of Australia

In order to preserve the Commonwealth Government records, Australian Government established National Archives of Australia having its national office in Canberra. It is located to the south of central Canberra and houses a wonderful collection of Australian inheritance. It has become a home to historic artefacts and also includes maps, photographs, videos, old books and other important documents. Some of its notable collections include:

World War I and II service records- here are 376000 service records of men and women who served in World War I.

Midenhall photographs which were taken by a government photographer Jack Mildenhall. There are about 7700 images which show construction of Canberra during 1920s and 1930s.

Immigration photographs consisting of 34000 images

Canberra Observatory

This observatory is situated to the north of city centre and boasts of a number of beautiful features and attractions as well as entertaining exhibits. But the main and most popular attraction is the Space Dome. It is a well-liked planetarium area which offers stunning views of sky at night.

Gold Creek Village

Located in the Gungahlin region of Canberra, it is a place that is home to a wide collection of crafts outlets and other shops. Other attractions of this place include cafes that are located around Federation Square, walking trails, and last but not the least; Gold Creek Village Centre.

Other important attractions in Canberra include:

  • Kambah Pool
  • Mount Ainslie
  • Mount Majura
  • Royal Australian Mint
  • Canberra Theatres

This was a wordy picture of the beautiful city of Canberra. Visit this place with your family and have great fun.

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Top Most Attractions in Perth

Have you ever been to Perth? If no then let me tell you that it is a lively city with a lot of tourists’ attractions and places. Perth is popular among tourists for its walking and helicopter tours. Isn’t it great? Yes absolutely. Let’s have a closer look in to the tourists’ attractions in Perth.

Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo is an exciting place to visit as it provides you a chance to see wildlife in natural habitat settings. Here you can see different kinds of animals like Koalas, Kangaroos, Dingoes and reptiles. This zoo boasts of having Rainforest animals as well as a Nocturnal House and World of Birds. Locals and tourists both come here to have a picnic and enjoy themselves by cooking barbeque food on the available facilities. You can also have a meal or snacks from Zoo Cafe. Summer months are the best to visit this zoo as special events are also held here such as evening concerts.

Perth Helicopter Tours

If you want to see spectacular views of this city from high above, you can enjoy helicopter tours that are arranged in Perth. These helicopter tours are arranged by different companies providing a chance to see main areas of city including Swan River, Sunset Coast, Fremantle and Kings Park etc.

Burswood Park

Burswood Park is only five minutes from the city center and offers great location and recreational activities. People visit this park for picnics, barbeques, cycling, jogging and relaxing themselves under sun on Perth foreshore. Some other attractions in the park include Swan Fountain, the Swan Shell, natural bird life and facilities of barbeque. The park is also featured with a heritage trail which shows history by way of bronze sculptures. For kids, playgrounds are also available for their enjoyment and recreation.

Perth Bell Tower

The Swan Bell Tower was opened in December 2000 and since then it has been one of the most popular attractions of Perth. It is featured with 18 bells and hence it is the largest ringing instrument in world. These bells were actually given as a gift to City of Perth to celebrate Australian Bicentennial. The Swan Bell tower consists of green glass spire which is surrounded by copper ‘sails’. It is an immense pleasure watching this tower.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Being Perth’s most popular attraction, Kings Park and Botanic Garden is made up of over 400 hectares of parkland and gardens. This park is set high on Mt Eliza providing awe-inspiring views of Swan River and the city itself. This park boasts of having native plants species and around 80 species of birds. It is a great place for picnics, walking, cycling and watching breathtaking views of city. A number of events including outdoor concerts and outdoor moonlight cinema are held here along with the Kings Park Wildflower festival that takes place in spring every year.

Allan Green Conservatory

Allan Green Conservatory is a large glass pyramid which is a popular tourist attraction. Esplanade lawns in this conservatory have a collection of colorful exotic flowers and plants which are kept and grown in controlled environment.

These were some most popular and important sites of Perth which are extremely attractive and tempting so if you want to spend your holidays at some beautiful location, visit Perth.

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