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Stunning Beaches to See in Indonesia

Beaches in Indonesia are popular among tourists and locals as well because of their beauty and fascinating environment. Beaches in Indonesia provide ideal weather and thousands of beach activities to enjoy. These beaches contribute a lot in development of tourism in Indonesia. Some of the most stunning beaches in Indonesia include the following.

Dreamland Beach (Bali)

Located on the Bukit Peninsula, this beach is a significant center of water sports and other adventurous activities. Dreamland Beach is covered with small cliffs and surrounded by pine and coconut trees. As I mentioned, this beach provides facilities to enjoy water sports so you can enjoy diving and surfing here. For relaxing in sun, sun decks are also provided. Hotels, inns and resorts are found for quality accommodation. Besides these, bars, pubs and cafes, restaurants and dining spots are located here to provide travelers with complete fun and enjoyment. For shopping freaks, there are some local shops from where you can buy artifacts and handicrafts at reasonable rates.

Kuta Beach (Lombok)

Kuta Beach is becoming a popular tourist spot as it offers some good reasons to be visited again and again. Like other beaches, there are facilities of diving and surfing. Kuta Beach also gives a magnificent picture of white sand and blue sea water.

Chandi Dasa Beach (Bali)

The Chandi Dasa Baech is most frequently visited beach in Indonesia. It is a white sandy beach which is named after a temple complex situated on lagoon by edge of sea. This beach is an excellent place for sunbathing but the most important attraction is the Chandi Dasa Temple itself which was built in 12th century. It houses the statue of Goddess Hariti and it is believed that Goddess grants prosperity and welfare to those who pray in this temple. A number of hotels and bungalows are also located within the surroundings of this beach to provide furnished accommodation to visitors. These hotels provide accommodation facilities at affordable prices.

Lovina Beach (Bali)

Lovina Beach is featured with black volcanic and is located close to northern tip of Bali Island.  It is an ideal place for diving, snorkeling and watching beautiful scenes of sunset. During your visit to Lovina Beach, you can go out to sea on chartered boats and you can also enjoy watching dolphins playing in water. You can also make day trips to West Bali National Park as well as hot springs of Banjar. Temples and crafts centers are also there to visit and have fun.

Bira Beach (Sulawesi)

Bira Beach is named after the name of a village which is famous for its wooden houses. Also known as Paloppalakaya Bay, it is a white sand beach attracting thousands of tourists towards its beauty and magnificence. This beach is characterized by shallow water so it is considered safe for swimming and snorkeling. Here tourists also find an opportunity to see different fishes like manta ray as well as sharks but sharks live in deep waters. Another reason of popularity of this beach is that from here, tourists can go to Pulau Selayar by taking a boat ride on blue waters.

These were five most stunning beaches of Indonesia but the list is too long including:

  • Pasir Putih Beach (Bali)
  • Pulau Weh Beach (Sumatra)
  • Pulau Bintan Beach (Sumatra)
  • Jimbaran Beach (Bali)
  • Legian Beach (Bali)
  • Padang Bai Beach (Bali)
  • Rapang Beach (Java)
  • Grajagan Beach (Java)

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Worth-Seeing Places in Salvador

Salvador is a city of Brazil which manages to pull large crowd of people towards Brazil every year and thus contributes in development of tourism industry. Salvador sightseeing comprises a wide range of places catering to diverse interests of tourists. For those who love fun and enjoyment, there are several beaches while for history lovers, there are museums. Some of its most worth-seeing attractions are:

Boa Viagem Beach

It is a beautiful beach whose peaceful atmosphere makes it a perfect spot for tourists and locals as well. This beach provides a chance to socialize with people and seeing them relaxing and enjoying. Although ambience and surroundings of beach are not so lively, it still manages to retain its charm. On weekends, young people and kids visit this beach for strolling along shoreline and making sand castles respectively. Adventurous activities are not easy to do at this beach unless you take extra precautionary measures. Surfing is not allowed at this beach because there are chances of shark attacks. Swimmers are also suggested not to go far from reef as it may prove dangerous.

Piata Beach

It is the most perfect place for those who want to spend a holiday on beachside. You can stroll here in mornings and evenings as this beach features a lovely and strong stretch. You will be mesmerized to see swaying coconut trees and white sand on this beach which make it more beautiful and stunning. Shade of water is blue and green here which make it look like an exotic beach. The Piata beach has calm waters so you can swim here without any danger but near rocky areas, there are currents so you need to be careful before going into deep waters. You will also find some other facilities at this beach as Piata beach is surrounded by bars, dining venues and cafes.

Our Lady of the Rosary of Black People

This attraction is popular because of its architectural design and style. It is an ancient church which has an interesting history. During 17th century and prior to this period, there were few churches for black. And in many other churches blacks were not allowed to enter. So there arouse a need to build a church for black people.

Jorge Amado Museum

This museum is considered as the most prominent tourist attraction in Salvador. This museum was actually residence of Brazilian writer Casa do Jorje Amado. This museum displays collections of this most beloved writer of Brazil. At the ground floor café of this museum, there is a collage of his book covers showing languages into which his work has been translated.

Igreja Sao Francisco

It is one of the finest churches in the world which has been adorned with precious stones and gold and silver. Interiors of this church are quite awesome as they are covered with gold and jacaranda having engravings representing angles, flowers and animals. Tiles in shade of blue have been used at the entrance of this church and in altar as well. Here visitors can enjoy watching regular shows of Light and Sound.

Porto da Barra

It is another famous beach of Salvador and is popular for its exotic backdrop. People come here to chill out and enjoy with their friends and family. This place has an exquisite setting making it a great spot for those who love to dance, drink and socialize. This beach always remains crowded but on weekends it becomes even more crowded. People come here for swimming as beach is located within bay and water is calm.

Mercado Modelo

If you are interested in buying things of art and crafts then you must visit this place. It is a commercial zone housing some of finest Brazilian crafts. The inauguration of this place took place in 1912 and it offers various items to purchase ranging from essential goods to luxury items. This market consists of 263 stores as well as some restaurants serving mouth-watering foods.

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Five Major Attractions in Colombo

Colombo is the capital city of Sri Lanka and is full of numerous interesting attractions. This beautiful city manages to attract a huge number of visitors to Sri Lanka contributing a lot to its tourism industry. Five of its major and most appealing attractions are as follows:

Colombo Zoo

If you want to see the best zoological gardens in whole South Asia, you must visit this zoo. Also known as Dehiwala Zoo, this zoo was established in 19th century. It displays more than 350 species of animals with objectives of conserving and breeding animals. It is mostly visited by families because people bring their kids to educate their young minds as the zoo also houses an education center. The most attractive feature of Colombo Zoo is Elephant enclosure which has six Asian and one African elephant. Reptile House is also a popular attraction of this zoo where you can see python and cobras along with tortoises and crocodiles. Colombo Zoo is the favorite place for those who like to see marine life. The zoo houses Mini Medura featuring 500 species of fishes. You must also visit Nocturnal House in this zoo which displays species like bats, owls and lemurs. An elephant circus show is also held every week for kids’ amusement.

Ruhuna National Park

Ruhuna National Park is the best place to see flora and fauna. This national park has been divided into two parts named Yala West and Yala East. Yala West is most popular for being best location to see leopards as this particular location houses 35 leopards. Other animals which you will see here are elephants, bears, crocodiles, wild boars, buffaloes and peacocks. You can also view different varieties of birds in this park. The best time to visit this park is from January to May because during these months, park fills with greenery which attracts migratory birds.

The Colombo National Museum

The Colombo National Museum is one of the most noted landmarks of Colombo which is commonly known as Sri Lanka National Museum. This museum is the most famous and largest in whole country and provides a detailed insight into rich culture and heritage of this country. Built in 1887, Colombo National Museum has an impressive white building displaying its unique architectural work. At the entrance of museum, you will find a limestone statue of Buddha and you will also find two historical carvings near the museum’s staircase.

Wolvendaal Church

One of the ancient churches in city, Wolvendaal Church is a religious place that is located in peaceful surroundings. This church is set at hill top site in Wolvendaal and its interesting features include its Doric architecture. The structure is also featured with a high roof that looks like a dome. Walls of church are quite strong and made of lime plaster and coral. Interior of church is also very fascinating as inside this church you can see ornate flower tables and the place of Governor’s family seating.

The Dutch Period Museum

The Dutch Period Museum is former residence of Dutch governor and now it is converted into a military museum. Beautiful Dutch style architecture has been blended with Lankan décor to build and decorate this museum. This museum displays different aspects of Dutch lifestyle and thus collection in the museum includes those maps, household items, furniture and charts which show period of Dutch colonialism. Coins, artifacts and arms showing contemporary life of colonizers are also displayed in museum.

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Spiritual Tour to Mumbai

There are a number of sacred worship places in Mumbai that represent Hindu faith and massive amount of Hindu gods and goddesses. If you visit Mumbai, you will be surprised to see a large number of devotees busy worshipping in famous temples of Mumbai. Your visit to Mumbai will remain incomplete without paying visit to these temples and if you are especially going Mumbai for a spiritual tour, you will never be disappointed. While visiting these temples, you will not only worship deities but also you will be mesmerized after seeing great architectural work done in these temples.

Mahalaxmi Temple

This temple is one of the oldest temples in Mumbai and is situated on locale of Breach Candy. Here in this temple, you will find goddesses Mahalaxmi, Maha Saraswathi and Mahakali. But the distinguishing feature of this temple is the flock of grey pigeons which you will see in courtyard of this temple. Along with having statues of above mentioned deities, this temple also houses statues of other Hindu Goddesses. You will be quite surprised to see that statues of all goddesses are adorned with gold and diamond jewelry. Besides this, statues of three main goddesses are ornamented with nose rings, pearl necklaces and bangles. The statue of Mahalaxmi has been shown riding a tiger. Although this temple can be visited at any time of year, Navatari is the best time to visit this temple. On the festival of Navaratri, temple is decorated and crowded with devotees from all parts of India who offer flowers, sweets and coconuts to their sacred goddesses.

Mumba Devi Temple

Mumba Devi Temple is a highly respected temple in Mumbai and is built in honor of Goddess Mumbadevi. The city, Mumbai has also got its name after this goddess which characterizes Mother Earth. Mumbadevi was actually patron deity of Koli fishermen who were original inhabitants of Mumbai.  Mumba Devi temple was first built in 1737 but later it was demolished and rebuilt. The modern temple is quite attractive and spiritual as it has an idol of Mumbadevi which is dressed in a gown with silver crown. This idol is also adorned with a nose stud and golden necklace. A statue of Annupurna seated on peacock also stands to the left of Mumbadevi’s idol. Front of this temple also features a tiger which is considered as carrier of the goddess.

Babulnath Temple

Babulnath Temple is an ancient temple and Lord Shiva in form of Babul tree is the deity controlling this temple. This temple is located 1000 feet above sea level and located at end of Marine Drive and South of Malabar Hills. It was built in 1780 and since then, thousands of devotees come here to view blessings of Lord Shiva. A tall spire was also added to temple in 1900 to increase its magnificence and grandeur. Monday is the special day when temple is crowded with visitors. Months of August and September are also associated with Lord Shiva so visitors come to this temple in these months and offer milk on Shivling which is believed to be the head of Lord Shiva.

Shri SiddhiVinayak Temple

This temple is located in Prabhadevi and is featured with a small hall with shrine for Ganesha. It is a beautifully built temple having wooden doors to sanctum. Internal roof of this chamber is gold plated and has a statue of Ganesha with four arms. Tuesday is considered as most sacred day for visiting this temple and huge number of worshippers comes here to pray. Outside this temple, there is a narrow lane named Phool Gali from where you can buy flowers, garlands, coconuts and sweets.

Bhuleshwar Temple

This temple is also dedicated to Lord Shiva and was built 200 years ago. It has an amazing architecture. It has been built with black stone and has ornamental octagonal dome.


 This temple is also acknowledged as Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple which is located at Juhu. This temple has facilities for a spiritual stay so that people who feel burdened with materialism can have a pleasant stay here. The temple complex consists of restaurant, auditorium, a marble temple and a twin towered guest house where visitors can stay to take part in spiritual programs held every day.

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Main Attractions in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a vibrating and pulsating city having a number of attractions including parks, towers, museums and temples. Tourists from all over the world come here to explore its beauty, splendor and grandeur. Shopping freaks especially plan a visit to Kuala Lumpur as it is a heaven for them. Other attractions in Kuala Lumpur include:

Batu Caves

Batu Caves are considered among those attractions of Kuala Lumpur which has contributed a lot in booting tourism in Malaysia. Tourists need physical fitness to visit Batu Caves as there are 272 stairs which need to be climbed to view the shrine. The base of cave is also popular among tourists because it is featured with stunning wall paintings from old times. These wall paintings are a must see attraction for Hindu visitors because these depict scenes and figures from Hindu Mythology. During the time of Thaipusam festival, Batu Caves become even more special. During this festival, devotees and visitors come here to visit shrine.

Petronas Twin Towers

Do you want to see one of the world’s tallest buildings? Then you should see Petronas Towers. It is not only a central location of the city but has become an integral part of city life. These towers are made of steel and glass and stand as a symbol of power, vigor and elegance. The most unique feature of these towers is the spires without which these towers remain incomplete. On the forty first floor, the towers are joined to each other with a sky bridge so that people can move between these towers. The sixth floor of tower is featured with a concert hall having 864 seats making it a best place for music lovers. A science and art gallery is also located in tower. Attractions in Petronas Towers are not limited to its interiors. At the outside of towers, there is jogger’s park and a fountain. A play ground for kids is also maintained outside.

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Being a major international theme park in Malaysia, Sunway Lagoon Park can be actually divided into five theme parks. Water Park, the Elephant Walk and Surf Pool are the major attractions. This park also offers many rides so bring your kids here and have a lot of fun. The 360 degree spiral slide is also a special feature of this theme park. Spiral slides down and goes 45 degree splash in Tobogan. A slow river ride around Water Park is a great activity to enjoy as you can view 80 feet high waterfall. Roller Coaster rides are also offered in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park along with flying carpet and sky flyer. Waters of Africa is the most favorite place of kids in this theme park where they can enjoy rides like Zulu walk, African Pythons, Zambezi River, Victoria Falls and others.

Lake Garden

Lake Garden which is also known as Taman Tasik Perdana is a botanical garden and one of the main attractions of Kuala Lumpur. Here in this park, you can sit in a corner of park and enjoy beauty of nature as well as you can enjoy leisure activities. Attractions at this place include jogging tracks, rowing boats, playgrounds and exercise stations. There are some stunning points to see in this garden including deer park, flower gardens, bird park and a butterfly park. A visit to all these parks will provide you with an opportunity to see natural beauty at its best. A new aviary has been built in this garden having 3000 birds. In this botanical garden, you will also find more than 800 species of orchids while in Butterfly Park, you can view 6000 butterflies.

Safari Lagoon Rooftop Water Theme Park

A visit to Kuala Lumpur is incomplete without a visit to Safari Lagoon Rooftop Water Theme Park. It is not just a park but also a place where you will find a number of shopping centers. This park is located at seventh floor of shopping complex and is capable of holding 3000 people at a time. For giving Safari Look to this garden, animal sculptures are also placed here.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

It is a large park and an ideal location for picnics. This is also an enclosed aviary which houses more than 5000 birds of which 10% are imported from overseas. You should bring your binoculars while visiting this park to see birds as they hide themselves in flora. It is also an ideal place for those who want to study birds with their natural habitat. You will also find researchers monitoring bird nests to study behavioral patterns of birds.

Merdeka Square

The surroundings of Merdeka Square are quite enchanting making it a wonderful place to see. It is located outside the city’s hustle and bustle and gives a refreshing feel to a visitor. An annual parade is held here on August 31 as well as concerts also take place here. For marathons and carnivals, it serves as a starting and ending point. Here you can also enjoy the true Malaysian food in food court which is located beneath flagpole.

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Most Visited Attractions in Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is one of the ideal locations in world having various places of interest and attracting visitors from all over the world. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful city then you must have a proper travel guide of this city so that you can visit all these major attractions. Well! I have also made a list of some of the most interesting places to visit in Port Elizabeth, which is given below with brief description of the attractions.

Sea View Lion Park

This park was built in 1975 and is spread over an area of 120 hectares. With dense bushes and grasslands, this park provides you with an opportunity to view wildlife in their natural habitat. Here you will find monkeys, giraffes, zebra, wildebeest and impalas roaming freely. There are also some animals which you will not commonly find in other wildlife parks. These animals include jackals, rock monitors, meerkat and caracal housed in camps and enclosures. But the main attraction of this park is lions of course. There are approximately 55 lions in this park 25 of which are sub-adults and cubs. Three white lions are also kept here which are successfully bred in this park. Another attraction of Sea View Lion Park is that you can also go for bird walk for viewing special species of birds. Park also provides facility to visitors to camp in camping site which is next to main lion enclosures. An African theme restaurant is also here in this park which not only provides you with delicious food but also offers you a view of ocean in which you can also spot dolphins and whales.

Hobie Beach

Hobie Beach is one of the most visited sightseeing areas in Port Elizabeth having white sand. It is an amusement beach where you can enjoy a number of activities besides swimming. The waters of Hobie Beach are considered perfect for swimming as they are quite calm. Moreover you can also have an assistance of trained lifeguards while swimming which makes this activity even safer and more interesting. Here on this beach, weather conditions do not remain the same as it may be either gentle or stormy and water may be either cold or warm. You can also enjoy visiting beach shops and bars at this beach as well as you can also enjoy viewing whales and dolphins in ocean.

Bayworld Museum Complex

One of the major tourist attractions in Port Elizabeth is the Bayworld Museum Complex which consists of Museum, Oceanarium, Snake Park and Number 7 Castle Hill. This museum is actually built to make public aware of the need to preserve natural wealth and cultural inheritance of this place. This museum is featured with some of the most amazing exhibitions like reconstruction of the giant prehistoric dinosaur. There is also a 15 meter skeleton of a whale as well as five meters long cannon which dates back to 1640. You can also enjoy seal and dolphins presentations that take place daily at Oceanarium. At the Oceanarium, you will also find two large tanks which are home to sharks and stingrays.

Snake Park in this museum is considered to be the oldest in Africa where you can find a wide variety of reptiles including snakes, crocodiles and tortoises. If you want to see some poisonous varieties, you will also find those in Snake Park which are kept in glass areas for safety purpose. Number 7 Castle is also a delightful attraction which has been designed in a way that it reflects domestic life of mid 19th century’s Port Elizabeth.

Addo Elephant National Park

Having more than 450 elephants, this park is a major tourist’s attraction in Port Elizabeth. It not only features elephants but also houses rhinos, whales, lions, buffalo, leopard and great white shark. Other animals which are found in this park include red rock rabbit, spotted hyenas, baboons and aardwolf. Guided Game Drives are also an attraction of this park so you can go for Day drives, Night drives, Sunset drives and Sunrise drives.

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What to See in Luxor?

Tourist’s attractions in Luxor play an important role in increasing tourists inflow to Egypt. Most of the tourists are attracted to Luxor because of its historical attractions and traditional sumptuousness. This expansive city covers an area of 416 square kilometers and is blessed with a number of tourists’ attractions which add to its charisma and beauty. Some of the major tourist attractions in Luxor are:

Temples of Karnak

Temples of Karnak are famous tourist attraction in the whole city which is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The Temples of Karnak actually consist of three temples having smaller enclosed temples in their outer area. The names of three main temples are Mut, Amun and Monthu. These temples are enclosed by huge walls. A sacred lake is also located in this arena. It would be a wonderful experience to visit this complex of temples and shrines as there are some of the finest examples of ancient Egyptian architecture and designs. Among them, the most famous is Hypostyle Hall which is filled with 134 huge pillars. Modern facilities are also offered here for tourists. For example, near the Scared Lake, you will find a beautiful café. Moreover, there are toilets near grandstand and an open air museum is also located here.

Temple of Luxor

If you want to visit one of the cultural heritages of Luxor, you must visit Temple of Luxor. Located in the proximity of bank of River Nile, the Temple of Luxor was constructed by the great Pharaoh. This temple was devoted to Amon Re who was considered as King of Gods. The entrance of this temple is on the northern side which displays six statues of Ramases the Great. The entrance of this temple actually brings tourists to its great courtyard which has three baroque shrines situated in North Western direction. If you will go to back side of this temple, you will find a granite shrine which has been dedicated to Greek hero named Alexander the Great. On the western side of temple, you will also view a Coptic church.

Valley of Kings

Valley of kings is also known as Wadi el-Muluk in Arabic and consists of tombs built for Pharaohs. Valley of Kings is located on west bank of River Nile and it is its beautiful location which makes it a popular attraction among tourists. Here the tourists can also enjoy the views of pyramid shaped mountain named Al-Qurn. The Valley of Kings actually illustrates some of the concepts of Egyptian about afterlife. Here only 30 or 40 tombs are open for tourists among of which most popular are those of Ramasses IV, Ramasses IX, Ramasses VI and Merneptah.

El Mekashkesh Mosque

This mosque is one of the masterpieces of architecture in Luxor which attracts tourists from all over the world. This mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Luxor and is located at Sharia al-Karnak. Most of the tourists visit this mosque to view the remains of an Islamic saint from 10th century. Do you know that this mosque serves as pilgrimage center for tourists and they are recommended to follow a dress code while entering this mosque? This is because Mosque El Mekashkesh is considered as a sacred and pious place.

Museum of Ancient Egyptian Art

This museum dates back to 1975 and welcomes visitors with a wide collection of artworks and artifacts from modern as well as ancient Islamic era. The museum is very well-maintained and has spacious rooms so that it may become easy to move around.  Museum rooms are adorned with dull lights to give an effect that symbolizes ethnic feel. With the light and shade effect, authorities have tried to depict sensation of ancient Egyptian times. The most visited and famous attraction displayed in this museum is the head of cow Goddess which was discovered in period of great Pharaoh Tutankhamen.

This was a list of places to see in Luxor but this list is not limited to these attractions only as the list is quite long including:

  • Colossi of Memnon
  • Temple of Luxor, Pylon
  • Valley of the Queens
  • Temple of Deir El-Bahri

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